Cartier Summer Blue



Eau de Cartier, a collection of Eaux for him and for her, so that each can sense the constant presence of the other. An Eau with a clear freshness, an ode to simplicity. The olifactory promise of the credo of this Eau, glimmers beyond the purity of a aquamarine colored bottle.

Cartier Eau de Cartier Vétiver Bleu

An Eau de Cartier infused with the the raw, elegant energy of vertiver root essence, wich crystallises its power into a fragrance that is manifestly intense. A rush of lightning, or more like a caress? The rough and elegant vetiver roots’ energy crystalizes the power of the Eau de Cartier. Vertiver Bleu combines both the mint freshness and the woody aromas’ warmth.

Its composition unites the beauty of shades of vertiver and icy cold aromas of mint while playing with cold herbal essences and warm, deep woody notes. A vetiver with multiple facets, covering the skin of emotions with its smoky facets.The vertiver aromas include its smoky face so the composition incorporates also accords of liquorice. Mint brings a crystalline, airy note as the vetiver with its smoky facets warms to the skin, grounding the power of the Eau.

Eau de Cartier Vétiver Bleu

The menthol accent of youth immediatly produces a thermol shock, where warm and cool collide. A breath of icy lightness calm the dry heat of fertile ground, ripened with woody aromas blended with with liquorice. This is where the vertiver thrives, and Eau de Cartier Vertiver Blue preserves the classicism of this cult root of masculine fragrance.

A contrasting and subtile vertiver, with smoked elements, more manly then unisex, that envelop the skin with deep and soft emotions, tempered by wholly crystalline, rough freshness. Created by Mathilde Laurent, the olfactory promise of the credo of this perfume glimmers beyond the purity of a aquamarine colored bottle.

Eau de Cartier Vertiver Blue is available as 50, 100 and 200ml Eau de Toilette.