Diptyque launches limited cherry blossom scented candle ‘Fleur de Cerisier’

To celebrate the arrival of spring, Diptyque presents for a limited time the Fleur de Cerisier scented candle, inspired by the cherry blossoms that make ephemeral lives shine. 

Helping signal the arrival of spring, pioneering parfumerie Maison Diptyque is now introducing its Fleur de Cerisier (Cherry Blossom) candle. The mood-setting candle celebrates the springtime phenomenon in Japan and the magic of the flowering trees. The French Maison describes the release as “A spring night in Japan, spent contemplating the radiant beauty of flowering cherry trees”.

The Fleur de Cerisier candle builds on Diptyque’s herbarium of fragrances with a complex expression of the transient blossoming found on the cherry trees of Japanese parks and gardens. Specifically exploring the spring tradition of ‘yozakura’ – the ‘night of the cherry trees’. Fleur de Cerisier is defined by floral fancy with fruity notes suggesting roses, accompanied by gentle musks that evoke the blossom petals of the cherry tree.

It is reported that the product will be on sale from February 2 to April 23, and will be discontinued when the cherry blossoms fall, and all Fleur de Serizier candles will be delivered in cherry blossom-style special packaging, interested friends should not miss it.

The Diptyque Fleur de Cerisier candle is available now online, Diptyque boutiques and selected stores worldwide. For more information, come into the beautiful world of Diptyque.

Dyptyque at Sloane Street

Diptyque is delighted to unveil its new UK flagship, located in the heart of Chelsea in Sloane Street, London. The new boutique, designed in-house by the Maison, is reminiscent of classic Parisian architecture and takes inspiration from Edwardian details.

Allow your imagination to wander in the Diptyque apartment and embark on your Diptyque journey.

For more information, come into the beautiful world of Diptyque.

A luminous companion

Catching the eye… as it catches the light, Diptyque’s home fragrance diffuser, the French Maison’s latest creation, was born to shine. Its refined lines and faceted glass vessel, whose form echoes the Maison’s emblematic oval, multiply luminous effects, while its rattan stems, once placed in the fragrance concentrate, diffuse its scent in large spaces. A luminous companion.

Discover the Diptyque Home Fragrance Diffuser. Dyptyque fragrances are available at Dyptyque boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Diptyque.

Parisian perfumehouse opened the door to its new home at Marin Country Mart

Parisian Maison Diptyque is proud to officially open the door to its new home at Marin Country Mart, joining a passionate community of artisans and merchants. The boutique creates a warming and welcoming atmosphere, featuring local Marin and Parisian references and a color palette of light yellow and oranges throughout that were dear to Diptyque’s founders.

They look forward to welcoming you to our newest boutique for a visit! Come into the beautiful world of Diptyque.

In the turquoise blue… of Venice

In the turquoise blue… of Venice, Johan Creten’s ‘La Laguna’ illustrates the passage of time. Submerged in translucent wax, a bronze Venus reveals herself as the candle burns… as the hours pass. Aesthetes and explorers of all stripes can purchase ‘La Laguna’, a limited-edition work of art created for Diptyque’s Le Grand Tour to mark the Maison’s 60th birthday.

Curious, open, sensitive to the beauty and cultures of the whole world: such were Desmond Knox-Leet, Yves Coueslant and Christiane Montadre, the three amateur aesthetes at the origin of diptych. Perpetuating the philosophy of the founding trio, diptych’s view of the world has continued to be enriched by multiple collaborations. In 2021, for its sixty years, the House demonstrates this by inviting five internationally renowned artists to imagine an original creation as part of the Grand Tour, the penultimate part of this extraordinary year. A journey in 5 stopovers, 5 artists and 5 exclusive editions to discover from September 2021 in an exhibition in Paris and pop-ups around the world. Art and diptych are definitely linked.

From different cultures, disciplines and sensibilities, the artists on the Grand Tour map share a common interest in the other and what surrounds them. Their techniques and practices are plural, just like the destinations they have been invited to sublimate. How do they perceive them? And according to what contours? The answer in five artistic proposals to perfumes from elsewhere.

