Artist Edition of Dior’s J’adore L’Absolu


Dior: “A magical name that blends the words God (Dieu) and gold (or)”, said Jean Cocteau to qualify Christian Dior’s last name.

Christian Dior loved gold, festive and luxurious, and incorporated it in his creations. Today, gold still has a privileged place in the Maison and Parfums Christian Dior pays tribute to this iconic color.​

A special hand made edition of Christian Dior’s J’adore L’absolu will be launched. With a flacon to fit the exceptional contents, the new look of the fragrance has been made public by Delphine Arnault, member of the board of directors of LVMH, and world-renowned French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel.







Inspired by the Kayan Lahwi tribes, the flacon flaunts thin gold lines in the shape of a necklace. The look comes from the tribe’s women’s tradition of individualizing themselves by elongating their necks by the use of neck coils stacked upon each other.

Jean-Michel Othoniel came up with a fascinating way of expressing a woman’s freedom to wear whatever she pleases. The loosened constraints of the necklace, featured on the flacon in the shape of an unraveling glass thread, symbolize lack of limits, love of life and infinity.


Othoniel’s Artist Edition is limited to only 300 pieces and is available at the price of $3,500.

Each flacon that will be made is going to be truly unique, as it will be hand-made by the famous glassmakers of Murano. Gold leaf flecks will be melted into the molten glass of the bead and the wire that adorn the flacon. The symbolism and beauty of the flacon makes it a veritable jewel, precious and able to make a statement, as the designer himself said.

With Indian tuberose, Damask rose and Arabian Jasmine, the scent of the fragrance is floral, sensual and intense. The three hundred of the Othoniel’s Artist Edition handblown Murano glass flacons are available world-wide can be acquired for $3,500 (which also includes three 15-milliliter refills).




Christian Dior J’Adore L’Absolu

Dior_s-J_adore-L_Absolu-fragrance-by-Jean-Michel-Othoniel Banner

A timeless, elegant and truly precious perfume that will always be adored by women is indisputable Christian Dior J’Adore. Its softness, delicateness and gorgeous smell will leave no woman unnoticed or indifferent.

This year, the fashion house of Dior launches a new version perfume, Dior J’Adore L’Absolu. The new edition will thrill and delight anyone with its sparkling golden design and intense-long smell.



Dior J’Adore L’Absolu has the same bottle shape as the original edition, yet this time it is hand crafted by the French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel. As it is a hand-made perfume, only 300 bottles will be sold out.


Michel Othoniel, one of the most famous artists in France and worldwide, has collaborated with Delphine Arnault, a member of the board of director LVMH, to unveil the magnificent look of the new bottle of J’adore l’Absolu – the bottle exudes the exceptional, voluptuous and refined aspects of the fragrance it contains.



The original bottle of the aforementioned perfume is an exclusive model as well, superbly designed with stacks of thin gold bands which shape up a tribal motif that resembles a necklace – it evokes the traditions of the Kayan Lahwi tribes. The women of these tribes distinguish each other by elongating their necks with brass neck coils which they stack one upon the other.

The author of the bottle design, Jean-Michel Othoniel, uses this principle in a different manner. He uses precious metals and loosens the constraints of the necklace, as if he wants to highlight the freedom of women, the freedom to dress up with anything their hears desire. The gold thread collar was transformed into an unraveling glass thread, at the neck of the bottle, exuding infinity, liberty, the lack of limits and the pleasure of living.



In order to manufacture the glass bottle, the designer has chosen the famous Venice-based glassmakers of Murano, providing them with complete technical detailing. The manufacturers have inserted gold leaf flecks on the wire and the bead which deck the gorgeous bottle, melted within the molten glass. Conclusively, every sophisticated bottle that comes out of the hands of the glass modelers is absolutely unique. The designer himself has reported that, for him, the flacon is a genuine jewel, a personal extension held by his hand.

It’s a way to make a statement, to manipulate, moving with us when we move, but which nevertheless remains very precious. he states.

Jean-Michel Othoniel

The perfume itself is extravagant and pretty exclusive – Dior J’Adore L’Absolu comes with a new composition. J’Adore l’Absolu enhances the sensuality, passion and the intensity of its floral tones through harmonious yet sweet combinations with vibrant and sweet Damask rose, May rose, Arabian Jasmine sambac, and voluptuous Indian tuberose.


J’Adore L’Absolu Crystal Edition by Jean-Michel Othoniel will be available in 40ml. Thos willing to acquire Othoniel’s Artist Edition will have to pay 2500 euros for each of the pieces in the 300 unit limited edition.