Christian Louboutin Unveils Three Irresistibly Feminine Fragrances


The Paris designer, famous for his red-soled shoes, unveiled three new scents this week.

In 2014, famous shoemaker Christian Louboutin stepped into the beauty space, launching vibrant nail lacquers inspired by the scarlet soles of his famous shoes. His beauty line then expanded to include super-luxe lip sticks and glosses. And now, Louboutin is fully plunging into the fragrance world, launching three scents at once to make a major splash.

“I want to give women the means to express themselves and to delight in their femininity”, says Christian Louboutin and so he does. He never misses the chance to celebrate women and their desire in everything he creates and his three newly launched fragrances are no exception. Whether you choose Bikini Questa Sera, Tornade Blonde or Trouble in Heaven, they are all irresistibly feminine.


Christian Louboutin testing out fragrances.

To portray these olfactory marvels, he tapped the one and only model, actress and film director Elisa Sednaoui. “For me Elisa is one woman who is many women”, he explains adding: “I needed someone close to me, someone capable of expressing the many nuances of the fragrances”.




Christian Louboutin working with designer Thomas Heatherwick on concepts for the fragrance bottle..png

Christian Louboutin working with designer Thomas Heatherwick on concepts for the fragrance bottle.

And it shouldn’t surprise you that the design of the bottles was as important to the shoe designer as the scents themselves;

Color was fundamental to the bottle design; each fragrance has its own symbolic colorway.

Christian Louboutin

He worked with designer Thomas Heatherwick of Heatherwick Studios — the brains behind the cauldron for the 2012 Olympics and buildings in Singapore and Cape Town — to create the beautiful sculptural glass bottles.


christian_louboutin_fragrance_group_front_v2The scents come in a hypnotizing bottle worthy of an objet d’art. Created in collaboration with Heatherwick Studio, the undulating glass bottle captures the light to reveal the vivid colors of each fragrance.

Christian Louboutin Bikini Questa Sera,

Each of the three Christian Louboutin perfume is different from the others, but they are all United by the same idea behind their development. Christian Louboutin Bikini Questa Sera is an intense scent, heat inspired by sunset Egypt, showing notes of jasmine and Tuberose and came to be arrested in the fire-Golden warm yellow and resembles a bottle that mimic the Sun.

Christian Louboutin Tornade Blonde,

Tornade Blonde is the golden light and luminosity that a woman leaves a man she hypnotized with. More than being a fragrance, it is a state of mind that puts together gorgeous red rose, sweet violet and cassis. The bottle reflects its iridescence through a combination of warm garnet and light gold.

Christian Louboutin Trouble in Heaven,

Trouble in Heaven is a fragrance that lights the fire. Mysterious and sexy, for the woman who wants to provoke and is at ease with her provocation. It is both intimate and overt, an intoxicating fragrance to wear close to you, to be loved by others. A second skin of perfect iris, patchouli and tonka absolut, resonates with the dry heat of oriental amber, makes Trouble in Heaven.

It should also not surprise you that, like the shoes, the fragrances don’t come cheap. But if you’ve got $275 and want to make your vanity that much more fancy, the three fragrances are available now on



A Beautiful Love Affair between Christian Louboutin and Lacquer

Christian Louboutin and Lacquer.jpg

Christian Louboutin’s love affair with lacquer has once again led to the creation of another marvel, Loubilaque. The red nail lacquer has extended his territories and inspired a lip color with high coverage, high shine and a dramatic one-of-a-kind effect.

The highly pigmented Loubilaque gives lips a bold shiny color and unlike lip gloss, it is a lip lacquer that puts together intense color and shine. With this hard to achieve formula comes a unique applicator exclusively designed for Christian Louboutin to make the application seamless.


Christian Louboutin Loubilaque Rouge Louboutin

In addition to the color and shine, Loubilaque is supplied with a subtle and feminine scent to give the wearer a one-of-a-kind beauty experience with nothing but one swipe. Your lips will become like a mirror, magnifying and eye-catching.