One of the artist is one of the greatest contemporary sculptors, a pioneer in his innovative use of ceramics and the first artist of Belgian origin to have had the honors of the Louvre Museum, in 2005: Johan Creten. The choice to entrust him with Venice, a city appreciated and often visited by the founders of diptych, was obvious. Also famous for his large allegorical bronzes, the artist based in Paris is a lover of nature, the art of perfume and Venetian bronzes, which he collects with passion. “Venice is the city of all fantasies, a mirage, a ghost, a mermaid, a city of brutal and vivid beauty, decadent and delusional. It is a territory of crossroads, multiple artistic influences but also the reality of a dense and complex economic world, of dynamism and decline”.

For diptych, he imagined a bronze sculpture, La Laguna, immersed in a candle 4 wicks of 1.5 kg in blue tinted glass, whose wax of a translucent green blue, reminiscent of the menacing Venetian waters of the acqua alta recently become clear, reveals the female icon. By burning, the candle with the perfume worked by Cécile Matton evoking the freshness of a vegetable garden with accentuated marine notes, releases the sculpture.

To the initial idea of the Venice vegetable garden, the artist wanted to add “the smell of the sea, the note of iodine, a light, indefinable, fresh smell like the wind that floats above the water when you pass ‘Torcello’ in ‘vaporetto’ and smell the kitchen and gardens. Seeming gradually to emerge from the waters, La Laguna symbolizes for the artist ‘the passage of time, the fragility of this ecosystem, the mystery’. A candle ‘memento mori par excellence’ that leaves, once used, the vivid trace of its passage via a limited edition printed in 24 copies to keep for a long time, a small object with an independent ‘life’, which makes you dream and calls out”.

Diptique’s La Laguna is available in 24 numbered editions at their website. Come into the beautiful world of Diptyque.

Contemporary aritsts and perfumes give their perspectives on iconic Diptyque desinations, in La Poste du Louvre

For its 60th anniversary, French Maison Diptyque is celebrating what has shaped it since its creation: a love for fareway lands, art and fragrance, with the voyages immobiles – La Grand Tour Exhibition.

‘Voyages immobiles – Le Grand Tour’ is fast approaching. From 10 September, Diptyque’s first art exhibition will present the gaze of nine international and multidisciplinary artists upon five iconic destinations. A journey of the imagination in the heart of Paris, open to aesthetes, explorers, wanderers and all who are driven by curiosity about new horizons.

‘Voyages immobiles – Le Grand Tour’, from 10 September to 24 October 2021 at the exhibition space of La Poste du Louvre, 52, rue du Louvre, 75001 Paris. The journey begins here. Come into the beautiful world of Diptyque.

Diptyque’s New Anniversary Fragrance Traces the Path of an Iconic Arab Explorer

The very first shop, located at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris, opens onto the street like a two-part Italian Renaissance or Flemish master’s painting. Three friends had found the ideal stage for their chic little bazaar of fascinating finds as well as the perfect name for it; Diptyque.

It’s tricky to spell, because the i and the y are cheeky letters. Mistakes were so common in the beginning that the Maison had to list it under both spellings in the phone book. Diptyque has such a refined ring to it, and in every language it is chic, eclectic, poetic, esthetic and graphic.

The secret to Diptyque’s singularity is the distinct chemistry between three unique individuals: Christiane Montadre-Gautrot, Yves Coueslant and Desmond Knox-Leet. When they met, it sparked a chain of creativity, that continues to resonate today.

They met through friends of friends. Christiane graduated from l’Ecole des Arts Décoratifs, Desmond was a painter. Together they designed fabric and wallpaper for ultra-chic British Maisons. Then, some other friends introduced them to Yves Coueslant, who had escaped an unlikely career in banking to follow his heart and work… in theatre. The three friends quickly became inseparable. In 1961, they opened an unusual boutique with a daring plan: listen to their intuition and only do what they love. Nothing dampened their friendship as their business grew, and diptyque spread the creations born of this incomparable friendship all around the world.

This year French Maison Diptyque is celebrating its 60th anniversary: an opportunity to immerse yourself in everything that has inspired the Maison since its creation. A cavalcade of youthful creativity, 2021 will be dedicated to graphic design, encounters, nature, travel and curiosity. A year that will be filled with collections and events.

To mark its anniversary, the niche perfume house presents the new perfume Eau Rihla in the spring of 2021. The fragrance is inspired by the spirit of the Middle East, named after the Arabic Rihla wood which means ‘journey’. It is dedicated to the 14th century globe-trotting merchant, Ibn Battuta – a prominent Arab Moroccan-Berber traveler and explorer – and his travels throughout the known world.

Perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin drew his inspiration directly from the Maison’s co-founder Desmond Knox-Leet’s leather-bound sketching notebook and Ibn Battuta’s leather luggage. Weathered and worn, the leather keynote is “an invitation to travel”, says Pellegrin. An exclusive to the perfume house molecule, extracted from rare cedar wood, forms the heart of the fragrance, layered with musk and precious iris. 

Top notes: raspberry, pink pepper, saffron
Heart: leather, iris, cedar
Base: vanilla, musk

A bazaar of spices – much like the ones encountered by Ibn Battuta in far-flung lands – linger, is depicted with notes of saffron, pink peppercorn, and vanilla. Diptyque’sparticular signature, an unusual combination of notes, or ‘olfactory accidents’, emerges as an energetic, sweet raspberry opening note.

The flacon’s artwork is unmistakably Middle Eastern, an etched illustration signed by Safia Ouares showing an iconic Bedouin landscape of desert dunes, date palms, a falcon and camels. Another special touch – the oval label is a glided gold, a different route from Diptyque’s usual black and white branding.

Available as an exclusive for the region, Eau Rihla will be available only in the Middle East from May 1st, until June 2021, when it will release to the international market.

Diptyque Eau Rihla is available as a 75 ml Eau de Parfum at Diptyque Boutiques and selected stores worldwide. This year we can expect more special editions on the occasion of the anniversary. Come into the beautiful world of Diptyque.

A magical holiday with Diptyque’s new collection

A NIGHT AT DIPTYQUE 3-Candles-Vertical_zm_RGB-copy.jpg

Step into Diptyque’s magical winter story and discover the new beautiful collection that is sure to create new festive memories…

It’s that time of year again when Diptyque signals the start of the year-end holidays with a fragrant new collection. This time, the brand introduces three new limited edition candles; Sparkling Incense, Sparkling Incense Delicious Spices and The Festive Fir Tree, with the tales of the new scents told through an innovative animation. In the story, a boy caught in a snowstorm is whisked into a magical world, where three unique scents signify the holiday season; first the vanilla, followed by the gingerbread and finally, the pine trees.


Follow Diptyque’s lead and re-enchant the year-end holidays with three new limited edition candles that are inspired by a magical winter tale.

Watch the magical animation clip here…


A NIGHT AT DIPTYQUE Candle-03-RED_zd_RGB-copy.jpg







Face first: Diptyque introduces L’Art Du Soin


Part two of Diptyque’s infused cosmetics collection has arrived! Introducing L’Art Du Soin, for the face, a three-part range, which includes a face moisturiser, lip balm and oil.

A new moisturiser, and an oil and lip balm have been added to Diptyque’s every-growing fragrant face collection and these products are as pretty smelling as they are purposeful…


Diptyque’s collection of creams continues to develop with the introduction of this essential face cream. This fragrant everyday moisturiser is made from orange blossom, nasturtium, bluebonnet and the prickly pear flower, which work to nourish, energise and replenish the skin with nature’s floral oils.


Diptyque Essentielle Pour Le Visage, Essential Face Cream

Diptyque’s infused face oil is a blend of four key ingredients: white iris, sweet almond oil, meadow grass oil and pastel flower oil. Together these oils work to hydrate the skin and improve the appearance of dull, tired skin. Apply this oil on the face before bed or on the arms, as a substitute to perfume during the day.


Diptyque Huile Infusée, Infused Face Oil

A nourishing lip balm that smells as pretty as it is moisturising? Yes, please. Using the nutrients of sweet almond oil mixed with the waxes of roses and violets this balm will have your lips looking luxurious all day long.


Diptyque Baume Nourishing Lip Balm Fondant Pour Les Lèvres, Nourishing Lip Balm

The Diptyque L’Art Du Soin collection is availble now.

Diptyque Les Eaux Parfumées for a vibrant summer


Diptyque’s Les Eaux Parfumées is a collection of personal fragrances, made of two olfactory variations: Les Hespéridés and Les Florales.

This summer, both sets of four perfumes get a cool, modern and colorful update with a new origami package that brings vibrance to the collection while using each fragrance’s associated color.

leseaux-horizontale 3-BD

Citrus collection, Les Hespéridés

Les Hespéridés can be described as purebred, distinguished Eaux with an almost bewitching temperament. They are L’Eau de l’Eau, L’Eau de Néroli, L’Eau des Hespérides and L’Eau de Tarocco.

