Eau d’Italie Un Bateau Pour Capri, New Fragrance


Eau d’Italie, initially a secret between those in the know. Eau d’Italie quickly traveled the world from Positano, the key to its success being a truly Italian ingredient: la passione, that same burning passion that gave the world beauty and excellence in art, fashion and design. At Eau d’Italie they work with the greatest creators in the world – ‘noses’, as they are called in the industry – and they use only top grade materials, to create fragrances and body care products which are always contemporary, always original, always inspiring.

Now the Italian perfume house launches Un Bateau Pour Capri – a new fresh floral fragrance with a sense of freedom, frankness and honesty. Eau d’Italie Un Bateau Pour Capri is nice, strong and intense. It is not that kind of fresh fragrance yet nice enough to impress all year round.



Eau d_Italie Un Bateau Pour Capri

Created by perfumer Jacques Cavallier, Eau d’Italie Un Bateau Pour Capri is vibrant and warm. It blends peony, freesia, peach, jasmine, rose, heliotrope, solar wood, cedar and musk.

Eau d’Italie Un Bateau Pour Capri will be available as 100 ml Eau de Parfum.