Tribute to the English spirit: Penhaligon’s Portrait Collection



Penhaligon’s presented their new Portrait Collection. The new line which includes four fragrances with such dramatic names: The Tragedy of Lord George, The Revenge of Lady Blanche, Much Ado About The Duke and The Coveted Duchess Rose is a tribute to the English spirit; between establishment, humour and provocation. In fact… it reveals the secrets of the British aristocracy.




Penhaligon’s The Tragedy of Lord George (for men)



Lord George is a wealthy and respected man, the archetypal patriarch. He seems to embody the noblest values of the aristocracy: virtue, respect, loyalty and faithfulness.

Deceptively traditional Lord George. Lord George is a perfect reminder that one should be aware of appearances. He himself maintains that one should never be able to divine what a man is thinking. This ability being, of course, the key to a happy marriage. Honourable, to a tee, his fidelity to King and Country is resolute. His penchant for muttering ‘the flesh is weak’ over the breakfast kippers is entirely without explanation.

Top notes: Brandy
Heart notes: Shaving soap
Base notes: Tonka Bean

His fragrance reflects his essence; seemingly traditional, yet with hidden secrets. A woody amber fougère from perfumer Alberto Morillas, with rum, tonka bean and ambrox.


Penhaligon’s The Revenge of Lady Blanche (for women)



A darling of London Society, and one of the most influential ladies in Britain. Her aloof beauty, mysterious past and blazing passions are scrutinised by all from shop-girls to Royalty. She would do anything to climb the social ladder still further. Her latest scheme is to poison her husband, Lord George, inheriting his wealth and burying his secrets for ever!

Lady Blanche is a picture of devotion, charm – and criminal intentions. A social butterfly with a dangerous bite one might say. Shakespeare did try to warn us ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’. Indeed, a woman does always know. Lady Blanche wishes, oh how she wishes! that she did not. The real crime you see is the inelegance of not having kept all of this where it belongs – in the dark, with the lights off! (Cross her at your peril).

Top notes: Powdery orris
Heart notes: Narcissus flower
Base notes: Hyacinth

Her fragrance reflects her very essence. A green floral narcotic, created by perfumer Daphné Bugey. – Charmingly dangerous.


Penhaligon’s The Coveted Duchess Rose (for women)



Daughter of Lady Blanche and Lord George, Rose married a Duke to escape the stifling rigidity of her family and to become the Coveted Duchess Rose. At first, naively romantic, she has now become disillusioned and frustrated in an unsatisfactory marriage.

A fresh, sweet Rose – ready for the picking. Ever since her recent marriage (anything but a bed of roses) our demure Duchess is urgently desirous of desire. Her bosom is aching for release from the corsets of Victorian life, she dreams of nothing but Paradise Regained, again and again. When one’s husband is at the theatre every evening, one does become terribly bored…

Top notes: Mandarin
Heart notes: Rose
Base notes: Musky wood

Always looking for fun and frivolity (and perhaps love affairs), her fragrance is a not so innocent fresh rose. A woody rose from perfumer Christophe Raynaud.


Penhaligon’s Much Ado About The Duke (for men)



Conforming to the expectations of his class, Duke Nelson married the most coveted girl in London: the Duchess Rose. Yet the Duke is eccentric and unusual, his whimsical airs set society tongues wagging. Rumours abound that his marriage is yet to be consummated!

Who could say if it was the evenings spent at the theatre that gave the Duke his ravishing, ravished air. A slight perfume of intrigue engulfs him nevertheless. Exquisitely ubiquitous, a decadent dandy, an utterly charming chap, virulently ambivalent, a thoroughly ambiguous first son-in-law – hearts throb wherever he goes, but not the ones you might think. His wife agrees that the theatre is no place for a Duchess. Sometimes she longs not to be a Duchess…

Top notes: Peppery rose
Heart notes: Gin
Base notes: Leathery wood

His perfume is as ambivalent as he is: a floral yet masculine woody fragrance. A spicy woody rose from perfumer Daphné Bugey, with rose, gin and cumin.



The four Penhaligon’s Eau de Parfums come in 75ml stylish bottles with gold-plated animal heads as stoppers, priced at £178 ($218).

Come into the wonderful world of Penhaligon’s.




Nina Ricci Luna

The thriving Nina fragrance from the house of Nina Ricci carries on its marvelous fairy-tale in a new fantasy with Luna fragrance a seductive, powerful and elegant edition of the fashionable and exciting princess of the original launch.


Nina perfume was formulated as a glowing and lively floral fruity concentration and the dawn of Luna delivers an exciting, potent and elegant design to the picture. Created by perfumers Christophe Raynaud and Marie Salamagne the sweet woody floral formulation begins with notes of wild berries and sensual orange blossom. As Luna evolves to the heart a blend of tasty caramel blended with immortal flower on the sexy foundation of sandalwood and Madagascar vanilla deliver a swath of attraction.

