Elysium Health Announces Summary Judgment Decision in Case Against ChromaDex in New York – All of ChromaDex’s Claims Against Elysium Health Dismissed

Elysium Health, Inc., a leading life sciences company focused on aging research, is pleased to announce that United States District Court Judge Lewis Liman ordered dismissal of all of ChromaDex’s claims against Elysium Health in a summary judgment decision issued on February 11, 2022, in a false advertising case in the Southern District of New York. This is a significant victory for Elysium Health after also receiving favorable rulings in two other cases with ChromaDex, a patent infringement case in which the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware invalidated the Dartmouth College patents asserted by ChromaDex, and a nearly five-year litigation in the Central District of California that resulted in a jury rejecting ChromaDex’s trade secret and fiduciary duty claims, offsetting amounts owed by Elysium Health to ChromaDex for a prior order by $625,000 because of ChromaDex’s breach of a pricing agreement, and awarding Elysium Health $1.275 million in damages for ChromaDex’s fraudulent inducement.

What remains in the New York case are several claims, including one for which the judge has already found that ChromaDex made false statements about Elysium Health’s product Basis.

Elysium Health has maintained for years that ChromaDex’s legal accusations were without merit. We are satisfied with Judge Liman’s decision to dismiss the entirety of ChromaDex’s claims against Elysium in New York, and we plan to vigorously pursue all available remedies with respect to those claims that remain.

Eric Marcotulli, CEO Elysium Health

Elysium Health is gratified that the judge has thus far ruled in the company’s favor, and looks forward to a successful conclusion of this case.   

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