Cosmetic Procedure Increase Among Men Underscores the Potential Benefits of a Female Plastic Surgeon, says Dr. Sepideh Saber

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sepideh Saber comments on a recent article that a female plastic surgeon may offer a more understanding approach to the competitive struggles faced by maturing men.

An August 15 article on Robb Report reports on the increase in the number of men receiving cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries. The article discusses the pressure many maturing men feel to present themselves as a competitive candidate in the “battle for corporate survival” against younger men. The article adds that, although men are likely to be less vocal about their procedures, many believe that, to stay competitive professionally or even more so in the dating scene, appearance matters.

A female plastic surgeon may be able to better ease male patients’ discomfort due to their unique perspective and, often, more sensitive approach.

It also reports that the use of fillers among men has increased over 100 percent and that men also currently account for 20 to 35 percent of all cosmetic treatments. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sepideh Saber says that men should never feel embarrassed or ashamed for receiving cosmetic procedures or such plastic surgeries as a facelift. Moreover, for those feeling unsure or nervous, a female plastic surgeon may be able to better ease male patients’ discomfort due to their unique perspective and, often, more sensitive approach.

The Glendale plastic surgeon says that many female plastic surgeons may offer a different approach that can be helpful to individuals of all genders and orientations. Dr. Saber says that in a largely male-dominated field, female plastic surgeons understand the pressures that come with being an underdog in their industry and the perseverance required to achieve as much as their male counterparts. Female plastic surgeons with board certification not only demonstrate dedication and competitiveness, but also excellence in the field that patients are sure to take note of.

Dr. Sepideh Saber adds that when it comes to appearance issues, some men may put more trust into the opinion of a female surgeon as opposed to the more clinical approach taken by many male surgeons. She notes that, while an empathetic and sensitive approach is not exclusive to female plastic surgeons, many patients tend to find that this technique offers a more inclusive and understanding atmosphere that feels less like a sales pitch and more like a collaborative improvement plan.

The Los Angeles-based plastic surgeon says that, while cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery may not be spoken about much among men due to stigma, societal standards of masculinity, or other personal reasons, a good plastic surgeon will lend an understanding and sympathetic ear while working with the patient to help them achieve appearance goals.

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