Sooo delicious! Christian Dior Jules pour homme

Christian Dior Jules, launged in 1980, was the very first scent I owned. It was a birthday gift from Begum Om Habibeh, when we were in Paris, she teached me how to choose your fragrance. So this is how it all started. This wonderful power house spicy leatherscent worn in my teens, ir was new, different and…. amazing! Now, sadly reformulated, but the structure is still there.. it’s a wonderful scent, surely not some mass marketing nothingness off nowadays… And still, it’s my all time favorite!!

Christian Dior JulesChristian Dior Jules Lotion Après Rasage 50ml and Talc Powder 200ml

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Christian Dior Jules takes advantage of everything the genre offers. It is gregarious. It is broad. It is handsome. It masculine. It hits the balance point between cleanliness and funk that makes you want to throw your arms around your fellow humans and smell them. It has the soapiness/muskiness balance that makes the genre so agile, but adds a bouquet garni and a smile.

But here’s the big question: does Jules still exist?  Yes it is!! It was always there! My vèry good friend Yanneke, she bought some for me in Paris a few years ago. And ’till today it’s still availble, it’s what we call, a boutique fragrance. So you can find it in the Christian Dior Boutiques but also in some vèry selected stores.

Over the years it got other bottles designs, like they did with all other Dior classics, what is much cheaper to produce. Sadly they where not always that beautiful, or stylisch. Not only the first bottle was more beautiful (see pictures), the ‘first’ vintage version of the scent was even stronger, was more amazing, more masculine. But even the reformulated version is really good.

  • Base notes: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Russian Leather,
  • Heart notes: Black Pepper
  • Top notes; Galbanum

Christian Dior JulesChristian Dior Jules Lotion Après Rasage 50ml and Talc Powder 200ml  

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For me, Jules brings back old memoriers. It gives confidence, its classy, cozy, masculine and a timeless classic’ smell! A hard to get ‘special’. I always need a bottle for those special moments (wink)…. I had the whole line, from Eau de Toilette, to deoderant, and from all-over shampoo to handcream. Sadly only the Eau de Toilette is availble (100ml), I still got one after shave lotion, talc powder and a soap left, that I will keep in its original box. Christian Dior Jules, it’s, as far as I know, unavailable in the USA. Try at Christian Dior Boutique….

On a scale of good, better, best, the ‘first’ Jules was really the Best!Rating: 10/10 for the original first version. A 8,7/10 for the renewed version that is availble now.

My Holy Grail scent! And not (only) because of its sentiment.

by Jean Amr