Dior Les Extraits: Poison Extrait de Parfum

Dior has revisited some of their iconic fragrances to create a collection special editions. The collection named Dior Les Extraits is made up of five perfumes that are renowned for their rich feminine scents. The five Miss Dior, Miss Dior Original, Diorissimo, J’adore and Poison are some of the best perfumes ever made in the world. The Extraits stands at the top of the fragrance pyramid as the primary expression.They are made from rich natural ingredients extremely high in concentration that reacts differently to each person’s skin. It takes three thousand Rose De Mai Absolute roses to obtain a kilogram of essence to create the extract used in this collection.

Dior-Les-Extraits-Poison-Parfum -


Christian Dior Les Extrait Poison De Parfum

Poison is a skin scent like no other. In the Extrait de Parfum, François Demachy revisited the legendary accord by enhancing its sensual character. Highlighting the strength of its spicy notes, he created a floral elixir with a deep, lingering trail of scent. With raw materials like Coriander, Vanilla, Tuberose Absolute and Rose de Mai Absolute.

The extract is the olfactive idea enhanced by the note

François Demachy, the House’s exclusive perfumer

Christian Dior Les Extraits J’Adore Parfum is housed in an extraordinary flacon, created in Saint Jean de Braye, France, retaining the characteristic shape that made it famous and gaining additional decoration.

All five editions from Dior Les Extaits:  Miss Dior Extrait de Parfum, Miss Dior Extrait de Parfum Original, Diorissimo Parfum, Poison Parfum and J’Adore Parfum are are available online and in store  as 0.5 oz (15 ml) priced at $175.

Christian Dior Poison Girl


January 2016 sees the introduction of Christian Dior’s new addition to the Poison collection by the name of Poison Girl. It is a flanker to 1985’s iconic Poison, and follows  Tendre Poison (1994), Hypnotic Poison (1998), Pure Poison (2004) and Midnight Poison (2007). The latter, sadlywas discontinued…to be reborn as its immediate and pricier next of kin, Gris Montaigne.


Poison Girl is intended for younger lovers of the iconic brand, which comes in a pink bottle in the classic shape of Poison. The new fragrance is announced as a bitter – sweet floral, scandalously delicious, made for rebellious young women, pop – feminists who follow their dreams.

Created by perfumer Francois Demanchy, the composition consists of precious raw ingredients. Sicilian bitter orange leads to the heart of roses, which consists of May rose from Grasse and Damascus rose. Venezuelan tonka bean, sandalwood from Sri Lanka, tolu balm, almond and vanilla end with a warm, oriental sweetness.


I heard a lot of negative things about this fragrance around me. Words like ‘tacky’, ‘boring’, ‘a product made in a few hours’ and ‘aimed at making a quick buck’. -but hè, wasn’t that also with the original Poison in its time?!

Oké, its not the greatest Dior scent to come out in recent years. But please… Don’t blame Dior people. Take a look in the advertisement. No one can say that the Poison line wasn’t unique. This time is GIRL people, not woman! Girls love sweet perfumes, they just labeled the perfume under the name of Dior and then good luck. Always have a look in the advertisement of the perfume you like. They are not incidentally made. What do you think? That a man will smell your rose/floral/whatever perfume and say Oh my god, I want her? It’s a night time perfume, clubbing you know? It means that your skin will come in contact with smoke, alcohol etc. So a strong sweet/almondise perfume combined with smokey clothes will be seductive for a man compared to a classy, more complex perfume that will become awful in this situations. If you want to go to a tea party, friends coffee òr a date, choose a more romantic perfume. So simple. Now something really important.

Christian Dior Poison Girl

The scent is fronted by French – American model and actress Camille Rowe; the tag line is “I am not a girl I am poison”.

The fragrance is available as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.



Dior’s Glowing Gardens

Dior S Beauty9springlook016_visuel

Dior’s makeup collection for the upcoming Spring 2016 is radiant and brimming with elegant, floral colours.

Entitled Glowing Gardens, the suite of beauty products evoke a bouquet of light that evokes the charm and springtime luminosity of gardens in bloom, inspired by the techniques of professional makeup artists and the products they use backstage, like Lip Glow, the Colour Reviver Lip Balm.

springlook16_slideshow_07From the 5 Couleurs palette, Dior Vernis, to the new Diorshow Colour & Contour eyeshadow-liner duo, this season’s makeup is fresh, joyous and profoundly Dior.

