Ladies perfect accessories

Perfum Gold

Vintage perfume purse sprays: from left: Lalique ‘de Lalique’, Jean Patou ‘Sublime’, Cartier, Lanvin (by Cartier), Cartier ‘Must’. Vintage creme/solid perfumes: Paloma Picasso, Jean-Louis Scherrer no.I, and Bulgari ‘Femme’ (Click photo to enlarge).

Now, with the holidays ahead, many stores try to seduce us with the most beautiful evening clothes and accessories for these days. And now that the clutch, that little chique ladies bag, is hotter then ever, you can find them in all price ranges. But what do you take all along in such a small bag? A lipstick….maybe a handkerchief. And don’t forget your perfume purse spray! Our grandmothers used them, our mothers, they are availble in countless models and shapes. Many luxury perfume brands have them in their range.

And now that the clutch is hotter then ever, the beautiful refilable perfume purse sprays are also making their ‘comeback’. That make them the perfect accessories for this season, and to the perfect gift…

Annick Goutal Grand Amour 15ml EDP Eau de Parfum refillable-2

Annick Goutal ‘Grand Amour’ 15ml Eau de Parfum refillable purse spray (Click photo to enlarge).

Balenciaga Eau de Parfum Purse SprayBalenciaga Eau de Parfum Purse Spray (Click photo to enlarge).

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum Purse Spray

Chanel ‘Coco Mademoiselle’ Eau de Parfum Purse Spray set (Click photo to enlarge)

Chanel No.5 Eau de Parfum Purse Spray

Chanel ‘No.5’ Eau de Parfum Purse Spray set (Click photo to enlarge).

Gucci Flora Mademoiselle Eau de Toilette Purse Spray set

Gucci ‘Flora’ Eau de Toilette Purse Spray set (Click photo to enlarge)


Calypso Figue Eau de Parfum purse spray (Click photo to enlarge)


Gucci ‘by Gucci’ Eau de Parfum purse spray (Click photo to enlarge).

Tory Burch Eau de Parfum Refillable Travel Spray Set

Tory Burch Eau de Parfum Purse Spray Set (Click photo to enlarge).

Christian Dior Purse Spray Blue

Christian Dior Purse Spray Set (Click photo to enlarge).

Every holiday season it’s a suprise wich brand brings us what.  Great are the, mostly limited edition, cremer solid perfumes. They come in the most fantastic shapes, sometimes like a Fabergé egg or a small compact powder, as a charm or pill box. But always they turn out to be true collecors items. Famous are the ones from Estée Lauder almost every year.

Houbigant Paris Quelques-Fleurs-Solid-Perfume-Compact

Houbigant Quelques Fleurs Solid Compact Perfume (Clickphoto to enlarge).

Apothecary Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume Charm

Apothecary Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume Charm (Click photo to enlarge).

Crabtree & Evelyn Evelyn Rose Solid Perfume Compact

Crabtree & Evelyn: Evelyn Rose Solid Perfume (Click photo to enlarge)

Marc jacobs Daisy-fall-2010-solid-perfume-ring

Marc jacobs Daisy Solid Perfume Ring (Click photo to enlarge)

by Jean Amr

Crabtree & Evelyn Floral Fragrance Collection




Crabtree & Evelyn transports its perfume wearers to an English garden full of aromatic and in full bloom flowers. Crabtree & Evelyn Floral Fragrance Collection includes last year’s Iris perfume along with romantic fragrances Lily, Rosewater and Lavender, also from last year. Crabtree & Evelyn Floral Fragrance Collection embodies the classic elegance with modern and tantalizing notes bringing a luxurious and gentle look and smell.

Crabtree & Evelyn Lily

Lily-Group-Visual_1.jpgLily by Crabtree & Evelyn is a fresh, pure and indulgent fragrance made of the main component lily of the valley. What can be more feminine and alluring than to be gifted a bouquet of lovely lilies. Also it blends dewy greens, velvety woodland mosses, musk, hints of hyacinth and ylang ylang notes.


Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater

Rosewater-Group-Visual-_11.jpg Rosewater by Crabtree & Evelyn is described as romantic, luring and ultra feminine made of the main ingredient Rosa centifolia. Its passionate nature comes from violet, peony, green notes and musky notes.


Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender

Lavender Group Visual_1.jpgLavender by Crabtree & Evelyn is described as bright, uplifting and refreshing with exotic and more aromatic notes. It blends the main ingredient lavender touched by lemon accords, Tonka bean, violet leaf, jasmine and soft musk.

The Crabtree & Evelyn Floral fragrance collection is available as 30 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette and in matching body and home products.