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American fashion designer Donna Karan launches two new limited edition fragrances with the travel theme, DKNY City for Her & DKNY City for Him. These fragrances will perfectly suit energetic, lively and full of life persons. Both of them are modern scents that evoke the effervescent city life of New York – a big city that never sleeps. DKNY City for Her & DKNY City for Him is all about exhilarating emotions and warm feelings.

DKNY City for Women



DKNY City for Women FlaconStart off the night with a fusion of pink grapefruit, white currant and orange blossom to help you keep up with the endless energy of a city night. The fragrance then transforms as the sun sets into a deeper bouquet of acacia and gardenia petals to fuel your senses.

At the end of the evening, musk soothes your senses as warm cedarwood and oakmoss create a signature trail that will make you, and your night, unforgettable.

DKNY City for Men


DKNY City for Men FlaconThe magnetic energy of the city streets is met with an invigorating blast of green pomelo and coriander infused with white pepper, while the charismatic pulse of the night is upheld through the middle notes with a fusion of muguet and violet leaves. Bold hues of silver sage create an adrenaline rush impacting the sensual pairing of vetiver and mahogany.

DKNY City for Men is sure to leave a lasting impact on any who wear it – and especially with those who encounter it.

DKNY City for Women and DKNY City for Men will show up earlier January, in Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette concentration.