This spring, Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, reinterprets the art of a gorgeous glow with a luminous makeup collection that teams new Backstage Pros essentials with eyeshadows and lipsticks in colours inspired by the flower gardens of Granville.



Dior GIF



Dior-New-Look-Spring-2016-Diorskin Nude Air Glowing Gardens 001 Glowing Pink

Dior Gif


The makeup designed by Peter Philips for this season is an alliance of pastels tones and light and luminous textures. To create a perfect glow, Dior Addict Lip Glow Pomade lends delicate shine to lips, before they are then subtly enhanced using Dior Addict Lip Glow Lilac which reacts to the skin’s pH, causing them to pinken naturally. Diorblush Glowing Gardens gives cheekbones a light pearlized shimmer to highlight the natural skin tone and mirror the eyes. Then to make eyes sparkle and optimise the freshness of the look, Dior Addict It-Lash Platine mascara lengthens and intensifies lashes, giving them an iridescent shine. Makeup has witnessed an influx of color. The shades of the 5 Couleurs Glowing Garden palette which come in sky blue, peach and pearl gray for Blue Garden or in pink, iridescent brown, anise and pale yellow for Rose Garden – are applied as a gentle cloud on the eyelids. They make reference to the colors of the garden at Granville where Christian Dior grew up, and which can be found right down to fingertips accented with Dior Vernis in blue or soft green, pink or peony red.

Dior GIF

Dior S Beauty9


Open now: Riyadh welcomes Dior’s first perfume and beauty boutique

Christian Dior Beauty Boutique, Hayat Mall, Riyadh1.jpg

Luxury French fashion and beauty label Christian Dior, has opened its doors to its first ever perfume and beauty boutique in the Hayat Mall, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

This dazzling new space consists of Dior’s most popular fragrances, make-up collections and luxurious skincare. The label have also introduced a brand new beauty service where customers can be pampered by the professional Dior make-up artists in the comfort of private consultation rooms. Dior addicts will also be exclusively treated to ‘Dior’s beauty secrets’ by the best skincare specialists in the region and they can even have their make-up done Dior runway style.




Christian Dior Beauty Boutique, Hayat Mall, Riyadh5.jpg

Christian Dior Beauty Boutique, Hayat Mall, Riyadh5a.jpg

Christian Dior Beauty Boutique, Hayat Mall, Riyadh5b.jpg

Christian Dior Beauty Boutique, Hayat Mall, Riyadh6.jpg

The Dior Boutique is now open in Hayat Mall Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.






Dior: The Art Of Gifting

Dior 1

The art of gifting is the special way to make your Christmas unique! To celebrate the holiday season, the Dior Online Boutique showcases this exceptional service and invites you to enjoy a unique and personal experience. Follow your desires or those of your loved ones, and compose your own custom coffret in a couture case. The iconic Dior grained gift boxes are wrapped for the occasion in a ribbon woven with gold thread.

Dior 3

A couture gift: at the heart of the Parisian couture workshops, the House of Dior demonstrates its unique expertise. For the gift workshop, Dior uses the art of gifting that is full and light, in which tradition and modernity come together to create a beautiful surprise. Like a couture creation, the ribbon is pleated and rolled by hand into a rose, the emblematic flower of the House of Dior.

Dior 2

A tailor-made coffret: because each gift is unique, each coffret can be given countless personal touches. Create a bespoke gift with the products of your choice: fragrance, makeup and skincare products arranged in a couture case and wrapped in pleated tissue paper.

Dior 4

A special gift, a signature: gifting is an art and this art is the signature of the special care Dior provides. A personalized message adds the finishing touch. The ceremony is Diorissime.

More info: www.dior.com


Dior Presents: Balade Sauvage

François Demachy Dior Noses -

For the very first time, Dior Perfumer-Creator François Demachy reveals the source of his olfactory compositions in a film-travelogue, Balade Sauvage, an olfactory road movie that sets out on the trail of his inspiration. Nature is the queen, filmed with an analogical camera. Images rich with raw poetry tell the story of his latest creation, the aptly named ‘Sauvage’ fragrance. Each of its principal notes is identified and projected onto the Californian landscape.

