Clinique Redness Solutions

Clinique Redness Solutions Large

If you suffer from rosacea or some occasional redness, then you need to check out the Redness Solutions line. A line intended to target red and irritated skin – mostly likely suffering from the effects of the change in weather.

Extra-gentle, oil-free regimen for skin facing persistent, visible redness. Appropriate for skins with Rosacea. Betters skin’s appearance and comfort in 2 weeks. Quells persistent, visible redness, blotchiness. Helps calm and comfort skin. Maintains skin’s moisture balance. Helps avert future flare-ups.

The line includes a cleanser, an intensive moisturizer, a protective base, and a daily moisturizer.

Clinique Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser


Clinique Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser.

The Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser is the best part of the line. It’s not soapy but can remove makeup, it’s creamy without being oily.  This extra-gentle, non-drying cream-gel helps calm visible redness and irritation while melting away makeup and impurities. It leaves skin clean feeling comforted. The cleanser is perfect for all skin types.



Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base

Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base

The Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base is green tinted but I promise, that green will hardly show up on your skin. The base goes on smooth and with an SPF 15 it really does protect your face from the elements.


Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream

Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream

The Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream is creamy smooth without being greasy. The base itself is enough for my skin, but on the days that I need something extra, I add this cream underneath the base.  I’ve also used it after I’ve had laser hair removal or a particularly excessive facial where my face is just too red.  I can use it after being out in the cold, after skiing or skating, and it just totally calms my skin down and feels so good.

How to use: Together, consistently, A.M. and P.M. Soothing Cleanser Daily Relief Cream Daily Protective Base SPF 15 (A.M. only). Keep using instead of your regular 3 Step regimen and City Block formula, even after flare-ups have disappeared. Appropriate for skins with mild-to-moderate persistent redness

You can find the Clinique Redness Solutions line at all Clinique counters worldwide.






Dermalab Swiss Line Cell Shock White Diamond Bright Is The New White


The Swiss-born Swiss Line Cell Shock White collection has been delivering successful whitening skincare results since the debut of ‘no whiter white than Cell Shock White’ 7 years ago (year 2010). Not resting on its laurels, Swiss line has achieved a real breakthrough with the brilliant reformulation to the collection. The new Cell Shock White collection has advanced whitening to brightening and clarity. It has redefined beautiful skin as radiating an impeccable healthy glow, as precious as diamonds.

The new Swiss Line Cell Shock White collection has made gleamingly flawless complexion within reach with the support of Cellactel 2 White Complex (existing in the original Cell Shock White Collection), enhanced with state-of-the-art Diamond Clusters, Syn®-ake Peptide, Spot-off Complex and HD-White Complex.

Diamonds are converted because of their extraordinary optical properties. When applied to the skin’s surface, diamonds have the ability to alter the quality of light reflection from the skin for an immaculate finish. Swiss Line has envisioned and realised the unique technology to disperse micronized real diamonds onto skin. The diamonds are suspended and trapped in micro-capsules using the interaction of two marine polymers. Once the Diamond Clusters touch the skin, they are evenly dispersed, effectuating an immediate and unblemished skin brightening.

Swiss line Cell Shock White Diamond Bright Range 250 dpi

Syn®-ake Peptide is an award-winning peptide that delivers a non-invasive plumping effect. The muscle-relaxant action of the peptide smoothens expression lines. A smoothen skin surface also supports the diamond dispersion.

The Spot-Off Complex boasts a ‘dissolving’ action that goes beyond melanin-inhibiting active ingredients. It tackles age spots and UV-induced spots by preventing and regulating the formations, rather than just superficial whitening. The active substances in the complex include the Swiss-origin garden cress sprout extract.

The HD-White Complex consists of powerful whitening ingredients and antioxidants that produce a visible brightening effect. Powerful arbutin, glutathoine and ascorbic acid are innovatively delivered via a liposomal complex – that preserves the integrity of the precious ingredients with a targeted, fast-penetration delivery system.

The Cellactel 2 White Complex contains the same cellular nutrients as Swiss Line’s renowned skin regenerator, Cellactel 2 Complex – a medical-grade active that lets skin cells breathe, metabolizes and increases collagen and elastin production. The Cellactel 2 White Complex delivers de-aging benefits with added whitening abilities.

* Diamond Clusters, Syn®-ake Peptide and Spot-off Complex are found in the Brightening Diamond Serum only.

