Chopard 1000 Miglia Extreme: the longer the road, the deeper the pleasure

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Since 1988, the house of Chopard has been a partner to the Mille Migla prestigious Italian race of vintage cars. 14 years ago, for this occasion, Chopard had launched a watch collection of the same name, that is still vèry populair. Then in 2013 it was time for the 1000 Miglia masculine fragrance…. And now there is 1000 Miglia Extreme!

More than a mere race, the Mille Miglia is a ritual gathering that brings together car aficionados from all over the world. On scenic roads winding through the most breathtaking Italian landscapes, they celebrate a common passion for these classic vehicles that combine technical precision, mechanical performance and timeless elegance.

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Precision, performance and elegance have always been cardinal virtues for a watchmaker like Chopard. And since 1988, the company has supported the Mille Miglia race, celebrating each meeting through a limited edition ‘Mille Miglia’ watch. Last year, Chopard launched the Chopard 1000 Miglia perfume, a seductive and sophisticated fragrance that reflected the spirit of this unique event.

The new Chopard 1000 Miglia Extreme is inspired by the tension of the race, the feeling of speed and the rush of adrenaline. It reflects all the intensity and excitement of the competition. Chopard 1000 Miglia Extreme was designed for daring men who are not afraid to take risks – calculated risks. For winning such a race is both a matter of self-confidence and perfect mastery. It requires all the concentration and ability of a consummate pilot to remain in the zone, to find this delicate balance between abandon and control. It is the most exhilarating feeling.

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It takes a very specific mindset to appreciate this kind of tension and thrive on it. Chopard 1000 Miglia Extreme was conceived for such free spirits. It is an ode to this dizzying sensation of speed, thrill and liberty. Chopard 1000 Miglia Extreme is a vibrant and addictive woody oriental. To convey the sudden rush of adrenaline experienced during a car race, Bruno Jovanovic (IFF) created a striking contrast between a fresh and vivifying floral top note of lavender and a powerful base note of leather. It perfectly symbolizes the mix of extreme intensity and unwavering assurance that characterizes a good pilot.

Top: Lavender
Heart: Asphalt accord
Base: Leather, Cedar wood

This unique olfactory effect is sustained by a strong heart chord composed of Chopard 1000 Miglia’s iconic asphalt accord facetted with precious cedar wood. Combining a rich and smoky evocation of the road and the timeless elegance of cedar, this blend is totally in synchronization with the fragrance’s universe.

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Chopard 1000 Miglia Extreme’s appearance is a tribute to the automobile and watchmaking savoir faire. Underlining the intensity of this fragrance, the bottle is uniformly black. Its lacquered mat finish is a token of sobriety and elegance. The black rubber cap is reminiscent both of the Mille Miglia watch bracelet and of the Dunlop tire that inspired it. As for the red lines that appear on the flacon and the black outer box, they imitate those found on the race cars’ crew stickers.



Chopard 1000 Miglia

Chopard have released a new men’s fragrance called 1000 Miglia in reference to an institution of racing car sports, with an aesthetic twist as it gathers lovers of exquisite vintage cars.


Since 1988, the house of Chopard has been a partner to the Mille Migla prestigious Italian race of vintage cars. 12 years ago, for this occasion, Chopard had launched a watch collection of the same name, that is still vèry populair. Now it’s time for a 1000 Miglia masculine fragrance….

The Mille Miglia – famous vintage car race turned into legend over the years – was born in 1927 under the impetus of two young Italian, Brescia-born counts. This prestigious, epic event featuring endurance racing cars sets off every year in May from Brescia to Rome, travelling more than 1,600 km through Italy’s most beautiful landscapes.

Now its time for the beautiful masculine Mille Miglia fragrance. 1000 Miglia is an oriental fougère offering a modernistic edge as it features an accord of hot asphalt. The composition mimics the dynamism of and sensations experienced during a high-speed race.


The fragrance opens with floral lavender notes, bergamot and Juniper berries. In the heart, there are herbaceous green grassy notes, violet petals, leather and a hot asphalt accord. The base is oriental with notes of dry amber, wood, and coffee beans

A man who takes part in the race, who serves as an imaginary model for this fragrance, must achieve three things: concentration, inner peace and unshakable self confidence. Take a look at the three video teasers/advertisements announcing this fragrance:

Chopard 1000 Miglia is available as 50 and 80 ml Eau de Toilette.