The fragrance bottle of Luna preserves the similarity and shape of an apple however is now tinted in blue, decorated with protruding golden leaves and black leather bordering the base of the spray nozzle. It implies the nighttime, the lunar edition of the fantasy fruit. The white carton wrapping includes an apple concept in shining blue.


The marketing and promotional campaign features the link between the classic Nina scent and the new Luna edition presenting models Frida Gustavsson and Jac Jagaciak.

Supply for the new Luna aroma from Nina Ricci is expected for September 2016 and will roll out in 30ml, 50ml and 80ml editions of Eau de Toilette formulation.




Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Fraiche

Issey Miyake L'eau d'Issey Pour Homme Fraiche video

On the topic of the original masculine fragrance L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme from 1994, which symbolizes the strength and freshness of a mountain stream,

Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Fraiche is airy and fresh and apparently full of energy and dynamism. Its citrus, aquatic and woody composition is signed by perfumer Christophe Raynaud. The energy of brusque grapefruit meets the power of white patchouli.

The top notes include grapefruit, bergamot, rosemary and mint. Mate, May rose and pink pepper form the heart of the perfume, laid on a woody base of white patchouli and musk.



The bottle retains the simple design, made of pure, clear glass symbolizing a waterfall. The beautiful advertising campaign is credited to Ryan Hopkinson.





Paco Rabanne 1 Million $


Founded in 1966 by the Spanish-French fashion designer Paco Rabanne, he became worldwide recognized for its provocative look and delightful perfumes, and has a cult status in the fashion world. All Paco Rabbane perfumes are describes as sensual and intriguing. First Paco Rabanne fragrance, Calendre, was introduced in 1969. This beautiful timeless perfume is still considered avant-garde for its time.

Our seductive dandy dares to ask the question: who has never dreamed of getting 1 million $? This 1 Million $ limited edition enhances the famous ingot, decorated with the American dollar bill to satisfy the ‘aficionados’ of 1 Million.

When the fashion house released Paco Rabanne 1 Million in 2008, it quickly gained a huge success between men due to its intense, long-lasting and truly masculine aroma. Till today it is one of the most sold fragrances in the world, and it is my husband’s favorite especially for an occasion. This year, Paco Rabanne launches a new version named 1 Million $ sealed in a bottle designed like a golden bar. The new perfume inspires a worth accessory and a precious perfume, just like the gold.



Created by Christophe Raynaud, Olivier Pescheux and Michel Girard, Paco Rabanne 1 Million $ resembles much with the original perfume’s composition. It also blends grapefruit, blood orange and mint along with rose absolute and cinnamon in the heart. The base melts and leaves an irresistible pleasant aroma due to white woods, patchouli, amber and leather accord.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million $ is a special limited edition that will be available as 100ml Eau de Toilette.





Lancôme L’Autre Oud Perfume

L'Autre Oud Lancome for women and men

Maison Lancôme presents its new perfume for women, L’Autre Oud. Lancôme L’Autre Oud is an oriental perfume with a luxurious design part of the deluxe collection. The new fragrance is full of softness, warm and tenderness – a must-have elegant and feminine perfume.

Created by Christophe Raynaud, Lancôme L’Autre Oud is described as a spicy/woody and aromatic perfume composed of 17 notes that make this composition more luring and daring. It opens with spicy accords of saffron, cypriol from India, labdanum absolute and aromatic clary sage along with Turkish rose and Bulgarian rose absolute. The base calmly and softly lays on the skin with guaiac wood, green and wet patchouli, vetiver, amyris wood, moss, gurjun balm and myrrh absolute.


L'Autre Oud Lancome

Lancôme L’Autre Oud’s precious flacon, designed like a jewellery case, entirely adorned with gold has an outstanding design inspiring a world that invites you to try it with its  gates opened and a tantalizing smell. It takes up the most emblematic code of Maison Lancôme: the doors of the 29 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré. On the front, they are slightly opened, like an invitation to discover the wonderful fragrance. All around, they are reinterpreted into a modern moucharabieh.

Lancôme L’Autre Oud will be available in 75ml. Eau de Parfum at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Lancôme.



Elite Models Launches Paris, London, New York and Rio Fragrances


One of the most prestigious modeling agencies in the world, Elite Models, launches four glamour and flirty fragrances Paris, London, New York and Rio. These modern fragrances speak for themselves, as they smell the busy and wild lifestyle of the biggest cities in the world. With Paris Baby, London, New York Muse and Rio Glam Girl any model or wearer will experience the flavor of life. Each of these fragrances will evoke the lifestyle and mood of the different city.