Swiss line has formulated a comprehensive suite of products to turnaround skin with the new Cell Shock White collection: (1) Facial Cleansing Foam, (2) Facial Brightening Essence, (3) Brightening Diamond Serum, (4) Daytime Brightening-Power Emulsion, (5) Brightening Bi-Phase Veil SPF 35 PA++., (6) Invisible Bi-Phase Veil SPF 50 PA++., (7) Overnight Brightening-Power Cream, (8) Facial Brightening Mask. Lets have a look:

Swiss Line Cell Shock White Facial Cleansing Foam


The Cell Shock White Facial Cleansing Foam removes all pollution and make-up residues, imparts freshness, and leaves the face clan and bright white also guaranteeing a progressively more even and refined complexion. The balmy-gel texture of the Facial Cleansing Foam surprisingly houses quartz silica which performs a very skin-friendly, yet cumulative micro exfoliation.


Swiss Line Cell Shock White Facial Brightening Essence

Swiss line Cell Shock White Facial Brightening-Essence

The Cell Shock White Facial Brightening Essence gives a bright splash of energetic coolness brought about by exfoliating agents housed in a gel-in-essence formula. It’s so much more than a classic tonic-lotion, the sophisticated formula of this essence enhances the effectiveness of all other products that follow its application, while keeping natural exfoliation levels high and addressing signs of pigmentation and uneven texture.


Brightening Diamond Serum Brightening Diamond Serum

Swiss line Cell Shock White Diamond Bright Brightening Diamond Serum 300 dpi

As extravagant as applying diamonds on the skin, is the knowledge that the Brightening Diamond Serum brings about an unprecedented brightening, clarity and smoothness to the skin. Just like the famous quote saying ‘Diamonds are girl’s best friend’, this latest Swiss line Brightening Diamond Serum has become my new best friend already. It helped to brighten up my dark-tanned skin due to the hot sun of Copenhagen like the sun was just next to me, and smoothen my patchy, dry skin due to dry Autumn weather in Europe.

Swiss Line has doubled the action of the Brightening Diamond Serum with two transparent chambers of different and complementary serums in one bottle. Te two serums are fused when dispense, delivering active formula that tackles uneven complexion, dark spots, blemishes, and wrinkles.


Swiss Line Cell Shock White Daytime Brightening-Power Emulsion

Swiss Line Cell Shock White Daytime Brightening-Power Emulsion

The Cell Shock White Daytime Brightening-Power Emulsion is formulated for optimal daytime performance, this moisturizing emulsion offers an optical correction for a brighter complexion from the very first application. Antioxidants and anti-pollution factors join the new HD White Complex to offer brightness as well as safeguarding skin throughout the entire day with its added protection against urban stress and environmental assault which are known triggers for pigmentation disorders.


Swiss Line Cell Shock White Brightening Bi-Phase Veil SPF 35 PA++

Cell Shock White Brightening Bi-Phase Veil SPF 35

The Swiss Line Cell Shock White Brightening Bi-Phase Veil SPF 35 PA++ containing 100% mineral sun filters – including titanium dioxide – physically shield from UV radiation. To be used daytime as the last step in the Cell Shock White skincare ritual, it can also be mixed into foundation or CC creams for added coverage and UV protection.

Swiss Line Cell Shock White Invisible Bi-Phase Veil SPF 50 PA++

The Swiss Line Cell Shock White Invisible Bi-Phase Veil SPF 50 PA++ is the ultimate advanced sun protection with a barely-there texture. It should be applied to any area that needs extra anti-aging protection – face, neck and décolleté, as well as hands – to prevent sun-induced age spots. It can also be mixed into foundation or CC cream for an easier satin-smooth application and added UV protection.


Swiss Line Cell Shock White Overnight Brightening-Power Cream

Swiss Line Cell Shock White Overnight Brightening-Power Cream

The Cell Shock White Overnight Brightening-Power Cream is a rich-textured night cream that grants maximum comfort without heaviness. Nourishing and re-texturizing enzymatic factors join the new HD-White Complex to deliver a brighter complexion with a smoother texture by boosting the skon’s own night-time recovery abilities.


Cell Line Shock White Facial Brightening Mask

Cell Line Shock White Facial Brightening Mask

The Cell Line Shock White Facial Brightening Mask is a cream-mask that is applied with a silk brush for a smooth and even application creating a thin veil that does not dry out and remain creamy comfortable until removed. Formulated as an all-in-one facial mask, it brightens, intensively hydrates, detoxifies and refines pores. To be applied once or twice a week on a perfectly cleaned face.







