Emanuel Ungaro Diva Rose

Diva Rose Emanuel Ungaro.jpg

Maison Emanuel Ungaro launches a new fragrance Diva Rose – a new flanker to 1983’s Diva. Emanuel Ungaro Diva was the company’s first fragrance, and one of the most feminine fragrances èver created. This timeless perfume is still considered a legendary and an iconic scent for women. The new Emanuel Ungaro Diva Rose perfume has a modern interpretation and more innovative approaches.

Diva Rose blends a lot of Bulgarian roses, which make this passionate fragrance be more alluring and irresistible. Emanuel Ungaro Diva Rose has a romantic aura and a delightful pleasant smell. This young floral fragrance will attract attention instantly with top notes of bergamot, litchi, green leaves, rose petals, freesia, lilac, amber and musk – which will add a final note of irresistible sensuality.


Though with main note of rose perfume is still considered to be fresh and light. EmanuelUngaro Diva Rose’s bottles shape resembles much with the original, updated with shades of pink. Spring blossoms with Emanuel Ungaro Diva Rose Perfume.