In keeping with Christian’s vision of beauty as objet d’art, the bottle is designed with thick clear walls carved with an intricate mermaid tail pattern to encapsulate the opulent colour like an elixir and encased in a jewelry-like box with a hand stitched silk carrying pouch and silk ribbon.

After Velvet Matte, Sheer Voile and Silky Satin Lip Colors, the Louboutin woman has now  Loubilaque in 8 shades, including the brand’s iconic Rouge Louboutin, to set herself apart and show off her daring feminine side.

  • Rouge Louboutin
  • Akenana
  • Altareva
  • Altressa
  • Bengali
  • Bikini
  • Casanovella
  • Colibretta

Christian Louboutin and Lacquer 8 colors

This beauty marvel speaks to the bold woman who is not afraid to stand out and to highlight the magnificent power of her lips. It comes in a bottle designed with thick clear walls carved with an intricate mermaid tail pattern. A small ring supplied with a silk ribbon gives her the opportunity to wear it as a pendant and brag about her audacity.


Christian Louboutin Launches Neo-Reds


From shoes to nail polishes, Christian Louboutin is painting the town red once again with his trademark. The luxury shoe designer is bringing a new trio name ‘The Neo Reds’ to his range of nail color shades for the new season. One coat is all that is needed for that glossy coat, thanks to the highly pigmented formula.

For a little shine, fans of the designer nail polishes can don a peony red with a subtle sparkle named ‘Jazzy Doll’ after Louboutin’s leather sandals. The ‘Lady Peep’ is a deep raspberry that is named after the popular peep-toe stiletto. Those in favour of a brighter shade of red can try the ‘Edgy Popi’. The preppy and flirty orange-red is the right amount of colour one would need. The polishes are longwearing and chip resistant as well as free of toluene, formaldehyde and DBP.


Christian Louboutin first broke into the beauty industry in 2014 with a nail polish collection, but cemented his influence on the market last September when he released a lipstick line that riffed on his iconic red shade. The line’s star piece, ‘The Rouge Louboutin’ lipstick, packaged in luxurious black, silver and gold casing, was accompanied by a further 35 hues, packaged in gold casing and priced at $90.

Louboutin’s The Jazzy Doll, Lady Peep and EdgyPopi shades, will be available from June in selected stores and on Christian Louboutin’s website for $50.

Christian Louboutin Hawaii Kawai Limited Edition Nail Color Coffret

Christian Louboutin Hawaii Kawai Limited Edition Nail Color Coffret 1

Spring 2016 is yet to arrive but Christian Louboutin is already prepping up to welcome it with Hawaii Kawai Limited Edition Nail Color Coffret.

While Python Vulcano Limited Edition Nail Color Coffret celebrated the 2015 Spring season, this year the Parisian label captures the warmth, fantasy, and spirit of 1950’s Hawaii for one of the most pleasant season.

Christian Louboutin Hawaii Kawai Limited Edition Nail Color Coffret

Christian Louboutin’s Hawaii Kawai print, a vibrant design full of bright flora and fauna, stands true to his desire that fashion should inspire beauty and vice versa. Though this tropical theme is brought to life through all of his collections: men’s and women’s shoes, handbags and beauty, we are besotted by the Hawaii Kawai Limited Edition Nail Colour Coffret.

Christian Louboutin Hawaii Kawai Limited Edition Nail Color Coffret

Offered in two editions, the latest Nail Colour Coffret contains three miniature nail colors which come enclosed in a beautiful keepsake box decorated with the colorful prints. The bright hues will bring a little bit of warmth and a samba mood to every woman’s fingertips.

Christian Louboutin Hawaii Kawai Limited Edition Nail Color Coffret

Available for $90, the Hawaii Kawai Limited Edition Nail Color Coffret 1 contains Very Privé which is deep wine red, Batignolles that stands out between a sky and turquoise blue and Miss Loubi, a deeply vibrant coral pink.

Christian Louboutin Hawaii Kawai Limited Edition Nail Color Coffret

The second version includes, Bengali which is a high impact hot pink often seen in India, intense almost-black Khôl and a sophisticated orange red Popi.


100 Years of Lipstick

Yvette Labrousse never left her home without fist applying her lipstick. The Cannes-based miss France got her first tube of the red lip color from her mother. And it has since become such a big part of her identity that she even wears it while she was doing her job in her mothers shop.

