Clinique’s new Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream



If you are a faithful devotee of Clinique’s classic yellow moisturizer but always wanted a bit more moisture than the original offers, look no further than Clinique’s new Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream.

“In terms of skin’s needs, much has changed” says Janet Pardo, Senior Vice President Product Development of Clinique. “The aggressive external environment, stress, allergies, all affect our skin far more than in the past. Strenghtening and reparing skin barrier allows skin to be more resistant against irritations. A strong moisturizing barrier is the key for beautiful, healthy skin”.


Clinique’s famous 3 steps.

It so true what Janet Pardo says. But why did it took so long that Clinique developed this product? Especially when you look at the climate we are living in (outdoors ànd indoors), and in some countries they have special needs because of that! So for me it was always a bit strange why there wasn’t a ‘richer’ brother of the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Loton. But finally, they did! Clinique has launched the new Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream which is an addition to the Clinique 3-Step System.

After the great success of the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + the company has developed this new Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream especially for very dry to dry skin. If used twice a day the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream as part of the 3-Step System will strenghten your skin barrier by 50%, skin looks fresher and shines through. It will restore texture and significantly brighten skin. Skin becomes healthier and has a more youthful look that is longlasting. Skin is intensely moisturized and more resistant to stress factors and aggressive external aggressions. Thanks to the ‘Great six’ rapeseed, barley, cucumber extract, hydrating complex , hyaluronic acid, glycerin and dimethicone will provide very dry skin with effective hydration while enhancing skin’s barrier.

The Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream (DDMC) is an alternative to the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (DDML), for normal/combination skin or to the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (DDMG) for oily skin, and provides advanced hydration, it strenghtens the skin barrier, regenerates weakened and irritated skin.



I really believe that a lot of true Clinique clients/fans are very happy with this new product! Maybe the lotion for summer, and the cream for winter period?…. Ask your Clinique specialist whats best for you.

Clinique’s new Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream is available at Clinique counters and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Clinique.