L’Oreal Skin Expert Pure-Clay Cleansers


Literally, these are the most exciting cleansers I’ve seen in a while.  I think we’re all over the oil cleansing, the balm cleaners, the charcoal masks, but these are different.

L’Oreal took their immensely popular clay masks and turned them into cleansers.  Each cleanser has a significant amount of clay in it, but it’s in a formula that emulsifies easily with water and actually cleans your skin.

L’Oreal Skin Expert Pure-Clay Cleansers Open.png

There are three kinds: Exfoliating and Refining (the salmon-coloured one), Purifying and Mattifying (mint-coloured), and Energizing and Brightening (charcoal).

L’Oreal  Pure Clay Glow Scrub

the Pure Clay Glow Scrub is a thick scrub that helps to cleanse, brighten and exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin sells and sebum. It includes Red Algae which is known for its brightening properties and is better than the mask version as it has natural exfoliating micro-beads inside to really get into the pores and clean them.

L’Oreal Pure Clay Purity Wash

The Pure Clay Purity Wash aims to cleanse, purify and mattify the skin as it has the three pure clays inside plus Eucalyptus and is thick in texture to help gently clean the face and is easy to rinse off.

L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Wash

The Pure Clay Detox Wash had high expectations as the Detox Mask was my favourite out of the three. This includes Charcoal to help cleanse, clarify and detoxify the skin and is loose in texture to make it easy to use. Finally,

These are excellent options for summer cleansers simply because they have an ingredient that’s amazing at getting rid of oil – kaolin clay – and you don’t have to leave them on your skin for a long time to get the full benefit of the clay!

The L’Oreal Skin Expert Pure-Clay Cleansers are available in drugstores now.



Medik8 White Balance Cleanse

Medik8 White Balance Cleanse.png

The Medik8 White Balance Cleanse, doubled as a cleanser and micro-exfoliator, is designed to give skin that deep cleanse for brighter, refined and smoother skin finish.

Infused with potent key active ingredients (Oxy-R – Oxyresveratrol) and combined with micro-fine bamboo particles and volcanic perlite, this cleanser saves you time from having to do both cleansing and exfoliating steps.

What I like about it:

  • Unique powder texture that transforms into light foam when water is added to it
  • The flexibility to adapt the amount of powder to suit a daily gentle exfoliation or weekly deeper exfoliation
  • Appearance of pigmentation is reduced, balance out uneven skin tone and reduce blotchiness from dryness around skin
  • Overtime, with consistent use of this cleanser, it helps to inhibite tyrosinase activity and the production of melanin to prevent premature ageing
  • Suitable for all skin types and even those with pigmentation and sun damaged skin

Just add a level teaspoon amount of powder onto palm and mix with a few drops of warm water and rub hands together to activate powder to create a creamy texture and cleanse away. Perfect for face, neck and decolleté.

The only downside is that this cleanser is probably not suited to be use in shower as dry hands are required to handle and to mix with this cleanser.

Otherwise, if you want baby smooth and refined skin, this cleanser delivers just that!

Come into the world of Medik8.




Chanel Le Bi Phase Visage

Chanel Bi-Phase-2016_GIF

This advanced formula combines two phases, each with a key ingredient: the water phase offers the antipollution power of Blue Micro-Algae, while the emulsion phase gently delivers the fortifying benefits of Marine Salicornia extract. When the bottle is shaken, the two phases blend into a solution with exceptional makeup-removing power.

I suggest adding the Le Bi-Phase Visage into your regular skincare routine as an additional step. Le Bi-Phase Visage helps to remove makeup prior to cleansing and toning your face.

Use it daily as a no-rinse facial cleanser morning and evening, or as a traditional makeup remover to enhance your current ritual. Shake the bottle well before use. Apply to dry skin with a cotton pad, avoiding the eye contours. Do not rinse. Follow with your regular Chanel skincare.

Chanel Le Bi Phase Visage

While Chanel’s Le Bi-Phase Visage is used to remove makeup from the face, we still suggest using Démaquillant Yeux Intense for eye makeup removal as it is specifically formulated for use on the eye and is ophthalmologist tested.

Chanel Le Bi Phase Visage is suitable for all skin types. The mild, residue-free formula gently yet effectively removes impurities on skin’s surface, including even the most stubborn makeup and pollutants.




Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant

New Daily Superfoliant Reveal E-Blast

This large bottle is filled with finely milled charcoal and other exfoliants, as well as a foaming cleanser that really makes skin feel clean.

Dermalogica’s Daily Superfoliant is brand new and adds to the brand’s already well-known exfoliators.