Miss France, Yvette Labrousse, Begum Um Habibeh Aga Khan

Yvette Labrouse, miss France 1930, the later Begum Om Habibeh Aga Khan III (Click photo to enlarge)

It’s been called the red badge of courage, defined Marilyn Monroe’s unabashed sexuality and was a way for factory-working ‘Rosie the Riveters’ to hold onto their femininity while doing a ‘man’s job’. Its paradoxical history is long and colorful, but whatever the shade, lipstick has left its imprint on the cultural fabric.

Yvette Labrousse Begum Om Habibeh Aga Khan

 Portrait of Her Highness The Begum Om Habibeh Aga Khan III (private collection)(photo by Dorothy Wilding)  (Click photo to enlarge).

So what is it that makes women coat their lips with crushed beetle guts and processed cow fat day in and day out? For Yvette Labrousse, it made her feel powerful in that time. Coloring her lips was the last thing she did before walking out the door to face the world. The click of the tube opening and closing gives her the comfort of routine. But it’s more than makeup, it’s a source of confidence, sensuality and sometimes even armor.

Yves Saint Laurent YSL Rouge Volupté Shine No. 35 Fuchsia in Grunge Fall 2015

Yves Saint Laurent (Click photo to enlarge)

The intimate relationship between lipstick and ladies goes way back, to the Egyptians who stained their mouths with red clay and iron oxide. Over the centuries it has been seen as both an embellishment of the elite and a scarlet marker of sin. In the Victorian era, when femininity was linked to a childlike innocence and women were prized almost solely for their looks, crimson salves were banned in England. It wasn’t until the turn of the 20th century that lipstick came back into vogue. Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.

Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together, Elizabeth Taylor, actress

Along with shattering countless other taboos, Hollywood also brought lipstick into the mainstream. While some women started secretly tinting their lips at home, actresses began coloring their pouts onscreen. And once Sarah Bernhardt, dubbed ‘the most famous actress in the world’, unveiled her red lips both on and off the red carpet, it was just a matter of time before others followed suit.

Christian Louboutin Rouge Matte Louboutin fall 2015

Christian Louboutin Rouge Matte Louboutin (Click photo to enlarge).

Until the early 1900s, lip salves were made primarily from carmine dye, extracted from dried insects, and applied with a brush. But around 1915 lipstick started appearing in cylindrical tubes, and within a few years everyone, from Estee Lauder to Elizabeth Arden to Chanel, was selling it. By 1936, the New York Times declared that lipstick was ‘as essential as clothes’ and ‘almost as vital as food’, and by 1940, 90 percent of American women wore it. “It wasn’t just lipstick, it was and is an icon,” says Veronique Vienne, a former art director and journalist for a number of American women’s magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar, Redbook and Elle.

Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Matte Sculpting Lipstick in Stronger Fall 2015

Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Matte Sculpting Lipstick in Stronger Fall 2015 (Click photo to enlarge)

As fashion and makeup trends have evolved over time, so has lipstick’s composition and color palette. Most contain some strain of wax, oil, fat, emollient and pigment. In the past, cow brains were the fat of choice, because they were cheap and just the right texture. And emollient, which typically includes vitamin E or aloe vera, acts as a moisturizer. Tints are produced using a combination of plant, animal, mineral or synthetic dyes, and there is a dizzying spectrum of shades, from the classic Coco by Chanel to Urban Decay’s F-Bomb. But regardless of brand or shade, lipstick and its cylinder often evoke phallic symbolism: Think about its long, rounded shape that grows in size before touching your mouth …(Sorry, nothing I can do. This is what psychologists say!)

Guerlain Lipstick Neiges et Merveilles Christmas Collection 2015/2016

Guerlain Lipstick Neiges et Merveilles Christmas Collection 2015 (Click photo to enlarge)

And yet it tends to be the first makeup accessory mothers give their daughters, and it’s a must-have for many women, even those who forego eye shadow and foundation. There’s simply no other beauty product that possesses its cultural prominence. Perhaps Elizabeth Taylor best captured lipstick’s powerful influence when she instructed: “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together”.

