Ajmal Blu a blue Arabian night

Ajmal Blu

Ajmal Blu, Arabian nights (Click photo to enlarge).

Blu by Ajmal is a, so called, Ozonic Floral Aquatic fragrance for men. It was launched in 2013. Fresh and invigorating, the summer awaits for you to immerse yourself in Blu, a fresh aqua crafted for summer Delight.

Ajmal Blu Eau de Toilette

Ajmal Blu Eau de Parfum (Click photo to enlarge)

It starts off nice and fresh watermelon & bergamot is what is got from the opening and stay’s that way for a good 1, 1.5 hour. Then it slowly evolves to a more of a lavender fragrance ’till the dry down. You will notice lotus & jasmine at times, but neither one plays a bigger role.

  • Top notes: bergamot, lavender and watermelon
  • Middle notes: lotus and jasmine
  • Base notes: sandalwood, amber and musk.

I should say this fragrance is a very linear fragrance, but I like it. Like an Arabian summer night dream.

by Jean Amr

Buying Perfume for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up rather quickly, and it may be hard to pick the right gift for the special mom in your life. A gift idea would be to get them some perfume, and you have to know how to spring it on them so they can be surprised.

Chanel no5-bath-and-body-line

Described it as ‘a woman’s perfume with the scent of a woman’, Chanel No.5 is one of those fragrances with an amazingly beautiful range of products that combine fragrance and skincare. The perfect gift.

To gauge what perfume she might want, try to drop hints without giving away your plan; telling her how good she smells and asking her what she is wearing.

Another suggestion would be to go in the bathroom and look for yourself while she is out of the house. You can either take a picture of the bottle or you can make a mental know if you are sure that you would not forget. If you do not live together, you can do that as well but make sure you excuse yourself to the bathroom when you are over for a visit so you can have a free minute to take that picture or make a mental note.

Cheaper than the perfume itself, and not all moms buy it for themselves, but they all love it, is something from her favorite perfume line… like a bodylotion, or for dryer skin a bodycream, or maybe a dry oil. Or for a very busy mom: a beautiful shower or bathgel, so she can relax together with her favorite fragrance.

Mother’s Day is a special day. With the couple of suggestions mentioned on how to plan the best surprise gift, you can be sure to have a romantic day with the mom in your life.


by Jean Amr

Yves Saint Laurent L’homme Parfum Intense

Handsome Hairy Muscle Man Naked

Usings his power of attrection, he exudes a seductive passion and mystery. Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Parfum Eau de Parfum for Men will embellish your strong body. An intense and piercing secret which will be revealed by your senses. A warming fragrance full of surprises which will make you feel self-confident and rise above everything. Show your real self and your natural charm.


Created for the réal man with a gentleman look. Yves Saint Laurent L’homme Parfum Intense is an ambery woody fragrance bursting with character, featuring sensual and vibrant leather accords. The fragrance is infused with precious ingredients of orange blossom facet reinforced by profound, subtle cedar wood. A breathtaking composition which will show you an essential world you didn’t know before and whose part you will become.

Yves Saint Laurent L'homme Parfum Intense box

Top Notes: Lemon, Pepper, Bergamot

Middle Notes: Artemisia, Orange Tree Blossom

Base Notes: Wooden Notes, Amber

The bottle of Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Parfum Eau de Parfum is oval-shaped, embellished with a metal cap. Elegance oozes just from the appearance of the bottle, not speaking of the long lasting inner side of the original composition. Draw the most powerful weapons on a night out and crown your body with an inspiring aroma.

Dolce Rosa Excelsa, the movie



Sicily, Bagheria. A mother and her five handsome sons return to their ancient family home, a beautiful yet visibly eroded Sicilian Villa, which they restore to its former glory….


Dolce & Gabbana has united 3 of the most eminent figures in Italian cinema in a film which recounts the inspiration behind the Dolce Rosa Excelsa scent, and celebrates the launch of Dolce Rosa Excelsa with a short film that brings together three of the biggest stars in Italian cinema: director Giuseppe Tornatore, composer Ennio Morricone and actress Sophia Loren.



It was an honour to work with these three masters of Italian cinema who bring our creative vision to life. Sophia Loren embodies Italian beauty across the world. We love Giuseppe’s sensibility, his perception of Sicily is the same as ours, so working with him feels very natural. Ennio Morricone’s music has always been a part of our culture, so it gives the story a celebratory, Italian feel.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

Following the first act, entitled ‘Rinascita’ (‘rebirth’) are acts II and III, called ‘Festa’ (‘party’) and ‘Meravigliosa’ (‘wonderful’) respectively


Rich in symbolism, suggestion and emotions, the new film sees three Oscar winners bring the story of the new female fragrance to life. The Dolce Rosa Excelsa film opens with a determined Sophia Loren, a mother of five sons advancing towards the screen.



