Plastic Surgery Pause Offers both Patients and Physicians Time for Reflection, says Dr. J Plastic Surgery

Beverly Hill-based plastic surgeon comments on a recent article that the COVID-19 social distancing period gives plastic surgeons a chance to gain some perspective and patients time to think about what they truly want.

An April 9 article in the Providence Journal looks at the impact of the indefinite nationwide pause on elective surgery, including plastic surgery, on both patients and doctors. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Payam Jarrah-Nejad, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S., known to colleagues and patients simply as Dr. J, says that this is an excellent time for reflection for everyone. Individuals who are not directly impacted should be very grateful that they and their loved ones are well and that the news about California is mostly sounding a cautiously hopeful note, he says.

Individuals who are not directly impacted should be very grateful that they and their loved ones are well and that the news about California is mostly sounding a cautiously hopeful note.

Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad

Dr. J says that the medical community is working to assure that essential healthcare is available to everyone, noting that he is performing emergency procedures during the coronavirus crisis. Even though he remains busy, the doctor – who has worked pro-bono throughout his career for groups like Operation Smile – notes that working on emergency procedures here in the Los Angeles area has given him a fresh perspective on the more cosmetically oriented work he does during normal times. He says that, as a plastic surgeon, his job is about making sure people have the best possible quality of life. That’s true, he adds, whether he is performing essential or elective procedures and that the work itself is about achieving the highest level of excellence at all times.

For prospective patients considering plastic surgery, he suggests that people take extra time to learn more about the procedures they are considering and also spend some to research specific plastic surgeons. He notes that, when people ask him about a surgeon, he suggests two things in particular. Firstly, patients should only consider board-certified plastic surgeons to ensure safety and a positive outcome. He also suggests that people take a close look at a surgeon’s before-and-after pages online, such as his rhinoplasty gallery, to assess a doctor’s aesthetic skills. Finally, patients should consider their own feelings very strongly but worry less about what they assume others might think. The only opinion about a procedure that really matters is the patient’s, says Dr. J.

About Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad, Dr. J

Payam Jarrah-Nejad, MD, FICS, FACS is a double board certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon. Nicknamed Dr. J by his patients and staff, he holds certifications from both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. Dr. J is also an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and a Fellow of The American College of Surgeons.

Dr. J first started his medical career during an internship he held in NYU. It was during this time that he also began working with hospitals around the New York area. It was in New Jersey that he completed his training and served as Chief Resident at Morristown Memorial Hospital.

Newly certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jarrah-Nejad received a fellowship at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City to specialize in hand surgery. The fellowship was under the guidance of Dr. Charles P. Melone which was a big influence on the young doctor. It was during his training at Wayne State University, Detroit Medical Center in Michigan that Dr. J found his true calling working with many well-known plastic surgeons.

Years later, practicing as a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. J still uses the same techniques he learned in his training in his frequent operation on the face and body. He is greatly admired by his staff and patients who happily contribute positive testimonials to his website.

Dr. J is known throughout the Los Angeles Area medical community as well as beyond it, for his record of outstanding outcomes and his engaging, patient-friendly personality. He has published a wide range of papers in many prestigious scientific and medical journals and has presented his research to local, regional and national symposia.

Finally, Dr. J has performed pro-bono surgery in several countries as part of humanitarian efforts helping children with congenital anomalies. He works side by side with charitable organizations devoted to providing needy children around the world with free plastic surgeries to repair such issues as cleft lips and palates.

Come into the beautiful world of Dr. J.

The United States has two viruses


There are two viruses in the United States of America. Covid-19 and Fox News.

It is awful to hear here in Europe the news that Fox News is spreading. While the virus is spreading fast, and has allready thousends of deaths to its name, and you keep denying this…. and say it is a lie of the Democrates… And a president who is denying…  Then I ask myself: Why? What’s the purpose of denying?

Hundreds of thousands of people dying of the virus! – Compared to the number of passengers on an airplane. That means that everyday (only in the US) a few large airplains crashes!! Maybe some people understand it now!!

