Dsquared2 Wild Silvester Ruck

The Dsquared2 WILD 2014 campaign showcases the fragrance in an exceptionally angular manner. Model Silvester Ruck is at the center of the advertisements that feature little apparel aside from a low riding pair of unbuttoned jeans.

Dsquared2 Ruck

In spite of the lack of accessories and embellishments present in these Dsquared2 images, photographer Steven Klein made the production appear incredibly intense. Dark purple shading was used to embellish snapshots of thick angular lines, each one criss crossing directly above Ruck’s body.

Designer: Dan & Dean Caten
Photographer: Steven Klein
Art Director: Giovanni Bianco
Model: Silvester Ruck

For us fragrance has an emotional connection to who we are, it uncovers a long-held desire or dream, which is why the concept of Wild has such an intrinsic link to us and the ideology of Dsquared2. The ultimate authentic expression of self is to live with complete freedom of speech and mind, we are fascinated with this concept especially in today’s society.

Dean and Dan Caten, Dsquared2.

DSQUARED2 WILDReleased in September 2014. This masculine fragrance symbolizes freedom, speed and pride, presented by photographs of wild stallion and model Silvester Ruck, signed by Steven Klein. 


A rife sense of masculinity abounds this production. Klein’s work speaks to the serious nature of the product, a feature that will certainly be appreciated by fans of the Dsquared2 label in addition to cologne aficionados.

It’s a raw roll in the hay, the whole idea is to be a bit raw. Even the bottle is kind of harnessed

Dan & Dean Caten, Dsquared2

Dsquared2 Wild, described as a fragrance for the contemporary and self-sufficient man, is an evolution of Dsquared2’s olfactory journey inspired by and founded in the elements of nature. Building on a pathway forged by debut scent He Wood and follow up Potion, Wild is a fragrance chapter for Dsquared2 that explores man’s desires and his connection to the natural and urban world that surrounds him. This enigmatic and covetable concept is also at the heart of Dsquared2’s DNA: the freedom for a man to express his sensuality and his deepest desires. Wild materializes Dsquared2’s passion for the avant-garde and unorthodox approach to fashion.

Dsquared2 Wild Silvester Ruck

Aromatic Santolina with tones of Resin are evident, while notes of Opoponax mixed with Ambery accents of Neolabdanum express virility, strength and force. Vegetal Amber is combined with deep notes of Humus to round off the scent. An overwhelming perfume that announces a free and wild soul. The woody – earthy fragrance is created by Daphne Bugey and Annick Menardo.

Top notes: Unexpected Ride: Suddenly the air is filled with the aromatic freshness of Santolina with evocative and vibrant tones of resin: mandarin, cardamom, polygonum
Riding free: Distinctive and intense notes of Opoponax, mixed with modern ambery accents of Neolabdanum, express virility, strength and forcelavender, geranium, ozone
Free your Passion: The sensuality of Vegetal Amber expresses a sillage full of character. Combined with primitive and deep notes of Humus this fragrance exudes the discovery of the unexpected.cedar, patchouli, amber

Dsquared2 Wild

Availble in three sizes: Eau de Toilette 30ml, 50ml and for the real stallions 100ml.

Elegantly shaped with soft lines that gently curve into rounded shoulders, Wild’s clear glass flacon is tall and refined. Finished with a diminutive shiny black cap, the bottle is symbolically harnessed with supple black leather that draws inspiration from stallion bridals, saddles and bondage style straps. This bold design element, conceived by Dean and Dan Caten, underscores the contrast of the untamed concept of the scent that is captured within. The flacon uniquely transmits Dsquared2’s philosophy, by translating uninhibited sex appeal into an ultra chic and modern design.




Dsquared² Intense He Wood

Dsquared² Intense He Wood Banner

Intense He Wood is the new fragrance for men launched by fashion house Dsquared². Dsquared² Intense He Wood is the new flanker to He Wood released in 2007. The new fragrance comes with a more intense aroma, more masculine and woodier. Also, it ideally transmits a pleasant and fresh smell of freedom, of nature and of a clean air. Intense He Wood is a strong, elegant, classic and refined perfume for men. It portrays a perfect smell for those who seek nature instead of a crazy and wild city.

Dsquared² Intense He Wood is composed of amber and white fir notes along with crystal incense, transparent aquatic accord, and flowers of violet. The woody base leaves behind an irresistible smell made of rich guaiac wood, sandalwood, vetiver and cedar accords.


The flacon of Dsquared² Intense He Wood is made from Canadian Red Alder wood, and each bottle looks different due to its natural material.

Dsquared² Intense He Wood will be available as 50 and 100ml Eau de Toilette.





DSQUARED² Potion for Women


Fashion house DSQUARED2 presents the female version of Potion perfume in a fascinating and sensual form. DSQUARED2 Potion for Women is the counterpart to DSQUARED2 Potion Eau de Parfum – male version. Potion for Women will appear in fall as a strong, intense and elegant perfume with a plenty of staying power. This fragrance has the seductive and the right potion to allure and seduce any man.

DSQUARED2 Potion for Women is composed of high-end ingredients and emante a pleasant smell to follow. Potion for Women is described to be an oriental/floral perfume with a chypre character created by perfumer Christine Nagel.



It blends the following potion: 2 bergamot petals, 3 fresh wild blackberries, 1 pinch of violet, 7 dewy rose petals, 3 jasmine flowers, 2 buds of lily of the valley, 1 drop of rhubarb, 3 ½ cups of black and white musk, 2 dashes of black amber, 1 patchouli leaf, and 1 ½ shells of golden vanilla. DSQUARED2 Potion for Women has a unique and impressive composition that will attract any women to smell and buy it.

DSQUARED2 Potion for Women will be available in 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.






DSquared2 Potion

DSquared2 Potion Visual

The Canadian fashion house DSquared2 will introduce its second masculine fragrance, Potion. The new masculine fragrance is said to be ‘the scent of seduction’ and is advertized by wonderful models – mister seduction – Diego Miguel and Malgosia Bela. After the successful DSquared2 He Wood fragrance, which is a woody and powerful perfume, DSquared2 launches Potion a lighter classical and elegant scent that will make any woman heady.

Created by perfumer Annick Menardo, Potion blends seductive aromatic woody notes of mint, angelica, thyme, gentian, cinnamon, cashmere wood, patchouli, amber and musk. Men will be fond of its powerful yet pleasant smell that will always draw women’s attention.

DSquared2 Potion Bottle Box 100ml

Potion comes in a vintage package and with a classical smell, DSquared2 Potion keeps the traditional design and the man appeal. DSquared2 Potion is available as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.