Diptyque’s Les Eaux Parfumées L’Eau de L’Eau, spicy citrus

A spicy freshness to stir the senses.
A citrus scent that evokes all the transparency of L’Eau, the first of diptyque’s fragrant waters, created in 1968.

  • Italian Green Mandarin, Florida Grapefruit, Petitgrain from Paraguay
  • Clove Leaves, Ceylon Cinnamon Bark, Egyptian Geranium, Orange Blossom
  • Lao Benzoin, Venezuelan Tonka Bean, Indonesian Patchouli

L’Eau de L’Eau Eau de Toilette is availble as 100 ml

Diptyque’s Les Eaux Parfumées L’Eau des Hespérides, aromatic citrus

A playful, zesty scent with a green, contrasting freshness
Slightly provocative, it invites the frisson of a forbidden garden.

  • Bitter Orange from the Ivory Coast, Italian Mandarin and Lemon, Red Thyme, African Rosemary
  • Crinkle-leafed Spearmint, Peppermint
  • Immortelle Flower, Georgy Wood (warm, woody, cedar-y note), White Musks

L’Eau des Hesperides Eau de Toilette is availble as 100 ml

Diptyque’s Les Eaux Parfumées L’Eau de Tarocco, fruity citrus 

A fruity fragrance that’s sweet yet vibrant and spicy
It carries the exhilarating scent of the Mediterranean in winter, the freshness of fruit just plucked from the tree, plump and ripe.

  • Sweet Italian Tarocco Orange, Florida Orange, Grapefruit
  • Saffron, Ginger Extract, Cinnamon, Curcuma Extract, Bulgarian Rose, Orange Blossom
  • Cedar Wood, Somali Frankincense, White Musk

L’Eau de Tarocco Eau de Toilette is availble as 100 ml

leseaux-horizontale 2-BD

Floral collection, Les Florales

More delicate and sweet, Les Florales pay tribute to flowers and their original radiance: Eau Rose, Eau Mohéli, Eau de Lavande and Géranium Odorata make up the line.

Diptyque’s Les Eaux Parfumées Eau Rose

Its olfactory composition is designed to celebrate the multiple aromas of the flower in its natural state, as it blossoms over time. The top note, a sharp, fresh surge of bergamot and blackcurrant, gives the rose a lively, even piquant, freshness. The middle notes contain a majestic rose, both discreet and powerful, unveiling all its force through a subtle combination of two roses: the Centifolia rose (or Rose de Mai) and the Damask rose. The base notes evoke a rose warmed by the sun, almost at dusk, when its floral richness exudes sensual, balmy, more intense tones.

Eau Rose is availble  as Eau de Toilette 100 ml and Roll-on 20 ml

Diptyque’s Les Eaux Parfumées Eau de Lavande

Eau de Lavande, examines the subtlety of lavender, a small flower that turns the fields of the South of France bright blue. Designed like an eau de toilette, that can be used liberally on yourself or to share, these compositions have many sides to them, just like the purest of fragrances. The raw materials are rigorously selected, and the blend is sophisticated: the emotion remains intact, it is the fragrance we recognize from nature.

Eau de Lavande is availble  as Eau de Toilette 100 ml and Roll-on 20 ml

Diptyque’s Les Eaux Parfumées Eau Moheli

Ylang-Ylang, a flower known for its intensely sweet scent, grows on Mohéli, one of the smallest islands in Comoros. This archipelago’s diverse population is a mixture of African, Indian and Arabian cultures.
The island’s rich heritage, coveys the story of one-way crossings and long haul voyages on the Southern Seas. The climate and the light on Mohéli gives the island an exotic, escapist ambience in which visitors feel like they are at the end of the world. In the heart of this tropical Eden, surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and the luxuriant vegetation – orchids, coconut trees, palm trees and clove trees – the ylang-ylang blooms.

Eau Moheli is availble  as Eau de Toilette 100 ml and Roll-on 20 ml

Diptyque’s Les Eaux Parfumées Géranium Odorata 

Geranium Odorata now takes us into clusters of the crimson-colored flowers whose springtime blossoming in gardens and on balconies announces the arrival of a joyful, sunny season. The geranium is both a masculine and feminine flower, sharing some scents with the rose. It is bright, fresh, crisp and diverse. At Diptyque it is now the special object of our attention, reflecting our taste for simplicity with an added dash of mischief. Many artists have also taken it as a model, an amicable, everyday companion.

Geranium Odorata is availble  as Eau de Toilette 100 ml and Roll-on 20 ml