Dutch built luxury Contest 59CS yacht features bespoke handcrafted Bentley interior

Bentley Motors has collaborated on the creation of a truly unique yacht interior to match the exquisite cabin design of a customer’s Continental GT V8 Coupe.

Contest Yachts has collaborated with Bentley Motors on the creation of a truly unique yacht interior for the shipyard’s latest launched Contest 59CS further to an idea from famed Russian musician and director Garik Sukachev, matching the exquisite cabin design of the Continental GT V8 Coupe.

As a creative person, Garik Sukachev brings uniqueness to everything he touches, and the idea here was to combine the fine work of the two outstanding yacht and car constructors. This twinning-concept has been in this thinking from long ago, and in close cooperation the two companies were able to fully implement this vision.

Notably, this build project also started in the very special anniversary year of 2019, with Mr Sukachev celebrating his 60th birthday, Contest Yachts their 60th anniversary, and Bentley Motors a 100th anniversary.

Our family has been building premium class sailing and motor yachts for more than 60 years.  We are well-known for our thorough approach to customisation, which allows us to fulfill the expectations and preferences of every customer. This project is the ultimate example of this approach – working with Bentley to turn a customer’s dream into reality.

Arjen Conijn, CEO and Co-Owner of Contest Yachts

In hand with the premium Dutch yacht builder, the specially commissioned, bespoke custom trim was created by craftspeople at Bentley Design Services which, in much the same way as Contest Yachts, specialises in creating customised solutions for the brand’s clients.

The luxurious cabin of the commissioning Bentley Continental GT V8 Coupe already incorporated Hotspur Red leather, combined with contrasting Linen beige hide – styling which Bentley was then able to help recreate inside the new 18-metre Contest 59CS, a new model first launched in late 2020.

This project was an opportunity for Bentley Design Services to showcase some of their many skills in a truly unique collaboration. Bentley cars embrace qualities of craftsmanship and styling that are only achieved at the highest level of nautical design.

Brett Boydell, Head of Bentley Design Collaborations

Contest Yachts is a shipyard known for extraordinary attention to detail in engineering and outfitting, and this custom Bentley interior accords with this well, the interior panelling showcasing Bentley’s signature diamond-in-diamond stitching. This unique quilting requires exactly 712 stitches per diamond and a high level of skill to produce on a specially-commissioned machine, exclusive to Bentley Motors. And outside, the attractive deep blue hull of the Contest yacht complements the Light Sapphire finish of the Continental GT V8 Convertible Coupe. It is not clear whether the color is exactly the same. It would be cool. The light makes it appear to be a completely different shade of blue.

The Bentley styling sits well within the yacht’s principal interior design by the yard’s long-term design associates Wetzels Brown Partners who worked closely in hand with both Contest and Bentley teams to achieve this remarkable outcome.

Classified for all-ocean sailing and certified by Lloyd’s Register, the world’s leading classification and compliance authority, the truly go-anywhere 18-metre Contest 59CS was first launched in late 2020. As with all Contest yachts, this model is available with a wide range of interior accommodation plans, and as with the Bentley interior can be outfitted to exclusive requests. At Contest Yachts they call it ‘Building Dreams Together’.

Prices are unknown, but expect a lot. The boat alone will cost around €2,300,000 (we guess, Contest Yachts doesn’t really talk about prizes), with another €260,000 for the Bentley. And then we do not include the costs of the collaboration. But hè!… then you have something special!

Come into the beautiful world of Bentley and Contest Yachts.