Vince Camuto Eterno



Vince Camuto presents the new masculine fragrance Vince Camuto Eterno, the fourth one after Vince Camuto for Men from 2012, Vince Camuto Homme from 2014 and Vince Camuto Solare from 2015. Vince Camuto Eterno is inspired by the contemporary gentleman dressed in classic white.


Miroslav Cech photographed by Doug English for Vince Camuto Eterno

It’s a masculine scent crafted with fresh top notes of Citrus and Mint, Vince Camuto Eterno is rounded out by a refined, peppery mix of Bourbon and Saffron, and a heart of earthy Patchouli and Cedarwood.

Vince Camuto Eterno Bottle Box.jpg“I sought to capture the modern-day gentleman”, said Annie Buzantian, perfumer of Firmenich. “For me, the image carries a sense of crisp freshness that is cool and effortless. There is a vibrancy and polish to the Eterno Man imagined through the sleekness of wood paired with spice”.


This is probably the best one yet out of all of Vince Camuto’s men’s fragrances. I loved Home and Solare, but Eterno pushes it up a notch. A charming scent and lasting, this is a must have for all men.