Sophia Loren takes the role of the strong female matriarch, leading the restoration of a large Sicilian estate, Villa Valguarnera di Bagheria near Palermo. She is the driving force behind the family and the restoration of their ancestral home, and typically of Loren’s film persona, she proves not to be averse to getting her hands dirty.


Her character is juxtaposed to that of Rosa, played by Dolce & Gabbana testimonial Kate King, who comes into view in the second part of the film, once the restoration is completed. Rosa’s beauty strikes one of Loren’s sons who in a bid to capture her heart, picks the most beautiful rose from the garden and offers it to her.



What comes next is at the base of the inspiration of the fragrance: Rosa being gifted with a rose by the young man is secondary, it is her offering the rose to Loren which bares the most significance. It is a meeting between two women from two different generations. A meeting filled with symbolism, beauty and tradition. A highly-charged cascade of spirit and elegance, the encounter is as timeless as the Rose itself.


Sophia Loren, the 81 year old muse and an icon of womanhood and timelessness, recently had already lent her unforgettable features to Dolce & Gabbana for the campaign of Sophia Loren No.1 Lipstick and continues to inspire the designers and cements her rapport with them with her performance in this film.


The Dolce Rosa Excelsa film opens with a determined Sophia Loren advancing towards the screen. As the mother of five sons she takes the role of the strong female matriarch, leading the restoration of a large Sicilian estate.


The house is restored to its former splendour and the whole town is invited to a party to celebrate. The striking Rosa, played by Kate King, catches the eye of Sophia’s youngest son. Stricken by her beauty. Sophia Loren then joins the others in the garden for the party. Kate approaches and offers her the rose.


It is an encounter between two women from two different generations. A meeting filled with symbolism, beauty and tradition as timeless as the rose itself.


The Dolce Rosa Excelsa film features creative themes and symbolism synonymous with Dolce & Gabbana’s creative vision. This begins with the most fascinating and unique of all flowers, the Rose; a recurrent motif seen throughout Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s runway collections and the inspiration for this new scent. Finally, there is the inescapable fusion of tradition and modernity that has always characterised Dolce & Gabbana. The innocence of youth and the wisdom of everlasting values are echoed in the meeting between Kate and Sophia, which brings the film to a close.

Rich in symbolism, suggestion and emotions, the new film sees three Academy Award winners bring the story of the new female fragrance to life: director Giuseppe Tornatore, composer Ennio Morricone, actress Sophia Loren.


Dolce Rosa Excelsa marks the fifth collaboration and on-going relationship between the Designers and Giuseppe Tornatore. While the Oscar winner and 2016 Oscar nominated Ennio Morricone soundtrack ties together the direction, protagonists and inspiration of the film with his signature notes.



Dolce&Gabbana honors the rose

For being based in Italy and because I love Dolce & Gabbana very much I would like to share with you these new beauty treats that are available in stores from this very moment.


One look, four posts! It is all about…roses, roses, and roses. A new fragrance, a happy looking Spring make-up collection and 11 shades of pink matte lipstick…That will do it all!

In a continued celebration of the rose, a flower of great significance and timeless beauty, Dolce & Gabbana has launched a selection of rose themed products. From the Dolce Rosa Excelsa fragrance, a stunning fresh rose scent, which is accompanied by a beautiful film by Giuseppe Tornatore starring Sophia Loren and with a score by the legendary Ennio Morricone (one to watch, even though it is short but so full of romance, happiness and strength), to a new selection of Dolce Matte Lipsticks: 11 rigorously pink shades, and a complimentary make up collection Rosa Look 2016 for a total pink Spring.


Dolce Rosa Excelsa captures the essence of fresh petals in bloom with two precious rose notes. Used for the first time in perfumery, the rare African Dog Rose comes from a charming coastal flowering tree that grows in the rich and fertile flora of South Africa. It is combined with the deep pink flowers of Turkish Rose Absolute, highly prized in perfumery for its olfactive intensity. Together, these sensual rose notes enrich the opulent, full-bodied scent of White Amaryllis, the signature of Dolce.

African Dog Rose and White Amaryllis were both captured using ‘Headspace Technology’, a revolutionary and sustainable process that captures the precise scent of the flower when it is in full bloom without needing to cut and grind the petals to extract the essential oil.

  • Top: The fragrance opens with a sweet-smelling explosion of lively Neroli leaves and Papaya flowers, dissipating into a floral bouquet of White Water Lily and White Daffodil.
  • Heart: Precious notes of Turkish Rose Absolute and rare African Dog Rose add charming richness to Dolce’s signature blend.
  • Base: The feminine floral heart is counterbalanced by a background of warm Musky notes, Cashmeran and Sandalwood, leaving a sensual trail of light woods, earthy tones and piquant spices.


