‘Dior: The Perfumes’ by Rizzoli


Famous for creating some of the most breathtaking ball gowns in history, Dior also boasts a strong background in making the world’s most attractive scents – something explored in a beautiful new book.

Born in 1947 at the same time as the label’s famous New Look, the Miss Dior fragrance launched a long and quite magnificent history of Dior perfumes. And now, for the first time ever, the house is dedicating a book solely to its beautifully scented fragrances, and has called on American author and scent specialist, Chandler Burr to write it.

Miss Dior evolution

Dior, The Perfumes recounts the unusual, rich history of a house made legendary by its fragrant creations, unfolding perfume by perfume, in eighteen chapters over 300 pages on the art of perfume. It’s three major themes are ‘Christian Dior and the Artist’, ‘From Granville to Grasse’, and ‘Perfume: Behind-the-Scenes’. All the Dior codes and brand DNA values are covered, as are the designer’s friendships, his taste for the arts, gardens and flowers.


Each Dior perfume is described in detail and is seen as an essential creative building block in the Dior legend, in a beautiful coffee table tome, out now.