Dyptyque at Sloane Street

Diptyque is delighted to unveil its new UK flagship, located in the heart of Chelsea in Sloane Street, London. The new boutique, designed in-house by the Maison, is reminiscent of classic Parisian architecture and takes inspiration from Edwardian details.

Allow your imagination to wander in the Diptyque apartment and embark on your Diptyque journey.

For more information, come into the beautiful world of Diptyque.

Parisian perfumehouse opened the door to its new home at Marin Country Mart

Parisian Maison Diptyque is proud to officially open the door to its new home at Marin Country Mart, joining a passionate community of artisans and merchants. The boutique creates a warming and welcoming atmosphere, featuring local Marin and Parisian references and a color palette of light yellow and oranges throughout that were dear to Diptyque’s founders.

They look forward to welcoming you to our newest boutique for a visit! Come into the beautiful world of Diptyque.