Dolce & Gabbana’s Dolce Rosa Excelsa has an aquatic kind of edge that I find really appealing. I always think that it’s a rather masculine note, but perhaps that’s because every single boy wore Davidoff’s Cool Water! This is fresh, juicy and smells very summery and uplifting – a hint of rose, but very much scattered through the other notes rather than dominating. This is a new successor in the collection Dolce, which features a flower-shaped cap, but colored in red this time.

Dolce Rosa Excelsa Eau de Parfum, is availble as 75ml, 50ml and 30ml.

Rich in symbolism, suggestion and emotions, the new film sees three Academy Award winners bring the story of the new female fragrance to life: director Giuseppe Tornatore,  composer Ennio Morricone and actress Sophia Loren.


The Terry De Gunzburg fragrance collection


The Terry De Gunzburg fragrance collection

Since founding her signature label in 1998, make-up artist Terry de Gunzberg has long held a reputation for quality and creativity in the beauty world. With the aim of bringing the artistic flair and perfectionism of Haute Couture to make-up, each of her creations is bold yet perfectly balanced. Applying this philosophy to fragrance, Terry de Gunzberg launched her first collection of eau de parfums in 2012. The luxurious range is ten years in the making ensuring nothing but the purest of notes and rarest of blends is achieved and resulting in five scents built from a strong palette of aromas that aim to be the perfect fragrance ‘fit’.


The Terry De Gunzburg fragrance collection

Terry de Gunzburg Flagrant Délice

This fragrance is a love at first sight scent that strikes women and intoxicates men.

Thrillingly tempting, Flagrant Délice is infused with almond milk and sun-ripened fig; this alluring combination of modern materials with natural ingredients creates a rich blend.

Terry de Gunzberg Flagrant Délice - HDTerry De Gunzburg Flagrant Délice Eau de Parfum, 100ml.

Instantly, the bitter almond essence gives a carnal hint with notes of bergamot and mandarin giving balance. In the heart, Mediterranean fig with red currants, tonka beans and white musk creates an enveloping magnetism.

Terry De Gunzburg Parti Pris

This fragrance delivers its ‘Haute Féminité’ in seconds. Instantly recognisable, tuberose reveals the power of seduction, whilst sweet, absolute orange melts in to Turkish rose and a hint of ylang ylang.

Terry de Gunzberg Parti Pris - HDTerry De Gunzburg Parti Pris Eau de Parfum, 100ml.

At the base, smoked vetiver, sandalwood, vanilla and Tolu balm come together to create a surprising vintage blend. Finally, incense, Turkish tobacco absolute, rockrose and labdanum echo ancient perfume accords.

Terry De Gunzburg Rêve Opulent

This fragrance is the absolute expression of luxury, with an opulent touch that brings out a rich, floral heart in this tenacious floral assemble.

Terry de Gunzberg Rêve Opulent - HDTerry De Gunzburg Rêve Opulent Eau de Parfum, 100ml

Featuring jasmine, together with rose, a touch of orange blossom, a trail of ylang ylang and a hint of Sri Lanka cinnamon become a dream of gardenia.

Terry De Gunzburg Lumières D’épices

This fragrance evokes Mediterranean jasmine: a bud ready to open, almost green and nourished with citrus fruits, spices and honey.

Terry de Gunzberg Lumiere D'Épices - HDTerry De Gunzburg Lumières D’épices Eau de Parfum, 100ml

Vibrant and sparkling, the fragrance opens a refreshing symphony of citrus notes, while the bitterness of grapefruit, the blood orange zest and bergamot awaken the heart. With facets of roses and orange blossoms, it seems oxygenated, like fresh air. Indian sambac jasmine, with honeyed tones gives warmth together with orange blossom absolute, spices and dry woods. Muscat, clove and cedarwood bring this contemporary composition to life. A distinctively elegant fragrance with a luminously vibrant bouquet.

Terry De Gunzburg

This fragrance is pure seduction, an enchanting blend of iris and violet, which plunges us into the darkness of the night.

Noble, powdery, feminine and rare, the scent unveils all the facets of a delicious woody iris. Formulated with the purest iris ‘butter’, this olfactive treat flirts furtively with a few petals of rose, ylang ylang and jasmine. This subtle blending gives it softness with the darkness of the patchouli forming the spine of this fragrant composition.

Terry de Gunzberg Terryfic Oud - Packshots - HDTerry De Gunzburg Ombre Mercury Eau de Parfum, 100ml

Vanilla, with a base of spicy benzoin reveals more femininity. This blended with accents of violet, reminiscent of loose powder, red lipstick and of the classic chypre, is especially designed for passionate characters.






Guerlain reveals a new side to ‘L’Homme Idéal’ with an Eau de Parfum


The cult of Guerlain’s ideal man continues with a new ‘L’Homme Idéal’ fragrance, capturing the qualities that characterize the perfect gent: intelligence, beauty, charm, humor and kindness.