 You don’t create a fragrance in a laboratory

François Demachy

In a series of images the fragrance comes to life before our eyes, vivacious and sensorial. Each notes brings back a memory, a sound, an image, a sensation. At last, the immaterial soul of ‘Sauvage’ is embodied. Follow François Demachy’s trail of inspiration, in an olfactory road movie…

Balade Sauvage by François Demachy

Dior Les Extraits: Miss Dior, Miss Dior Original, Diorissimo, J’Adore, Poison parfum editions

Dior Les Extaits Christian Dior Les Extaits  Poison Parfum, Miss Dior Extrait de Parfum, J’Adore Parfum,  Diorissimo Parfum and Miss Dior Extrait Parfum Original.

This isn’t exactly new news, but because the bottles are so perfect in their Extrait de Parfum form that they needed to show off a bit for flacon fanatics who hide in the confines of Yakymour.

Dior-Les-Extraits-Miss-Dior-Extrait-De-Parfum-Original 1

Christian Dior Miss Dior Extrait de Parfum


Christian Dior Miss Dior Extrait de Parfum Original

Since Miss Dior, created by Christian Dior in 1947 to accompany the launch of his couture label, Dior fragrances have truly made their mark thanks to their scope of influence and the use of the noblest of materials. Over 60 years after creation, François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator since 2006, continues boldly and passionately.


Christian Dior Diorissimo Extrait de Parfum

François Demachy has revisited some of Dior‘s iconic fragrances to create a collection special editions. The collection named Dior Les Extraits is made up of five perfumes that are renowned for their rich feminine scents. The five J’Adore Extrait de Parfum, Poison Extrait de Parfum, Diorissimo Extrait de Parfum, Miss Dior Extrait de Parfum and Miss Dior Extrait de Parfum Original, are some of the best perfumes ever made in the world. The Extraits stands at the top of the fragrance pyramid as the primary expression.They are made from rich natural ingredients extremely high in concentration that reacts differently to each person’s skin. It takes three thousand Rose De Mai Absolute roses to obtain a kilogram of essence to create the extract used in this collection.

Dior-Les-Extraits-Poison-Parfum -

Christian Dior Extrait de Parfum

The compositions are re-arranged and overseen by in-house perfumer Francois Demachy, which means that fans of Miss Dior Le Parfum in particular, should give a side by side comparison between the recent (which won many fans) with the all too recent and let us know what they think. It means good news for both Diorissimo and Miss Dior Original which were attenuated in their last iteration in Extrait de Parfum.

Dior-Les-Extraits-J'Adore-Parfum -

Christian Dior J’Adore Extrait de Parfum

The five fragrances available as perfume extract are housed in extraordinary flacons created in Saint Jean de Braye, France, retaining the characteristic shape that made them famous and gaining additional decoration. All five editions from Dior Les Extaits:  Miss Dior Extrait de Parfum, Miss Dior Extrait de Parfum Original, Diorissimo Extrait de Parfum, Poison Extrait de Parfum and J’Adore Extrait de Parfum are are available as 0.5 oz (15 ml) priced at $175.

Soon more of these beautiful fragrances here on Yakymour…




Maison Christian Dior Fève Délicieuse


Christian Dior Fève Délicieuse.jpg

Christian Dior Collection Privée just got chicer with Fève Délicieuse, a rich, sophisticated scent. Only hedonists need apply.

It’s not just any Tonka bean. When Dior in-house perfumer François Demachy decided to reinterpret an emblematic ingrediënt, he chose a very special variety with accents of caramel, praline and cut hay all the way from Venezuela.

This voluptuous note is intensified by the warm, smoky tones of Madagascan vanilla, in a luxury fragrance that compliments Rose Elixir Precieux particularly well, one of the four fragrance concentrates developed by Maison Dior to allow for made-to-measure perfume design. Experience a sensual scent bomb.


Christian Dior Fève Délicieuse, 125ml €210, 250ml €300, 450ml €420. In Christian Dior and Dior Homme stores from May 1.




Dior 60 years in London, a celebration



In 1954, Monsieur Christian Dior attended a Dior fashion show at Harrod’s and even inaugurated Harrod’s Fashion Theatre. From March 16th to April 14th, Harrod’s pays tribute to the late legendary fashion designer. Not only will the Dior flags be flying at the renowned British luxury department store its windows, too, will be all decked up in all things Dior. As a homage to Britain’s cultural icons, the Dior windows will feature Royal Mail Post Boxes with a series of exclusive Limited Edition Dior products (that are also on sale at the Dior Pop-Up store in Harrod’s), telephone boxes implying a cut-out of Dior’s ‘New Look’ silhouette that Christian Dior invented in 1947, and even Royal Beefeaters teamed with ready-to-wear designs by Dior’s Creative Director, Raf Simons.