No matter what some politicians say (For your own sake!):

  • Stay home as much as possible!! (with a maximal 3 visitors).
    • Limited visitors to your home whenever possible (maximal 3 visitors).
    • Keep a distance of each other of at least 1.5 meters.
  • Only go outside if it really necessary
    • For work, if you are unable to work from home, for grocery shopping (not with the whole family, when possible: only one person). For fresh air, or to do an errand for someone else.
  • Do not visit people over 70 years of age or people with vulnerable health.
    • Certainly never visit if you have any cold or fly symptoms.
  • If you go outside, keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from other people with the exeption of members of your household and children of 12 years and under).
  • Ensure good hygiëne practice
    • Wash your hands, for 20 seconds with water and soap, and dry them thoroughly.
    • Before you leave home, when you return home(!), when you blown your nose, and, of course, before eating and after going to the toilet.
    • Cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow.
    • Use paper tissues to blow your nose and trow these away immediately. Wash your hands afterwards
    • Do not shake hands
    • Keep at least 1.5 meters distance (2 arm lenghts +) from others. This applies to everyone; for example; in the street, in shops, with colleagues, except at home withing the family group or Household.

Keeping a distance of at least 1.5 meters reduces the chance of people infecting each other.

To all my friends and readers worldwide

Stay healthy!! Please!





Bvlgari donating tens of thousands bottles of hydroalcoholic sanitising gel to Switzerland


After providing help in Italy, Bvlgari now offers its support to the cantonal authorities of Neuchatel in Switzerland in the fight against COVID-19 by donating tens of thousands bottles of hydroalcoholic sanitising hand gel.

As an economic stakeholder in Switzerland and particularly in the Canton of Neuchatel, Bvlgari has a responsibility to contribute to efforts aimed at preventing, fighting and eradicating COVID-19.

Jean-Christophe Babi, Bvlgari CEO

Initially, and as of April 10th, around 3,000 bottles of hydro-alcoholic hand gel (packaged in recyclable 75ml bottles) will be donated and distributed each week directly to the Réseau Hospitalier Neuchâtelois (RHNe) which comprises seven hospitals. Bvlgari plans to produce several dozen thousand flaconBulgari donated snatis over the next two months for the RHNe, and if capacity permits, the donation to the Canton of Neuchatel may be extended to other cantons.

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Avon Steps up its 16-Year Partnership with Feed the Children in Response to Covid-19 Crisis


One of the harshest realities of Covid-19 and the necessity of the social distancing that tragically shutters numerous businesses and puts countless people out of work is a family’s sudden inability to access essential supplies and to afford them even if they can.

The beauty of giving back

Avon’s partner, Feed the Children, works closely with community partners like schools, civic organizations and food banks to serve the most vulnerable populations and others who may be experiencing difficulty due to a job loss in this uncertain environment. Feed the Children has alerted Avon to the most pressing needs of the most affected communities so it can send vital resources to help keep these families afloat.

This month, Avon donated $2 million worth of personal care products such as soap, body wash and skincare products to Feed the Children to support these families in need during this unprecedented time.

Avon is proud to have partnered with Feed the Children since 2004. Because of our longstanding relationship, it made sense to work with Feed the Children for their COVID-19 relief efforts. They work diligently to get our products to the people who need them most.

Paul Yi, CEO Avon

Over the last sixteen years, Avon has donated over 15,000,000 pounds of personal care and beauty products, clothing, shoes and home essentials to Feed the Children for distribution to families in need. In the last six months alone, Avon donations totaled over $40 million worth of necessities, bringing relief to nearly a million families including 3.5 million women and girls in 48 states and the District of Columbia, many of whom have shared their stories of improved self-confidence and empowerment as a result of their Feed the Children x Avon deliveries.

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Christian Dior Couture produce masks for those on the front lines.


Teams of Christian Dior Couture ateliers have voluntarily undertaken to produce masks for those on the front lines.

Thank you to our wonderful Petites Mains who, in an exceptional show of solidarity, are working tirelessly to protect them.

Christian Dior is proud to reopen their BabyDior ateliers in Redon, which since yesterday have begun the continuous production of new masks on a volunteer basis. Dior is actively committed to aiding and protecting all those who are on the front line every day.



#DiorStandsWithYou Come into the world of Christian Dior.




Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash


Aesop-Hand-Resurrection-Rinse-Free-Hand-Wash-500mL-largeDue to the COVID-19 pandemic that’s gripping the world at the moment, we’ve seen panic buying all over the world, at every supermarket, drugstore and pharmacy. People are out to get their hands on this year’s hottest-selling item: masks and hand sanitisers.

In addition to the appropiate distance that we must keep to each other of at least 1.5 meter, hygiene is very important. With hygiëne we mean washing hands regulary (how simple!) and using hand sanitisers. There is a brand you may not think about these days, but it has unexpectedly gorgeous beauty items that help sterilise surfaces or keep your hands clean on the go.