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant1a

It’s different in its category because it comes out as a powder and you mix it with water. As soon as you do, it foams up and you can rub it on your skin. The powder is so finely milled that you’ll feel a slight grittiness but not actually a scrubbing feeling like there is with most scrubs.

This advanced powder formula activates upon contact with water, releasing powerful enzymes and skin-smoothing AHAs that resurface the skin. Activated Binchotan Charcoal absorbs environmental pollutants know to irritate the skin and accelerate skin aging while Niacinamide, Red Algae and Tara Fruit form a shield to prevent further damage from pollutants.

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant2

Because there’s also cleanser in the formula, this is great at wiping off remnants of makeup or previous cleanser. Your skin is super clean but also brighter because of the scrubbing. You can use it daily, or as often as your skin can handle it. My skin is pretty oily so it can handle a daily scrub.

As the name suggests, it can be used daily, but if you have quite sensitive skin I’d recommend gradually working it into your routine to acclimate your skin to it. I like to keep the bottle in my shower for mess-free mixing!

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant3

Instantly, my skin felt incredibly soft. It’s a bit harder to gauge the long-term detoxifying effects, but my complexion looked rosy, glowing and not at all irritated—so that’s a great start.

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant is available in a package with 57gr. powder.






No Rinsing Needed with La Mer’s Cleansing Micellar Water


It’s the stuff models and make-up artists swear by, and have been around for a good century. The Micellar Water first shot to fame in France, during a time where the region battled with a notoriously harsh water supply, the miracle of Micelles comes from the way they remove the skin’s impurities without drying it out.

La Mer’s The Cleansing Micellar Water takes the age-old Micellar technology miles ahead with injections of signature marine nutrients and their famed Miracle Broth’s healing benefits, in a stellar concoction that combines the best of both worlds. Adding to the lush vibe of the pristine sea, from which it draws inspiration, unleashing a light, transparent freshness as it sweeps away impurities and micro-emulsifies makeup. The grime, dirt and oil it clings on to dissolves, leaving behind a beautiful, hydrated glow.



The potent and pure Cleansing Micellar Water doesn’t just provide a moment’s worth of powerful cleansing. Rather, one can be certain to enjoy both instant and long-term skin benefits in these unique cleansing structures, since it’s been engineered with new Marine Micellar Waters.

The skin eventually exhibits a healthy, luminous glow, which continues to strengthen and renew thanks to the time-progressive efforts of negatively charged water molecules, which moves deeper into the skin’s surface, delivering restorative sea minerals.

No rinsing is needed, as the skin is instantly and completely cleansed with purifying algae infusion, where positively-charged water molecules micro-emulsify impurities, including waterproof makeup.


ClarinsMen Exfoliating Cleanser

ClarinsMen Exfoliating Cleanser video

ClarinsMen Exfoliating Cleanser is an awesome product for men that leaves skin nice and soft.

Clarins is known for its natural ingredients, and this product is no different. It’s filled with bison grass, soap root extract and lava powder, and it’s not filled with soap which is why it’s perfect for daily use. It tingles as you use it, and leaves skin with a fresh-feeling but utterly moisturized. And though it’s soap-free, it smells like a wonderfully fresh soap which is a lovely touch.


ClarinsMen Exfoliating Cleanser.jpg

Follow these steps for the correct application method. When applying:

– Massage to lather
– Apply cleanser in a circular motion on the cheeks, forehead and neck
– Rinse with warm water and dry

ClarinsMen Exfoliating Cleanser2.png

Treat your skin well will the right exfoliator to make sure you’re left with skin that’s smooth, soft and well looked after. The Exfoliating Cleanser is probably one of the best men’s products that I’ve come across, so I think it would make a great gift for any man.




More from Aveda’s Green Science Line


Green Science Replenishing Toner

Adding to its collection of botanically driven formulas, Aveda is rolling out with a Perfecting Cleanser and Replenishing Toner. When it comes to my wash-up routine, a toner is a must. I’m never satisfied with the depth of cleaning I get with just a cleanser so I always call for back up from a toner. So, when the Green Science Replenishing Toner came my way I was eager to give it a try.

You will not be disappointed. This rich, silky, lotion-like toner gently exfoliates the skin while moisturizing. With organic essential oils (including geranium, grapefruit, bergamot and cistus), the aroma creates a spa experience you’ll look forward to. Smooth over your face with a saturated cotton pad. Follow up with your day or night moisturizer.

It doesn’t hurt that the whole Green Science line is packaged in 90% post consumer recycled bottle. I love it! Eco Chic!