Dolce&Gabbana Sophia Loren No.1 Red Lipstick

Dolce & Gabbana Sophia Loren No.1 Red Lipstick, 2015 (Click photo to enlarge)

Since making its debut in push-up tubes 100 years ago, lipstick has been helping women pull themselves together, providing them with a stamp of self-approval that says: I know who I am, and I’m not afraid to flaunt it. And there are many who’d agree with Yvette Labrousse who insists, “I can’t not wear it.”

by Jean Amr

Rouge Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin

It’s official: Christian Louboutin isn’t just for shoes and fancy nail polish anymore. Christian Louboutin has launged some amazing lipsticks. There’s nothing sexy about the word ‘products;’ call them ‘objets d’art’, on the other hand, and we must have them immediately. Louboutin knows this, after all, he’s made women lust after his creations for decades: First, with his red soles, then with nail polish and now, with 38 shades of lipstick in the most dramatic metal bullets (that double as necklaces) we’ve ever seen. There are three textures to choose from, Silky Satin, Velvet Matte and Sheer Voile, and all the shades are inspired by the brand’s iconic shoes and bags. At $90 each, they don’t come cheap, but the best things rarely do. Yes. That’s ‘a lot’ for one lipstick. But somehow, for some reason, we still want it. Come on! It’s a cheap way to wear an original Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Debuts New Lipstick Collection Fall 2015 GIF

Curse you, incredible packaging design geniuses and brilliant branding people. Louboutin’s first lipstick offering features three finishes; Silky Satin, Sheer Voile, and Velvet Matte, and there are 38 shades to choose from, each inspired by the fashion house’s most iconic shoes and handbags. Take your pick from bold pinks, rich wine shades, delicate nudes, and, of course,  the iconic and famous Louboutin red.

Inspired by Louboutin’s Egyptian roots, the packaging is ultra ostentatious too, with a pointed base, golden exterior and a crown-shaped cap. Plus, the most exciting part: each lipstick doubles up as a jewellery charm. Thread through a ribbon or chain to turn it into a necklace for speedy touch-ups and to feel kind of like a glamorous secret agent.


Offered in five nude shades, it defines and matches the actual tone of lip contour. The self-sharpening lip definer assists in perfecting the lip make up by defining and highlighting the wearer’s natural lip contour. Aesthetically inspired by Middle Easter antiquities and the Art Deco movement, the ergonomics of the tall slender body are rooted in calligraphy for a truly artistic experience (Click photo to enlarge).

Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin fall 2015

Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin, Matte, Satin and Sheer, fall 2015 (Click photo to enlarge).

Christian Louboutin Rouge Matte Louboutin fall 2015

Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin Matte, in it’s beautiful box, fall 2015 (Click photo to enlarge).

Christian Louboutin Rouge Matte Louboutin fall 2015

Always with you! Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin Matte, fall 2015 (Click photo to enlarge).

The Louboutin lip definer and lipstick collection is availble now, so clear some space in your make-up bag, or on your neck.

by Jean Amr

On high heals

The man who rules the souls of the women with his red sole creations launches his new limited-edition Scarabee Nail Polish Collection.


Christian Louboutin’s amazing new colors of nail polish (click photo to enlarge).

Christian Louboutin found his muse in a key piece of Egyptian iconography, the scarab beetle. The iridescent beauty and wonder of this creature sacred to the Pharaohs, inspired three new shades of nail colour ‘the Scarabée Limited Edition Collection’. Three amazingly beautiful colors, we only found in the past by houses like YSL and Christian Dior. Divas can flaunt the iridescent beauty and wonder of this creature which is sacred to the Pharaohs by dipping their finger tips in the Scarabée Limited Edition Collection. “They can look beautiful and reflective under the bright sun but also look like a precious jewel by night” says the designer.


Christian Louboutin Scarabee I ‘Nude pink gold’ (click photo to enlarge).

While Scarabée I will dress the nails in a metallic rose gold shade, Scarabée II will give them a rich turquoise makeover with flashes of purple, green and gold.


Christian Louboutin Scarabee II ‘Violet blue’ (click photo to enlarge).