The new version was crafted for the French luxury brand by Guerlain master perfumer Thierry Wasser and Guerlain perfumer Delphine Jelk. Together they reinterpreted the signature ingredient of the original scent, the almond, to create the new Eau de Parfum.

Guerlain L'Homme Ideal Eau de Parfum, 2016.jpg

This more intensely captivating almond aroma is matched with bergamot and a selection of spices. This is complemented with notes of Bulgarian rose, incense and the vanilla tincture so dear to Guerlain. At its base, this woody oriental scent reveals coppery notes plus sandalwood and tonka bean.

The beveled shape of the original Art Deco style bottle remains unchanged, with its strong, square shoulders. However, the new version comes finished in a matte amber shade.

‘L’Homme Idéal’  is now available in three variations, with this Eau de Parfum adding to the existing Eau de Toilette and Cologne.

Guerlain ‘L’Homme Idéal Eau de Parfum’ is due out April 2016.


Must de Cartier Gold

Must de Cartier

Over thirty years after the very inception of Must de Cartier, the Maison’s In-House Perfumer Mathilde Laurent has worked with Givaudan, the fragrance company that created the original Must de Cartier in 1981, to concoct an Eau de Parfum. Must was composed.

Must was composed in 1981 by perfumer Jean-Jacques Diener as a green Oriental Eau de Toilette. An innovation in the early 80’s, Must was the first ever green oriental essence, while the jewel-like refillable bottle was also the first of its kind. In another first, Cartier debuted the concept of the perfume launch in a spectacular event featuring a disco dance show and fireworks, attended by an unprecedented gathering of the international jet set, all set against the backdrop of a giant perfume bottle – at Château de Versailles, no less.

Must de Cartier captured incomparable freshness in an oriental fragrance with the very green note of galbanum. Marked by a heavy presence of jasmine and vanilla underpinned with the galbanum, Must de Cartier was an olfactory shockwave that shook up the very boundaries of the fragrance world.

Must de Cartier -

Must de Cartier Gold Eau de Parfum is a real beautiful variation on jasmine with the joyous intensity of osmanthus stirring up the legendary sensuality of the Must de Cartier fragrance. A sensuous oriental fragrance with a delicate sweet fruitiness, it is the dazzling reintrepretation of the original, legendary Must de Cartier perfume, that pulses with the decadence of sparkling floral notes of jasmine, blackcurrant bud and a colourful burst of osmanthus.
  • Top notes: Galbanum and green leaves
  • Middle notes: Jasmine and osmanthus
  • Base note is vanilla
Tastefully updated by Cartier, the famous gadroons of the original bottle are now the dominant feature in the original oval bottle, which glows like never before.


Encapsulating The Magical Experience Of The Desert In A Bottle: Rimal

Rimel Nabeel Spirit of Dubai

The undulating sands or the desert of Dubai is a star attraction for locals as well as tourists inviting them for a thrilling 4-wheel adventure. Through Rimal included in the Spirit of Dubaï Collection, Nabeel Perfumes pays tribute to the desert that constitutes an important part of the city’s landscape.

The sublime unisex fragrance of Rimal is a medley of warm top notes of saffron, cinnamon, nutmeg and bergamot with middle notes of patchouli , ylang ylang, and undertones of sensuous sandalwood and vetiver. The fragrance is held in a glass bottle with warm amber accessory that represents the shimmering sands of the desert, with golden embellishments and a bejeweled golden cap.

Olfactive family: Oriental, Spicy, Woody, Ambery, Leathery

  • Top notes: Saffron, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Leather, Bergamot, Nutmeg, Styrax, Cardamon
  • Heart notes: Incense, Rose, Ylang, Agarwood, Labdanum, Cedarwood, Cyprus
  • Base notes: Cistus Labdanum, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Tonka, Vetiver, Musk, Amber, Agarwood, Benzoin/Tolu

Luxury Perfume for Men & Women By Nabeel Perfumes The Spirit of Dubai

Welcome to The Spirit of Dubai Video! Dubai is one of those cities that must be seen to be believed.

NEW! Oscar de la Renta Extraordinary Pétale

Oscar de la Renta Extraordinary Pétale

A new spring launch (March2016) from Oscar de la Renta: Extraordinary Pétale 

An invigorating and alluringly feminine take on Oscar de la Renta’s Extraordinary is born. Romantic, lace-inspired touches from creative director Peter Copping collide with Oscar’s exuberant, floral signature, making Extraordinary Pétale a refreshingly modern scent for the contemporary woman.

A light, fruity, floral, woody with notes including zesty mandarin, rose at its heart and unfolding with Couture Amber & touches of Vanilla Orchid Petals infused with radiant musk.

It’s gorgeous & timeless and we can’t wait for you to try it.