To celebrate 60 years of the arrival of Dior in London, the store organized a special exhibition that captures the essence of Christian Dior in the last six decades.

The fourth floor of Harrod’s has been transformed into the magical world of the French Maison. The moment you step into the venue, you’d find yourself on 30 Avenue Montaigne, also known as a Dior Headquarters where it all began. Take a stroll through Dior Wonderland into several rooms featuring 9 dazzling milestones in Dior’s history including Monsieur Dior’s sketches, a theatrical composition of 40 mini-Stockman mannequins that showcases the iconic looks of the Maison, the J’adore fragrance and even the Lady Dior handbag by different artists. Once you’re done with all that, head on over to Café Dior for the must-haves: the lobster club sandwich and Dior cupcakes.


Here are the Limited Edition items available exclusively at the Dior at Harrod’s Pop-Up store:

Dior at Harrods snow globe

Christian-Dior-Diorissimo-bag-in-Vert-Anglais-calfskinThe Diorissimo in Vert Anglais calfskin with a tartan-printed interior

Christian-Dior-Lady-Dior-bag-in-red-embroidered-tartanLady Dior bag in Red Embroidered Tartan

Christian-Dior-Lady-Dior-bag-in-red-lambskinLady Dior in Red Lambskin and Tartan detailed handles

Christian-Dior-Lady-Dior-blue-tartan-zipped-pouchLady Dior Blue Tartan Pouch

Christian-Dior-Lady-Dior-red-tartan-zipped-pouchLady Dior Red Tartan Pouch

Christian-Dior-Red-voyageur-lambskinLady Dior Red Voyageur Lambskin



Lady Dior Jewellery Case in Red Lambskin

Christian-Dior-Mise-en-Dior-necklaceMise en Dior Necklace



The Dior at Harrods Teddy Bear

Marigay McKee, chief merchant of Harrod’s on the collaboration: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Dior, one of our most successful global luxury brands, on such an exciting venture. Highlights of this excluisve initiative include a unique exhibition that takes you on a fascinating journey, unveiling intricate details of Dior’s rich heritage and a unique café concept offering a special menu created exclusively for this event. Our store’s famous façade will be transformed with show-stopping window displays across the whole length of the Brompton Road, inspired by Dior’s personal interpretation of London”.




Artist Edition of Dior’s J’adore L’Absolu


Dior: “A magical name that blends the words God (Dieu) and gold (or)”, said Jean Cocteau to qualify Christian Dior’s last name.

Christian Dior loved gold, festive and luxurious, and incorporated it in his creations. Today, gold still has a privileged place in the Maison and Parfums Christian Dior pays tribute to this iconic color.​

A special hand made edition of Christian Dior’s J’adore L’absolu will be launched. With a flacon to fit the exceptional contents, the new look of the fragrance has been made public by Delphine Arnault, member of the board of directors of LVMH, and world-renowned French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel.







Inspired by the Kayan Lahwi tribes, the flacon flaunts thin gold lines in the shape of a necklace. The look comes from the tribe’s women’s tradition of individualizing themselves by elongating their necks by the use of neck coils stacked upon each other.

Jean-Michel Othoniel came up with a fascinating way of expressing a woman’s freedom to wear whatever she pleases. The loosened constraints of the necklace, featured on the flacon in the shape of an unraveling glass thread, symbolize lack of limits, love of life and infinity.


Othoniel’s Artist Edition is limited to only 300 pieces and is available at the price of $3,500.

Each flacon that will be made is going to be truly unique, as it will be hand-made by the famous glassmakers of Murano. Gold leaf flecks will be melted into the molten glass of the bead and the wire that adorn the flacon. The symbolism and beauty of the flacon makes it a veritable jewel, precious and able to make a statement, as the designer himself said.

With Indian tuberose, Damask rose and Arabian Jasmine, the scent of the fragrance is floral, sensual and intense. The three hundred of the Othoniel’s Artist Edition handblown Murano glass flacons are available world-wide can be acquired for $3,500 (which also includes three 15-milliliter refills).