When you’re out and about and don’t have water close to hand, why not indulge in a wash-free, rinse-free hand wash courtesy of Aesop? With a botanical scent that’s also a sensorial trip, this hand wash can combat bacteria and contagions when you can’t find fresh water nearby.

Aesop’s Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash is the aristocracy of hand sanitisers. With a 58-62% alcohol content, it cleanses your skin and kills germs (approximately 99.9% of bacteria) without requiring a sink, so it’s perfect for travelling and looking after adventure-prone little ones. The packaging is so much chicer than most hand sanitisers and regular use won’t dry your hands, instead, moisturising agents make for soft and re-hydrated skin. It comes in a lightweight plastic bottle and the gel smells divinely of mandarin rind, rosemary leaf and cedar wood atlas: making this a real pleasure to use – as well as a bacteria-busting powerhouse.

This is a standby you’ll want to keep in your handbag, in your pocket, and in your travel totes for those adventures to come……..  Aesop’s Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash is available as 50ml travelsize flacons, that are easy refileable from the larger 500ml pump flacon. Aesop’s Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash and Aesop’s regular handwash are available at Aesop and selected stores worldwide. Come int the beautiful world of Aesop.




Clarins donate 30,000 moisturizing creams to hospitals


Day and night, the hands of healthcare professionals provide care and help, bring hope and comfort. This routine is hard on the hands, the skin suffers and becomes dry.

In the upcoming weeks, as a way of supporting these professionals in their fight against the epidemic, we will donate 30,000 moisturizing creams to hospitals.

Olivier Courtin-Clarins

The French Maison have already produced and offered more than 18,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to AP-HP, Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris and hospitals in the Ile-de-France region. From now until the end of April, Clarins will produce 100 tons of hand sanitizer. In the next few days, they will do everything they can to respond to the demand from other hospitals across the world.


Clarins also wanted to allow their customers to contribute to this wave of solidarity. On their French website, they can donate €1 to support hospitals.

Thank you to our Production, Research and Development teams, our suppliers and carriers, who have also been supplied with hand sanitizer so that they too can continue protecting themselves. Without them, none of this would be possible ❤️.

Olivier Courtin-Clarins


Thank you to our clients for their generosity and for sharing the same values as we do.

Olivier Courtin-Clarins

In this way, Clarins humbly contribute to the extraordinary collective effort we are witnessing today. Come into the beautiful world of Clarins.




Neiman Marcus & Jo-Ann Fabrics Are Working Together to Make Apparel for Medical Workers


During the coronavirus crisis, hospitals and medical facilities are facing an enormens shortage of needed supplies. and Neiman Marcus Group and Jo-Ann Fabrics are working together to help.

As hospitals and medical facilities grapple with short supplies of PPE, numerous fashion players have offered to convert their supply chains, ateliers and factories to help meet demand. Christian Siriano, Brandon Maxwell and Prabal Gurung are among the New York based designers who are now making medical supplies.

In Europe, luxury conglomerates LVMH (Chaumet, Christian Dior, Celine, Bvlgari, Givenchy, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, to name a few), and Kering (Boucheron, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Ulysse Nardin to name just a few) have both pledged to contribute millions of masks, shipped from China, to aid in France’s relief efforts. Kering’s Balenciaga and Saint Laurent workshops will begin making masks after they receive approval from the relevant authorities. Major beauty companies, like Clarins, started to repurpose their manufacturing facilities to make hand sanitizer.

We’re incredibly proud to share that during this time of great need we’ve partnered with JOANN Stores to produce nonsurgical, personal protective equipment including masks, gowns, and scrubs beginning this week for front-line healthcare providers. We’re doing what we can to giveback and stop the spread of Covid-19.

Geoffrey van Raamsdonck, CEO and Chairmann Neiman Marcus

Beginning today, Neiman Marcus Group’s alterations facilities are receiving product from Jo-Ann to start creating personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, gowns and scrubs for use by health-care providers. Jo-Ann is shipping fabric and materials recommended for medical settings, although the products are not medical grade. Employees in NMG’s alterations facilities will follow recommended social-distancing guidelines while creating the products.

The partnership between Neiman Marcus Group and Jo-Ann was created to help fill part of the immediate need of materials for medical personnel. Both companies have stepped up to this global and national crisis in support of those who are holding the front line of this pandemic. Any company that has the ability to manufacture medical materials should manufacture right now. The first batch of PPE is expected to be sent out this week, and the two companies will be paying for shipping and delivery themselves.

In addition to its partnership with Neiman Marcus, Jo-Ann is offering free kits to customers who want to make face masks. The retailer is giving away supplies including fabric, elastic and other materials; customers are instructed to drop off completed masks at their local stores, which serve as collection points.