Scarabée III renders kaleidoscopic transformation with sparkling bronze topped with green and blue highlights.


Christian Louboutin Scarabee III ‘Green bronze’ (click photo to enlarge).

While the signature form of the glass bottle and the custom-designed, patented triangular brush has not been altered, it comes packed in a distinctive soft touch mat carton featuring a cut-out window and a copper gold scarab motif. Priced at $50, the highly pigmented, super glossy formula achieves in just two coats the effect of 20 layers of traditional lacquer, is it it’s price more then worth! Depents on your own taste, but all three a perfect on any skincolor or skin tone!

Addressing Egypt as his second home, the Parisian shoe designer has also created a patent leather named Scarabée Océan-Amazone in a graded shade of blue-to-green.


  • Scarabee I ‘Nude pink gold’ (9.5/10)
  • Scarabee II ‘Violet blue’ (9.5/10)
  • Scarabee III ‘Green bronze’ (9.5/10)

As far as I know, they are only availble at Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Nordstrom for $50

by Jean Amr

Christian Louboutin Beaute launches the ‘Loubi Under Red’

Christian Louboutin  'Loubi Under Red' GIF.gif

Christian Louboutin now provides women with more than one place to promote femininity, as his beauty line – specifically nail polishes – begins to grow.

Following on from the highly publicised launch of Christian Louboutin Beaute’s first iconic capsule collection of nail polishes, the brand is releasing Loubi Under Red, a new state of the art nail tool which allows either a ‘red reveal’ under the nails, or, unique nail art over the nails. The formula is the same as the original Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour; a superior high pigment rich formula for luxe glossy colour that is both long-wearing and chip resistant. The newness comes from the unique and tailored flexible felt tip brush applicator.

The fine, felt-tip pen applicator lets you subtly add Louboutin’s signature red color to the underside of your nails or boldly to your nail surface – similar to the designer’s coveted red soles. This nail color travels to the tip without saturating it, giving you the control and ease to create your own designs. A polish with a long-wearing, chip-resistant formula, it delivers luxe, glossy color in one coat and immense shine in two coats. Its unique applicator can be used as an art brush and a dotting tool to coat on color to the underside of nails and to paint designs on top of nails.

Christian Louboutin Beaute launches the 'Loubi Under Red'

In keeping with the launch, Louboutin has devised a nail art design called ‘Malibu Car’ which was developed by brand consultant Madeline Poole. Malibu Car reminds Mr Louboutin of, ‘a carefree drive in a convertible along the Pacific Coast Highway’.

Transform your nails into art objects with Loubi Under Red. Directions for the Malibu Car manicure:


  • Apply Loubi Primer
  • Apply two coats of La Favorita
  • Draw a line on the middle of the nail using Loubi Under Red
  • Finish with Loubi Gloss



This product is gluten-free and is free of toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP.

Singer Adele was spotted at the 2013 Grammy Awards wearing a pair of Louboutin shoes and a manicure with the underside of her nails colored in red, mimicking the signature red sole of Louboutin shoes. The trend became commonly referenced as ‘The Louboutin Manicure’. True to what makes the Louboutin brand so iconic, a tool was developed that enables women to create the “red sole effect” under their nails while also enabling unique and precise designs over the nails.



Christian Louboutin Cosmetics releases video by David Lynch

Christian Louboutin video by David Lynch GIF.gif

What happens when one of the world’s most iconic shoe labels and top filmmakers come together in the name of nail polish?

Christian Louboutin’s move into the world of nailpolish would also be accompanied by a debut video by David Lynch, best known for perfecting the mystery thriller film genre.

Of course, this being David Lynch, you know you’re not going to get a run-of-the-mill nail polish advertisement. The visual clip has Lynch’s surrealist stamp and might just be the most strange nail polish commercial you’ve ever seen – quite literally out of this world (set in outer space) with the nail polish bottles making up an otherworldly city – ‘Loubiville’.

There’s also quick flashes of painted nails shot in the glamorous style of Mulholland Drive, to a surreal soundtrack. Watch for yourself below….

Welcome to ‘Loubiville’