Elite Models Paris, London, New York and Rio will take a wearer to a journey through four exciting and breathtaking metropolitan cities. These perfumes will spicy up your life with fun and new distractions.

Elite Models Paris, London, New York and Rio Fragrances.jpg


Elite Models Paris Baby

Paris Baby is described as a modern floral bouquet fragrance composed of white flowers, bright and brilliant, combined with creamy musk, vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood notes. This romantic, feminine and delicate fragrance is composed by perfumer Vincent Schaller. Paris Baby ideally evokes the renowned Parisian chic, glam and style.

Elite Models London Queen

London Queen is a lively, yet sensual fragrance created around a bouquet of floral and fruity notes. It blends mandarin, bergamot and raspberry along with hearty notes of plum, jasmine and tiare, while the drydown is composed of vanilla, benzoin and musk. London Queen is created by perfumer Marie Salamagne.

Elite Models New York Muse

New York Muse is a strong and intense fragrance touched with an urban feel. It combines fruity top notes of lotus flower, gardenia leaves and orange with floral accords of peony, violet and orchid. The oriental/woody base is made of vanilla, patchouli and musk. New York Muse is developed by perfumer Emilie Copperman.

Elite Models Rio Glam Girl

Rio Glam Girl will make any woman feel the vibrant and celebratory spirit of the Rio. This floral fragrance opens with acai berry and starfruit along with peony, jasmine and violet flower. The base melts with sandalwood and palisander wood notes. Rio Glam Girl is created by perfumer Christophe Raynaud.

Elite Models Paris, London, New York and Rio are available from January in rounded glass bottles with square black caps. The juice is colored differently for each fragrance, in shades from pink to gold.

Elite Models Paris, London, New York and Rio are available as 50 ml Eau de Toilette.




Azzaro Pour Homme Night Time


Fashion house Azzaro launches a new fragrance for the classic and independent man, Pour Homme Night Time.  Azzaro Pour Homme Night Time is the new and the fresher version to 1978 Azzaro Pour Homme.


Created by famous perfumers Christophe Raynaud and Michel Girard, Azzaro Pour Homme Night Time is described as a green/woody scent reflecting one’s lifestyle and attitude. The new fragrance is a delightful, pleasant fragrance. It blends bitter orange, black pepper, nutmeg, rhubarb, fougère heart accord, vetiver and cedar.

Azzaro Pour Homme Night Time

Azzaro Pour Homme Night Time is fronted by handsome and talented singer Enrique Iglesias. The fragrance  will be available early 2012 in 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette.





Guerlain My Insolence

Guerlain My Insolence.jpg

My Insolence was launched in 2007 as the new flanker to the original Insolence for Women. Guerlain My Insolence is undoubtedly described as a brighter and fruitier perfume for modern yet classic women. Guerlain Insolence is a perfume with more spontaneity and with a wilder temper, while Guerlain My Insolence is softer and calmer. Despite its affordable price and chic design, Guerlain My Insolence never relinquish its power and sexuality.

Guerlain My Insolence perfectly describes a woman whose personality and stubborn temper is uncontrollable. My Insolence is recommended for daytime wear as well as for evening. It is a perfect accessory for any woman who is always on the road. It is sealed in a woman-lish beautiful design with a pleasant pink color.

We all know that almost all Guerlain perfumes have something to say about ones character and charisma. These perfumes will never leave anyone unnoticed or indifferent.


Created by Christophe Raynaud and Sylvaine Delacourte, Guerlain My Insolence opens with a gourmand floral composition of sweet raspberry, almond blossom and pure jasmine. The base notes of patchouli, Tonka beans and powdery vanilla that leaves a mild and positive impression. Its playful notes constantly capture any men’s attention. Gorgeous and stunning actress Hillary Swan is the face of this delicate perfume, Guerlain My Insolence.

Guerlain My Insolence is available in 50 or 100 ml Eau de Toilette.






Antonio Banderas The Golden Secret

Antonio Banderas The Golden Secret Visual2

Heartthrob and sexy actor Antonio Banderas fills up his perfume collections with one more seductive and tantalizing fragrance, The Golden Secret. Antonio Banderas The Golden Secret is the new version to the last year’s cologne for men The Secret. Almost all Antonio Banderas perfumes are described as fascinating and attractive with a pleasant aura. His fragrances make anyone fall under his magic charms.

Created by perfumer Christophe Raynaud, The Golden Secret is an elegant, classic and modern perfume. This masculine perfume is the essence of seductiveness with a forbidden attraction. Antonio Banderas The Golden Secret blends green apple liqueur, pepper, cumin, nutmeg, cedar, amber and leather.



Antonio Banderas The Golden Secret is available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette.