Maison Fred for Le Printemps des Étudiants

After supporting ‘Les Visières de l’Espoir’ in 2020, French Maison Fred and its ‘Freddies’ are committed to the Co’P1 – Solidarités Étudiantes Association in 2021 in order to support the students in precarious situations due to the health crisis. Co’P1 was created in 2020 by students and distributes more than 600 food baskets every week to students in precarious situations in France.

The French jeweller and watchmaker’s support for the CO’P1 Association revolves around 3 actions. The first one is the contribution to the Tajan Auction House auction ‘Le Printemps des Étudiants’ for the benefit of the Co’P1 Association. A Force 10 bracelet, awarded during an exclusive discovery of the Heritage of la Maison Fred in the company of Valérie Samuel, Vice-President and Artistic Director, will be auctioned online from May 4th to May 11th.

The second one is a financial donation from la Maison Fred. And finally, the Maison’s employees in France will donate food and hygiene products to grow the baskets given to students.

Let’s stay strong and united!

Male Cosmetic Procedure Increase During Pandemic Emphasizes Benefits of Plastic Surgery for All Genders, says Dr. Michael A. Jazayeri

A January 13 article on Ask Men reports on the sudden increase in male cosmetic procedures, at least partially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The article cites the shift to more time spent at home as one of the primary reasons, noting men of all demographics have been able to research treatments they’ve always heard about but didn’t have the privacy or time to find out more. With an increase in video conference calls, the article notes that more men have become aware of their appearances, especially facial signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging skin. Orange County board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Jazayeri says that no one should feel embarrassed about wanting to boost their self-confidence by improving their looks and there’s no better time than the present to undergo plastic surgery and other cosmetic treatments, regardless of the patient’s gender or background.

Whether people like to admit it or not, attractiveness and the appearance of youthfulness can have a significant influence on an individual’s life, both professionally and personally. How a person looks could impact whether or not they are given a second job interview, a promotion, as well as a first date. He notes that non-invasive treatments such as dermal fillers or injections can provide individuals with the confidence boost they need in their careers and social lives.

Dr. Michael Jazayeri

The Southern California-based plastic surgeon says that many cosmetic procedures are typically quick and can be done as quickly as during a lunch break, with little to no downtime required for recovery. Dr. Jazayeri says that for more substantial procedures, such as a rhinoplasty or liposuction, patients often spend around two weeks at home recovering. He adds that the good news is that since many professionals are still working from home due to lockdown orders, individuals no longer need to take a great deal of extra time off work following their procedures.

Dr. Jazayeri notes that it’s crucial for all interested candidates to thoroughly research their clinic and plastic surgeon options before making a final decision. He says that the key factor to look for is that they seek out board-certified plastic surgeons. In addition to vetting the plastic surgeon’s credentials and patient reviews, Dr. Jazayeri says it’s also a good idea for individuals to examine any available before-and-after procedure photos.

Fight Covid in style with these Tom Ford face masks

Since Covid 19 and the associated social distancing and safety norms are here to stay for a ‘little’ longer, it makes sense for us to upgrade our styles in line with the situation.

Fashion designer Tom Ford is giving us the opportunity to do so with exclusive face masks! Spinning luxury into essentials, the marquee has recently introduced elegant and high-quality face protection that is unparalleled at best. Made in Italy from a smooth and super soft jersey knit fabric, the masks are available in eleven colors.

While not par with medical-grade protection, the Tom Ford masks provide fashion-forward connoisseurs with the liberty to stay shielded with elegance. The luxe covers come with a jacquard Tom Ford logo, a fabric-covered adjustable nose piece, and tonal elastic ear loops.

Tom Ford’s facemasks are available in two sizes: small (length 14.8cm, side length 5cm, width 21cm) and large (length 16cm, side length 5.5cm, width 27cm), the face masks retail at $95 each. Though a bit pricey, there’s no denying the sheer luxury of donning a Tom Ford face mask. After all, who says we can’t fight Covid 19 in style?

They are currently available for sale online as well as in select Tom Ford stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Tom Ford.

Uniqlo’s AIRism Mask Is Finally Releasing in the U.K. and Europe

Following on from releases in Japan and the U.S. last month, Uniqlo has now announced plans for the U.K. and European release of its AIRism fmask. The mask was developed to help combat the spread of Coronavirus, and has proved a popular and affordable option as more and more countries make mask-wearing mandatory.

The mask itself is produced from Uniqlo’s AIRism fabric, focusing on a combination of comfort and protection. The three-layer structure features anti-microbial, moisture-wicking self-deodorizing properties, as well as releasing heat an absorbing sweat.

Additionally, the AIRism mask is machine washable with regular household detergent. According to studies, the filter contained within the mask retains 95% of its efficacy even after it has been washed 20 times.

The AIRism mask will release in packs of three from all Uniqlo stores in the U.K. and Europe, including the brand’s web store. A three-pack will cost £9.90 GBP (approximately $12.70 USD), and the mask is available in either small, medium or large and color options of gray, black or white. Uniqlo has also donated 4,000 AIRism masks to the Tate Modern.

Neiman Marcus Exits Bankruptcy, Looks to Reimagine Business

Serving as an unexpected light in the retail crisis brought on by the Covid-19 virus pandemic, Neiman Marcus has officially come out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. According to reports, the luxury department store has cleared a sizeable amount of debts and has brought on new owners to reimagine its business.

Neiman Marcus has officially come out of bankruptcy, a process that left the upscale department store with a lighter debt load and new owners to confront the same industry trends that led to its financial woes.

The Ares Management Corp. and Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board have now sold their stakes in Neiman Marcus Holding Company Inc. to Pacific Investment Management Co., Davidson Kempner Capital Management and Sixth Street Partners. Accompanying the change of owners is new board comprised of six members including, Pauline Brown, the former chairman of North America for LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE, and Kris Miller, the former chief strategy officer at eBay.

Under new management and board, the retailer eliminated more than $4 billion USD of existing debt and now looks to combat the continuing challenges that put it into bankruptcy. The new owners have also prepared a $750 million USD exit package that will go towards refinancing a loan and bring much needed liquidity to the business.

With the financial cleanup completed, Neiman Marcus and its Bergdorf Goodman store still must deal with the pandemic’s fallout, shopper defections to online merchants and a preference among younger customers for experiences instead of objects.

The current environment for a fashion luxury retailer isn’t ideal. The company was hit particularly hard by the pandemic. The Neiman Marcus Group temporarily closed its 43 Neiman Marcus and two Bergdorf Goodman stores nationwide in compliance with guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, although 31 locations have gradually started to reopen. The company filed for court protection in May.

The new owners “understand the value of our brands and the opportunity for growth”, said a Geoffroy van Raemdonck, the chief executive officer who kept his position during the bankruptcy process and will now lead the turnaround effort.

Some of Neiman’s creditors and retail peers couldn’t say the same. Lord & Taylor has been running going-out-of-business sales, and Stein Mart Inc. is being dismantled. Marble Ridge Capital, a creditor that peppered Neiman Marcus with objections to its debt maneuvers before and after the bankruptcy filing, is being wound down after co-founder Dan Kamensky’s tactics drew criminal charges.

“While the unprecedented business disruption caused by Covid-19 has presented many challenges, it has also given us the opportunity to reimagine our platform and improve our business”, said van Raemdonck. “We emerge from Chapter 11 as a stronger, more innovative retailer, brand partner, and employer”.

The Neiman Marcus Group runs 43 Neiman’s stores and two Bergdorf Goodman stores, as well as an online business that includes, and the Mytheresa luxury web site.

Bankrupt Neiman Marcus Officially Shuts Down


When Neiman Marcus opened a store in Bellevue in 2009, many locals were skeptical that a shop specializing in four-figure cocktail dresses and handbags could survive the Great Recession. But while the upscale scale retailer proved its skeptics wrong in that recession, it isn’t so lucky this time.

Neiman Marcus (Neiman Marcus Group) is the premier destination for luxury fashion and unparalleled service. For more than a century Neiman Marcus has transformed and elevated the shopping experience, becoming a leading purveyor of the world’s most unique luxury goods.

Just 16 months ago, Neiman Marcus rolled out the red carpet to debut its 188,000 sq.-ft. store at Hudson Yards mall, the ambitious retail project on the West Side of Manhattan. Now after much speculation, the bankrupt retailer has confirmed it will exit the location as part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring.

The Neiman Marcus Group is just one of many major retailers being severely impacted by the Covid-19 virus pandamic, joining the growing list of brands filing for bankruptcy. Prior to the outbreak, there was speculation that the company, which is behind Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Mytheresa, Last Call, and Horchow, was the next retailer to file for bankruptcy because of its $4 billion in long-term debt. The COVID-19 pandemic has created an additional struggle for the retailer, as its stores have been closed since March.

The 113-year-old retailer follows several other fashion brands that have succumbed to the pressures of the pandemic and filed for bankruptcy over the last few months, including J. Crew, J.C. Penny, Centric Brands and True Religion, among others.

The Neiman Marcus Group temporarily closed its 43 Neiman Marcus and two Bergdorf Goodman stores nationwide in compliance with guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has since reopened 31 stores for customer traffic.

Court documents indicate the retailer is closing four Neiman Marcus locations, including its recently opened 188,000 square-foot location at Hudson Yards, as well as its Bellevue, Wash., Palm Beach, Fla. And Fort Lauderdale, Fla. locations. It has also closed 17 out of 22 Last Call outlets. Sources indicate that Neiman Marcus may also close its doors in Dallas, St. Louis, Natick, Mass. and Westchester, N.Y. The company is also closing two of its distribution centers in Longview and Las Colinas, Tex.

Several factors contributed to Neiman Marcus’ bankruptcy. The COVID-19 pandemic has strained the company’s operations because of its temporary store closures nationwide. The company also furloughed roughly one-third of its 13.700 employees as a result of those closures. Neiman Marcus plans on having a reorganization plan confirmed by early September.

The Corona virus pandemic has also a big inpact on the bankruptcy proceedings. One impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the bankruptcy proceedings is that the Neiman Marcus Group cannot liquidate the business while stores remain temporarily closed. It also may be more difficult to negotiate debtor-in-possession financing to keep the business running during the pandemic.

Partly for political reasons, and the decisions that have been made, the Covid 19 pandamic is not over yet. Its far from over, especially in some of Neiman Marcus’ ‘cities’. So lets think about the loyal 13.700+ employees in this véry difficult times.





Hero: Symrise’s Tribute to Caregivers


For over 220 years, they have fostered a community of creative entrepreneurs who believe collaboration is the key to creativity, and to continually deliver purposeful and pleasurable scent experiences for consumers around the world.

They deliver world class ingredients in a way that doesn’t undermine the world. They believe Sustainability isn’t a choice, it’s an edict, and so they’ve committed themselves to the highest standards of ethical and sustainable sourcing of raw ingredients. They believe that being the No. 1 producer of fragrance raw materials through their Aroma Molecules division as well as the No.1 supplier of premium active ingredients through their Cosmetics Ingredients division requires them to set and adhere to the highest standards for ourselves as well as for the entire industry.

Imagination fills the air with possibility. And every elegant drop has the power to touch the senses, the soul and the world.

At the intersection of science and art, there is understanding and true innovation. Trend-spotting and consumer insights coupled with their unparalleled innovation capabilities through their Beauty+ program allows them to create highly innovative solutions through a meaningful combination of Fragrance and Cosmetic Ingredients to address unmet consumer needs – sometimes even before those needs have been clearly articulated.

They are shaping a new era in fragrance through everything they do. Imagination fills the air with possibility. And every elegant drop has the power to touch the senses, the soul and the world. Hero, created cooperatively by several perfumers from all around the world, was born from the idea to create an olfactive tribute to caregivers, who are still fighting COVID-19 in many countries.


With the aim to say “thank you” to medical staff everywhere, who tirelessly have been taking care of the many patients since the beginning of the COVID 19 epidemic, seventeen Symrise fine fragrance perfumers from around the globe participated in this project to recognize and thank all the first responders who make lives better during this difficult time.

Each perfumer added one renewable raw material to the fragrance to create the Hero, a unisex Eau de Cologne. Maurice Roucel (Tangerine from Madagascar), Annick Menardo (Bergamot), Wei Ling Png (Vanillin), Marine Ipert (Ambroxide), Alexandra Carlin (Ambretolide), Pierre-Constantin Guéros (Ginger from Madagascar), Lowiah Xin Hang (Ginger from Madagascar), Alienor Massenet (Gaïac wood), Patricia Bilodeau (Globalide), Fanny Grau (Sandalwood), Philippe Paparella (Benzoin), Leslie Gauthier (Lemon), Isaac Sinclair (Ambrostar), Émilie Copperman (Ambrette seed), Stéphane Bengana (Vétiver from Madagascar), Nathalie Benareau (Iso E Super), Christelle Laprade, Carlos Vinals, and David Appel (Cypress, Iris & Rose), borrowing their attributes from the traditional Eau de Cologne structure.

We believe in the power of perfume to touch our senses, our soul and the world. This is why we have developed a fragrance for all heroes who, through their tireless and continuous efforts, are helping to fight the coronavirus crisis. Hero is our way of thanking them for the work they do.

Ricardo Omori, Symrice SVP Global Fine Fragrance.

Hero was created for both men and women. It interweaves ingredients from traditional Eau de Cologne and brings in contemporary notes like Ambrostar, a Symrise captive, musk and vanilla. The result presents an invigorating and supportive fragrance that combines energy and comfort. The top note exudes a composition of Mandarin from Madagascar, bergamot with a boost of peppermint and ginger. The heart contains warm notes of ambrette seeds, orris and rose. The base note gives the fragrance fullness and modernity with guaiac wood, sandalwood, vetiver from Madagascar, cypress and renewable vanillin.

The choice of a Cologne is not trivial, since it was originally used in the 18th century as a miracle remedy and hygiene product, before becoming ‘trendy’ at the Court of Kings. “By complementing the essential products of daily life, perfumes improve our quality of life. In the current situation, we want to please [Caregivers -ed] and show them our greatest gratitude for all their daily efforts”, explained Ricardo Omori.


Hero has been distributed by Symrise since May 19, to these everyday heroes to whom we owe so much, located in France, the United States, China, Singapore, Brazil and Dubai. The Symrise group wanted to express their gratitude by providing “a dose of well-being and comfort”.

Symrise Hero will also be available for purchase online through AuParfum at a price of 69 Euro including tax, and 100% of the revenue will be donated to the SOS Anosmie association.





Allergist/Immunologist Dr. David offers tips to combat seasonal allergies and points out differences between allergies and COVID-19


Coping with spring and summer allergies. With the COVID-19 pandemic sickening many thousands of people, it’s also wise to be aware of key differences in symptoms between seasonal allergies and the coronavirus.

More than 160 years ago, British physician Dr. Charles Harrison Blackley – who suffered from so-called ‘summer colds’ that included sneezing, watery eyes and a runny nose – was the first to figure out that plant pollen was the trigger for his symptoms. The many millions of Americans who deal with what’s now known as spring or seasonal allergies (or hayfever) have been searching ever since for the best combination of treatments and tactics to ease these difficult symptoms, says allergist and immunologist David Erstein, MD, of Advanced Dermatology PC.

According to the American College of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology, allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the United States, costing more than $18 billion each year. Clearly, it’s not a small problem. But why do spring allergies occur? Billions of tiny pollen grains – produced by flowers, trees, weeds and grasses as they grow and bloom – blow in the breeze. Some people’s immune systems identify the pollen as a foreign substance – an ‘invader’ to be fought off by unleashing chemicals into the bloodstream called histamines.

This cascade of events can also lead to stuffy nose, red, itchy and swollen eyes, and an itchy roof of the mouth. Spring allergies begin as early as February in many parts of the United States and can last through the summer, depending on where you’re located. That means it’s already time to kick allergy coping strategies into high gear as the thermometer rises and chilly days give way to spring weather.

Dr. David Erstein

With the COVID-19 pandemic sickening ten-thousands of people, it’s also wise to be aware of key differences in symptoms between seasonal allergies and the coronavirus. The two conditions may share several overlapping symptoms, but only COVID-19 can potentially produce body aches, sore throat, severe headache and diarrhea, Dr. Erstein says. “Spring allergies won’t lead to those effects, so if you’re experiencing them, signs point more toward possible COVID-19”, he says. “To be safe, call your doctor”.


Getting relief

Perhaps the best way to tackle spring allergy symptoms is to visit a board-certified allergist, a doctor whose training centers on precisely this area, Dr. Erstein advises. This recommendation is even stronger for those who aren’t sure what they’re allergic to, since allergists can identify your particular allergen(s) and optimize treatment choices. Typically, tests that may include a simple blood test or skin prick can screen for dozens of common offenders.

If you suffer from spring allergies, what are the best ways to cope? He suggests trying these tactics:

  •  Take allergy medications: Several types of over-the-counter drugs can prove extremely effective, including antihistamines, which ease congestion as well as itchy, watery eyes; decongestants, which relieve stuffy nose; eye drops, which help itchy, red, watery eyes; and nasal sprays, which make it easier to breathe. For severe allergies, it may take several days for some medications to make a dent in your symptoms. Also, keep in mind that some drugs have side effects such as drowsiness.
  •  Limit outdoor time: It just makes sense that pollen exposure is reduced when you spend less time outside, especially on windy days and during early morning hours, when pollen levels are highest. When you are outdoors, don glasses, sports goggles or sunglasses to keep pollen from blowing into your eyes. Some with allergies also wear filter masks around their nose and mouth while gardening or mowing the grass. Check with your allergist which mask might be most effective for you.
  •  Protect yourself indoors: A few easy measures around your house can cut your exposure to pollen indoors. First, take off your shoes at the door and ask others to do the same, which keeps allergens from dispersing onto your carpets and flooring. Take a shower and wash your hair at night to remove pollen. Close all windows and screens, and use an air conditioner rather than a fan. Vacuum cleaners with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters work much better than others to trap pollens inside, and use clothes dryers rather than line-drying clothing outdoors to minimize pollen collection on your garments.
  •  Stop smoking: Smoking is never a good idea for your health, but smokers typically also suffer worse allergy symptoms than non-smokers.
  •  Get allergy shots: If over-the-counter allergy remedies don’t do the trick, consider allergy shots. Also known as immunotherapy, these shots contain tiny amounts of the allergen you’re allergic to, exposing your immune system to larger amounts over time. The goal is to desensitize your system to the allergen, reducing your symptoms.

“Being proactive on many levels often pays off. Some with seasonal allergies find their symptoms don’t become as severe if they start taking medications at least a week before their typical allergy season begins or by ‘March 1’, whichever is earlier”, Dr. Erstein says. “This way, an accumulation of medication already in your system can buffer your immune system’s response when pollen levels spike”.


About Dr. David Erstein

David Erstein, M.D., is board certified and fellowship-trained in allergy and immunology. He has successfully managed & treated thousands of allergy sufferers in the New York area over the past decade

Advanced Dermatology P.C. and the Center for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery (New York & New Jersey), with 13 locations, is one of the leading dermatology centers in the nation, offering highly experienced physicians in the fields of cosmetic and laser dermatology as well as plastic surgery and state-of-the-art medical technologies. Come into the world of Advanced Dermatology P.C.



Jewelry Designer, Natalie Mills, Expands Initiative to Help Brides Affected by COVID-19

Natalie Mills, the designer behind the namesake brand that has been worn by celebrities includingCarrie Underwood, Lizzo, Halsey, Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Lopez, has been donating jewelry to brided whose wedding day has been affected by COVID-19. The initiative that is still ongoing aimed to show support for any bride-to-be who has had to postpone her wedding or has suffered financial hardships due to the global pandemic and may be struggling or unable to afford small luxuries like jewelry for her special day.

Natalie always knew brides made up a large contingency of the brand’s loyal customer base so she naturally wanted to do something to show her appreciation for all the years of support.

During this initiative, I have been so emotionally overwhelmed to read how many of the brides-to-be were front line workers, giving up what should have been one of the most important days of their lives to save the lives of others.

Natalie Mills.

Natalie Mills’ brand mission has never wandered: to accessorize women with affordable glamour, sophistication and style while giving back to those less fortunate through the ‘Natalie Gives Back’ program.

The campaign originally promised jewelry to 500 brides but due to the incredible response, the initiative will expand to 1000 brides. Further, Natalie Mills will also be donating 50% of all proceeds from selected designs in the ICON Collection to No Kid Hungry.

Our company slogan, Culture of Kindness, was placed on my heart when I launched my business from humble beginnings with only $100 to my name. My aim was to design the most glamorous jewelry while inspiring kindness. In these testing times, kindness is what is most needed, followed closely by a little extra sparkle.

Nathalie Mills.

If you are a bride or know of a bride who has been directly affected by COVID-19, simply share your story here and Natalie Mills will send a package of jewelry cheer. Come into the beautiful world of Nathalie Mills.

Anne Klein’s Granddaughter Unites with Iconic Fashion House to Launch Covid-19 Relief Effort and Deliver 100,000 Masks to Essential Workers Throughout the U.S.

Anne Klein was an American fashion designer and businesswoman, the founder of Anne Klein fashion house. Her design career began in 1937 when she was awarded a scholarship to attend the Traphagen School of Fashion, which led to her first job as a sketcher for dress firms on 7th Avenue. In 1940, Anne Klein began making a name for herself as a designer. She first began designing for Maurice Rentner at his business, Maurice Rentner, Inc., which produced ready-to-wear designs for men and women

In 1948 she married clothing manufacturer Ben Klein, with whom she launched the Junior Sophisticates clothing line,  which aimed to make juniors’ clothes look more grown-up and less childish. Anne Klein was the principal designer at Junior Sophisticates until 1960, when her marriage ended. In 1963, she married her second husband, Matthew ‘Chip’ Rubenstein, and in 1968, they founded Anne Klein & Company at 39th Street. She also opened Anne Klein Studio at 57th Street.

Anne-Klein-WHP-Global-1Anne Klein

On March 19, 1974, Anne Klein died of breast cancer at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, NY. After Anne Klein dies, Donna Karan and Louis Dell’Olio take over the design direction of the company. Today the iconic women’s fashion brand Anne Klein is an American privately held company owned by WHP Global who acquired the brand in July 2019, and sells a full lifestyle assortment from apparel, to footwear to watches to jewelry and is sold worldwide.

WHP Global (‘WHP’ or the ‘Company’), has united with the namesake designer’s granddaughter Jesse Gre Rubinstein to provide relief during the Covid-19 pandemic. To meet the immediate need for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), the Company today announced the procurement of 100,000 face masks through its supply chain, which will be distributed with Jesse to essential workers and community organizations providing relief across the United States.

Jesse-Gre-Rubinstein-WHP-Global-1Jesse Gre Rubinstein

“Uniting the brand Anne Klein with the founder’s family at this critical time and making a commitment to distribute 100,000 masks to those on the frontlines helping our communities, is a win/win. This is just the beginning of our planned collaboration with Anne’s granddaughter, Jesse. We’re thrilled to partner with her,” said WHP Chairman and CEO Yehuda Shmidman.

I am honored to have the opportunity to play a role in supporting my grandmother’s legacy by highlighting inspiring individuals who even during this time of great uncertainty, embody the vision and strength to empower their community and uplift those around them. My hope is that this initiative serves as the launch of a powerful network that can both support and inspire others to help not only in the present, but as we begin to rebuild.

Jesse Gre Rubinstein

Additionally, WHP has tapped Jesse and her agency to spearhead the upcoming launch of Anne Klein’s new social series, featuring notable individuals making a difference and connecting communities during this global pandemic. Following in the footsteps of Anne Klein who inspired so many, Jesse will host a Facebook Live series featuring the heroes of today, inspiring the next generation of trailblazers, with guests from a variety of industries who are championing aid during the pandemic.

Come into the beautiful world of Anne Klein.