Dior Prestige La Micro-Lotion de Rose


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French Maison Dior extends its ultra-luxurious Prestige collection with a new micro-nutritive lotion named La Micro-Lotion de Rose. The newcomer to the already successful range is the 1st Dior micro-lotion enriched with minerals and Dior’s iconic Rose de Granville oil.

An exceptional skincare product, La Micro-Lotion de Rose associates the extraordinary power of the Rose de Granville with an avant-garde formulation, to intensely purify the skin while providing lasting comfort.

A pioneer in nutri-cosmetics, the Dior Prestige line has been enhanced with a new micro-nutritive product, La Micro-Lotion de Rose, like an ode to Christian Dior’s favorite flower. The star ingredient in this unique skincare product, the Rose de Granville is a flower exclusive to the Maison, created by Dior Science’s researchers and based on an extremely resistant variety of wild rose discovered on the cliffs of Normandy close to the childhood home of the Maison’s couturier founder.

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Dior has used a cold jetting technology that unites these opposites and transforms the rose oil into millions of micro-sized drops suspended in the lotion. Designed in response to the needs of combination to oily skin, this lotion combines for the first time the cleansing and purifying effects of rose minerals (like zinc, copper, and magnesium) with the nutritive and reparative properties of the flower’s precious oil. Thanks to exclusive micronization technology, which allows the oil to be fragmented into millions of micro-droplets each the size of a micron, its lightweight, comfortable formula procures an intensely fresh sensation, assuring 12 hours of hydration without shine.

Micronization allows the nutritive oil of the Rose de Granville to be fragmented into millions of micro-droplets, each the size of a micron, suspended in the intensely fresh texture of a lotion for ultimate purification and long-lasting hydration.

From the first application, pores are visibly tightened, the skin is instantly more beautiful, clarified and deeply moisturized. Day by day, the skin’s texture is smoother; it is cleansed, purified and rebalanced without ever compromising on comfort. The ultimate result is 24 hours of shine-free hydration.

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La Micro-Lotion de Rose is designed for application before Micro-Huile de Rose, Dior’s emblematic micro-nutritive concentrate, to be used before Dior Prestige La Crème Texture Essentielle for profoundly balanced and clarified complexion.

La Micro-Lotion de Roset is packed in a massive glass bottle with a gold-colored stopper.

Dior Prestige La Micro-Lotion de Roset is available at selected stores worldwide.

Come into the beautiful of Maison Christian Dior.




Dior Prestige Light-in-White La Solution Lumière



With aggressors like pollution, harsh climates and dermo-procedures, it’s no wonder that when polled, around 30 percent in Europe, 35 precent in the US, and more than 50 percent of Asian women raised their hands to having sensitised skin.

And with Dior’s findings showing that the more sensitised skin becomes, the more prone it is to dark spots and pigmentation, the brand launched the Prestige Light-in-White La Solution Lumière to repair and brighten skin at the same time. In fact, the brightening serum was concocted specially in respect for Asian skin.

Harnessing the regenerative powers of the Prestige Rose de Granville and whitening benefits of the Dior’s white rose, the gentle-on-skin serum soothes, strengthens and evens out skin tone for a healthy, radiant complexion.


It’s also worth noting that the rare Rose de Granville roses can only be harvested twice a year at the height of the bloom, making the product even more exclusive. For best results, use the serum after the brand’s Light-in-Lotion that gently sloughs off dead skin cells, and before its moisturising Light-in-White La Crème Lumiere and UV protection sunscreen.

Each bottle of Dior Prestige Light-in-White La Solution Lumière comes in a 30 ml dripper format and is now available at all Dior Beauty counters. Come into the beautiful world of Maison Christian Dior.




Dior Prestige La Crème

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Boasting eight molecules with strong regenerative powers, the rose de Granville is at the heart of La Crème Dior Prestige, precious skincare for rose petal-smooth skin glowing with youth.

On the cliffs of Granville, not far from Christian Dior’s childhood garden, the Dior scientific researchers discovered a wild rose, capable of resisting the harsh maritime climate. Carefully bred in order to heighten its vitality, the result is a rose possessing exceptional powers, the rose de Granville. Cultivated according to the principles of organic agriculture in a Dior garden, it can only be harvested twice per year. It would take fifteen years of research before the Dior scientists could capture the unique molecules that give the rose de Granville its extraordinary life force.

La Crème Dior Prestige OpenNow they are to be found concentrated in La Crème Dior Prestige. Into each skin layer they deliver regenerative powers more intense than ever to offer women the perfection of skin like a rose petal.

Come into the beautiful world of Maison Christian Dior.





Dior Prestige Micro-Huile de Rose



The first essential step in your beauty ritual, the new Dior Prestige La Micro-Huile de Rose is a luxurious pre-serum that rebalance your skin’s nutrition which is disrupted by fatigue, stress, an unbalanced diet, jetlag, or changes in season.

The demands of fast-paced modern life tend to make your skin dull, uneven, with signs of dark spots and fatigue more apparent. Hence, inspired by Nutricosmetics, Dior Science has created the La Micro-Huile de Rose as a major solution to encourage the stimulation of the natural rhythmic process of each skin cell and provide them with all the nutrients they need.


The La Micro-Huile de Rose is a 20 Micro-Nutrient Treasure, extracted from the precious Rose de Granville through a globally unique dual extraction process which is extremely gentle on flowers that preserves all the micro-nutritional integrity and wealth of the rose.

