La Mer’s new Neck And Decollete Concentrate is the luxe way to moisturize and protect your delicate skin


La Mer’s journey began when Dr. Max Huber suffered burns in a lab accident and was inspired to create his own destiny. Aerospace Physicist by day, star-gazer and dreamer by night, he hoped to unlock the legendary healing powers of the sea he held so dear.

The story of La Mer is one of hope, healing, and one man’s deep respect for the power of the living sea.

Over 6,000 experiments, and 12 years of searching led to the epiphany of a lifetime – a fermentation process that transformed sea kelp and other pure ingredients into Miracle Broth™. This cell-renewing elixir at the heart of Crème de la Mer would finally transform the look of his skin.


The rest is history. And now La Mer introduces The Neck and Décolleté Concentrate, a new, luxurious balmy treatment for the delicate neckline area that delivers intense plumping hydration for a more lifted look and a firmer feel. Though more delicate than the skin of the face, the skin on the neckline is too often forgotten.

La Mer The Neck and Décolleté Concentrate is a luxurious balm treatment for the delicate neckline area, formulated with Concentrated Miracle Broth.

The skin of the neck and décolleté has a smaller number sebaceous glands, it dries out quickly and is more exposed to environmental hazards such as UV rays, wind, cold, and pollution.



As a result, first signs of aging often appear here sooner than on other areas of the body. To prevent this, give these areas some TLC by updating your beauty routine to include this lavish, carefully formulated balm that lends a more lifted, rejuvenated look to the neckline.

Like all La Mer products, The Neck and Décolleté Concentrate is formulated with La Mer’s proprietary cell-renewing elixir known as the Miracle Broth. This time, La Mer has used the most concentrated version of the precious sea-sourced ingredient.

Besides the Concentrate, the formula includes the Strengthening Ferment, a blend of marine ingredients to fortify the skin and help support its natural fibronectin and collagen levels. An inclusion of Lime Tea Concentrate provides antioxidant action to help preserve skin’s youthful beauty. The treatment provides a lifted look and a firmer feel to create a more youthful-looking neckline.



From there, La Mer suggests helping the product glide over your skin, smoothing in upward motions and using a light touch. Finally, finish up by massaging the product gently into your décolleté and neck. Be prepared to add this to your morning makeup and evening skincare routines, too; La Mer notes online that you can apply the Neck and Décolleté Concentrate twice a day.

The Neck and Décolleté Concentrate is available in a 50ml jar and with a special application brush, which is uniquely designed to provide the most luxuriously pampering antiaging treatment.



La Mer’s The Neck and Décolleté Concentrate is available at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of La Mer.






La Mer’s Blue Heart


Blue Heart! La Mer anti aging cream, created by Dr. Max Huber and becoming legendary for its properties, has always supported the Planet’s eco-sustainability; specifically focusing on the Oceans.

Ahead of World Ocean Day, La Mer’s Blue Heart Campaign goes in full swing to celebrate the majesty of the ocean and raise awareness on the issues that plague these bodies of water. This year, the brand continues its partnership with the National Geographic Society to help support the next generation of ocean explorers.

Sea Turtle GIF

World Ocean Day was created in 1992 and is celebrated every June, 8

The partnership once again brings in the expertise of Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Sylvia Earle, who shares her inspiration and insight through a short film. She reminds us that the ocean plays an integral role in our lives, as it has the power to both enchant and change us for better or worse.

La Mer’s Blue Heart

In addition, La Mer will work with influencers from across the globe for a series of vignettes that describe their relationship with the ocean in stimulating their passions and creativity. The brand encourages consumers to participate in the movement by sharing their personal stories and connection to the sea through the #LaMerBlueHeart social media campaign.

La Mer’s Blue Heart2.jpg

Crème de la Mer: cream born from the sea and now a modern legend for its power to transform the skin’s appearance. Improves firmness, wrinkles and fine lines are reduced. Thanks to sea kelp and the fermentation process called Miracle Broth ™ skin receives a revolutionary treatment that repairs and rejuvenates.

Finally, La Mer commemorates the campaign and World Oceans Day with a new limited edition sea-inspired design of Crème de la Mer 100mL.

