All gold that shines: House of Solid Gold Fat Bike

A two-wheeler that is made by the exclusive House of Solid Gold, a luxury company founded and developed by designer Hugh Power. Dubbed ‘The Beverly Hills Edition’, the manufacturer will produce just 13 of these mountain bikes dressed in 24-karat pure gold.

We Dutch are crazy about cycling. We are spoon-fed and if laziness and weather didn’t play tricks on us, we’d do practically everything by bicycle. Cycling is the kind of physical exertion that makes every Dutch person a Dutch person. Tourists often refer to our little country as ‘the country where everyone cycles’. Not entirely without reason, of course. That’s why we went looking for the ultimate two-wheeler for cycling in the Netherlands.

Cycling is not just an activity. It’s about relaxing/exercising and doing all this with a very great sense of style. To help you with that, we have this fabulous mountain bike for you. It’s not just any mountain bike, of course – this one is crafted from 24-carat gold and finished with sapphires and alligator leather. So it is the most luxurious bike you can imagine.

This extreme mountain bike was designed in collaboration with athlete Dan Bull, the same motorcyclist who founded ‘Iditabike’, the insanely extreme winter race through Alaska. According to the makers, this exclusive bike takes about 750 hours to be made by hand and covered in pure 24-karat gold.

Dubbed ‘The Beverly Hills Edition’, this is the ultimate show-stealing mountain bike. It comes on a set of wheels that are a lot sturdier than we are used to and otherwise the bike looks fairly simplistic. Each of the 13 units to be built will be completely custom built to the wishes and needs of the buyers.

Each bicycle is completely provided with a gold layer of 24 carat yellow gold that is attached to the frame by means of electroplating. Even the necklace has undergone the same treatment! – how do you lubricate it?

In addition, the bike comes with a chocolate brown alligator leather saddle, a golden water bottle covered with chocolate brown galuchat (shagreen leather) and a badge of ‘The House of Solid Gold’ consisting of 600 hand-set black diamonds and 500 gold sapphires.

To ensure exclusivity, each bike will be numbered, have the artist’s signature engraved on the frame, dated and numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

In addition to the bike’s technical specs, we need to tell you one more thing. It may seem a bit crazy to pay the same amount as a brand new McLaren P1 would cost just to buy a gold plated bike. But know this: most of it goes to charities.

Is it a bike or a piece of art? It is definitely one of the most luxurious bikes our eye has ever seen. This is also allowed, because if you want to be the owner of this golden two-wheeler, you will have to pay no less than $500,000. Converted that comes down to about €422,000 – a nice bag of money.

Our advice is not to just put this bike down anywhere. Come into the beautiful world of The House of Solid Gold.