Internationally, there have been more than 436,000 registered confirmed cases of the coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, according to Johns Hopkins data. The virus has so far killed over registrated 19,600 people. These numbers do not include people who have been tested, including, for example homeless people. Or elderly people who live together in a care home and died there from COVID-19 complains, but not have been tested.





Kering Group is playing its part in combating the Covid-19 pandemic in France.


Founded in 1963 by François Pinault, Kering S.A. is a French multinational corporation and conglomerate headquartered in Paris, France. Its portfolio includes luxury brands specialized in the design, the making and the sale of fine products, especially in the fashion, leather-goods, shoes, watches and jewelry sectors: Gucci (fashion), Yves Saint Laurent (fashion), Boucheron (jewels and watches), Bottega Veneta (fashion, leathergoods), Balenciaga (fashion), Girard-Perregaux (watches), Alexander McQueen (fashion), Pomellato (jewels), Ulysse Nardin (watches), a.o..

The Kering Foundation is committed to defending women’s dignity and rights by combating violence against women and promoting women’s empowerment. Since 2009, the Foundation initiated 47 partnerships with NGOs and supported many social projects oriented towards women’s rights. Many of ‘their’ brands have their own philanthropic projects with the support of the Kering Foundation.

Now the Kering Group is playing its part in combating the Covid-19 pandemic in France. In the days ahead, Kering will provide the French health service with 3 million surgical masks, which the Group will purchase and import from China.


Meanwhile, the French workshops of Kering’s Houses Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent are preparing to manufacture masks while complying with the strictest health protection measures for their staff members, with production getting underway as soon as the manufacturing process and materials have been approved by the relevant authorities.

With a view to providing a lasting response to the current pandemic, Kering has made a financial donation to the French Institut Pasteur to support its research into Covid-19. On March 11 in Italy, Kering and its Houses made donations to the four major foundation hospitals in Lombardy, Veneto, Tuscany and Lazio.

More recently, Gucci responded to a call to fashion companies from the Regione Toscana for surgical masks and medical overalls, and could be able to donate 1.100.000 surgical masks and 55.000 medical overalls in the coming weeks, subject to relevant authorizations.

On January 28 in China, Kering and its Houses announced a donation to the Hubei Red Cross Foundation to help fight the spread of the virus.




I hope that you’ll all doing okey!


To all my readers all over the world, I hope that you’ll all doing okey!

In the space of just a few weeks, our daily lives have changed drastically. It’s unbelievable what this Corona virus has done to all of us. As you all are probably too aware, the world is in the midst of a global pandemic, the Corona virus disease (COVID-19), affected everyone. We’re stuck at home, bombarded by videos of Instagram models working out in their apartments, teaching us how to use pots and pans to increase the effectiveness of push-ups.

We find ourselves in a situation that is both unreal, alien and frightening for all of us. We do not recognize our everyday life or the world around us. And yet we are only standing at the beginning of something we do not fully know the consequences of.

Uncertainty makes us vulnerable. The seriousness makes us anxious. The new everyday life can give us a feeling of powerlessness. Holland is affected along with the rest of the world. Now our most important task is to try to slow down the dramatic development – by following the orders given by the authorities.

We can be grateful that we have political leaders and professional authorities with the courage and knowledge to deal with the situation with honesty and realism. Holland is known as a trust society. Now there is a special need to show each other confidence. Both ensure that everyone takes responsibility for preventing the spread of infection. And for the country’s authorities to make good and wise decisions.

It’s quite a challenge for all of us. When people are uncertain or scared, they feel a great need for human contact. You want to share your story with someone. You want to have familiar faces around you. Many of us will need to find new ways of staying in touch with each other and making sure that loved ones are safe. Let’s make sure together that nobody feels abandoned. Thankfully, even when you can’t visit people anymore, we have many ways to communicate: online, by phone or by post.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all now. With you who are sick and with you who are relatives. With health professionals all over the world, day and night. With those who are experiencing financial loss and fear for the future. To all of you who hold important social functions so that our ‘world’ can function.

To all the children – who may be particularly anxious now – and whom we must take extra care of. And with those who feel the loneliness because our small and large communities are temporarily taken away from us.
Finally, I would like to remind you that everyone needs a little extra kindness during this time. Together we stand in this. And together we will be able to get through what lies ahead.

We urge you all to follow precautionary measures and hope you are all safe! Take care and stay positive.

Love you all, and I hope to bring some joy in this difficult time!

Jean Amr