Support World Oceans Day with LA MER


Hawaii, Lanai, School of Yellow Tangs (Zebrasoma flavescens) in the Hulupoe Bay Marine Preserve (photos: National Georgraphic Society, The Blue Project)

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Dr. Max Huber, the founder of La Mer, recognised the value of the living ocean when he pioneered the use of sea kelp in the cream that renewed and restored the look of his skin.

Today, in a tribute to his legacy, the label that undoubtedly represents the supreme in skincare, continues to help support the natural habitat of this special sea plant by only using sea kelp that has been sustainably hand harvested.


  “The ocean is an integral part of LA MER’s heritage, and we are committed to celebrating the beauty and bounty of the ocean throughout the year” said Sandra Main, Global Brand President of LA MER

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With the sea at the core of La Mer‘s inspiration and products, the brand established its year-round philanthropic mission, Blue Heart, with the goal of helping raise awareness of the need to protect and explore the ocean.

Sea Turtle GIF

La Mer has donated over $2.6 million since 2008 to help promote ocean conservation efforts globally and for the third consecutive year, continues on its global partnership with the National Geographic Society, supporting its next generation of ocean explorers.

La Mer Ocean, 2015

To commemorate the World Oceans Day 2015, a 100ml jar of Crème de la Mer with a new limited-edition design will be available May through June 2015

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Created in 1992 and made official by the United Nations in 2009, World Oceans Day takes place annually on June 8. TI serves as a time to recognise the importance of the sea as a vital ecosystemm and to take action to preserve its delicate habitats and wildlife.


For the first time, the jar design will be inscribed with ‘Blue Heart’ to communicate the brand’s ongoing goal of supporting the protection of the blue heart of our planet, the ocean. But it’s not only the outside that counts… We are talking about one of the true miracles in a jar: Crème de la Mer. One of the best mosturizing, regeneraters on the markt today! With the power to transform, Crème de la Mer helps firm the look of skin, diminish the appearance of fine lines and visibly minimise pores. Skin looks virtually ageless. Even the driest complexions are renewed and rejuvenated.

Notice: How to use: Warm cream between fingers until it becomes translucent, then press gently into the skin.

by Jean Amr

La Mer’s next big launch, The Hydrating Facial

La Mer The Hydrating Facial

La Mer Introduces The Hydrating Facial, La Mer’s next big launch. If you like all things luxury, then head over to the La Mer counter to check out their latest product: it’s something that’s perfect for the winter, if you want to get rid of dry skin and prevent it altogether.

Dr. Max Huber’s legacy of healing and renewing the skin is celebrated once again with La Mer’s introduction of  The Hydrating Facial. The ultimate in moisturization, this two-zoned mask delivers superior hydration through a luxurious, sensorial, spa-like experience to reawaken the appearance of youth. In minutes, dry complexions are renewed, visibly transforming the skin. Skin is left hydrated, nourished, smoothed and conditioned with a resilient healthy glow, ready to receive the benefits of Crème de la Mer.

This luxurious mask is an infusion of pure, nurturing moisture. With the nutrient-rich Miracle Broth™, which lies at the heart of La Mer’s profound powers of transformation, dryness is instantly diminished, visible signs of aging reduced, skin appears smoothed, softened, firmed. Ultra-soft to the touch, this cotton mask comforts and conditions on contact for a renewed radiance. Even the driest complexions are revitalized and skin is visibly transformed.

How to use:

The Hydrating Facial is a cloth mask. The mask is soaked in a rich hydrating cream that’s not oily or greasy but that packs a punch when it comes to moisturizing skin.

La Mer The Hydrating Facial

Unfold the mask and apply upper zone mask to top half on clean skin. Gently smooth and press into place. Avoid direct contact with the eyes.

Next, apply lower zone mask, gently smoothing and pressing into place, overlapping at the cheekbones. Leave on for 8 – 10 minutes. Gently remove and pat remaining treatment over face and neck, allowing skin to fully absorb the extraordinary benefits. Then follow with your La Mer regimen.

Rest with mask on for 8 – 10 minutes, then remove and discard. Massage residual treatment gently into skin and follow with your La Mer regimen.