Micronization allows the nutritive oil of the Rose de Granville to be fragmented into millions of micro-droplets, each the size of a micron, suspended in the intensely fresh texture of a lotion for ultimate purification and long-lasting hydration.

For the first time, Dior Science has crafted a concentrate of micro-nutrients to help meet the skin’s micro-nutritional needs essential to its youthful beauty.


Vitamins E, B3, B5 and C antioxidants; Omegas 3, 6 and 9, fatty acids that contribute to epidermal tissue strength; Minerals and trace elements, allies of skin protection and repair systems; Antioxidizing phytonutrients, which protect and strengthen the skin matrix; An amino acid that is a source of cell vitality.

To protect these 20 Micro-Nutrient Treasure, Dior Science worked in partnership with a French start-up that took them 5 years of research and over 150 trials to create a new-generation formula composed of rose micro-pearls. Formed slowly, one at a time, they are true concentrates of lipid-soluble micro-nutrients.


Containing twice as many as a traditional encapsulated formula, each bottle of La Micro-Huile de Rose has over 10,000 rose micro-pearls that are suspended in a fresh aqueous phase containing water-soluble micro-nutrients which burst when applied, releasing
a nourishing concentrate that has the power of the richest of Dior oils with the delicateness and freshness of a jelly-serum.

Whether you’re using this daily or as an intense treatment weekly, prep your skin with the La Micro-Huile de Rose before layering on the Dior Prestige serums such as the L’Huile Souveraine (For dry and dull skin) or Le Nectar (For anti-ageing) then, completing the routine with the La Crème moisturizer (available in 3 textures: Light, Essential, and Rich).


La Micro-Huile de Roset is packed in a massive 30ml glass bottle with a gold-colored stopper.

A shot of nourishment for visibly revitalized skin that is full of life. The Dior Prestige La Micro-Huile de Rose is available at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Maison Dior.





Christian Dior Prestige Le Nectar De Nuit

Christian Dior Prestige Le Nectar De Nuit Banner

Maintain healthy looking skin this season with this must-have skincare product created by Maison Christian Dior. If there is a seasonal skincare products to invest in, it’s this new anti-ageing product. Christian Dior Prestige Le Nectar De Nuit.

Keeping your skin regenerated is the key to any successfully beautiful complexion. The new (and coveted) Christian Dior Prestige Le Nectar de Nuit is targeted towards fighting those early signs of ageing by regenerating your skin overnight. A must-have in your beauty cabinets, expect to see your skin more radiant, finer, smoother, firmer and younger.

Christian Dior Prestige Le Nectar De Nuit






Dior Prestige La Cure, a new dimension of luxury


French Maison Christian Dior has given a new meaning to prestige this fall. The famous upscale brand has just introduced a highly concentrated regenerative treatment that, most probably, costs more than your monthly rent.


Dior Prestige La Cure, which retails at a vertiginous price of $1,550 USD, is one of the most expensive products the brand has ever put on the market. The treatment, consisting of three vials, each filled with a different juice, is designed to be used over the course of three weeks. During the first week, the serum ‘resets’ the complexion. Week two ‘renews’, week three ‘perfects’, and week four not a single drop is left in the bottle, and you are back to square one holding your wallet…


But, what accounts for such a high price? According to Dior, the new Prestige La Cure serum is formulated with 100% natural Rose de Granville oil, made from handpicked, full bloom rosebuds. The roses that bloom in Dior’s Loire Valley garden in France are picked within an hour of their full bloom, which is when their molecular potency is three times stronger. The roses are cold-pressed, which results in the ultimate and pure concentrate of fresh petals, an opulent source of eight different rejuvenating molecules. Since there’s no more than 800 rose bushes in Dior Garden, Dior is only able to produce a limited amount of the product at a time. This three-week regimen, therefore, has to be pricey, and is also available in a strictly limited edition.


As Dior describes it, this ‘miraculous skin care with unmatched powers’ comes with a promise of visibly renewed, soothed, more beautiful and youthful skin. The treatment targets over-stressed, fatigued, inflamed skin to allow the inflammatory reaction to recover its reconstructive role. During the first week, in which the skin is reset, the treatment cancels out all main signs of fatigue. During the second, renewal week, the serum penetrates deep into the skin to restore its firmness and resiliency. Finally, the transformative process occurs during the third and the last week of the treatment, revealing more refined, smoother, and softer skin.

  • Week 1: Reset. The main signs of fatigued skin are neutralized.
  • Week 2: Renew. La Cure penetrates the skin deep down for firmer and more resilient skin.
  • Week 3: Perfect. Cell by cell, the skin is transformed, from its heart to its surface. Its texture is refined and is softer and smoother

For three weeks, apply La Cure morning and night, instead of Le Nectar and La Crème, in the order indicated on the bottles. On the first morning of each week, a gel-mask is worn after the La Cure ritual to boost the treatment’s effectiveness.


As Dior recommends, on the first morning of each week, a gel-mask should be worn after the La Cure ritual to boost the treatment’s effectiveness.

Pictures by Mickael Soubabere

Dior Prestige La Cure treatment is delivered in a gold-colored corffet that opens to reveal three 0.5oz glass amphorae. The treatment retails at $1,550.

Come into the beautiful world of Maison Christian Dior.