Discovering Loewe’s new fragrances for him and her



Celebrate a new chapter with Loewe as they release the ultimate must-have scents of the season…  Loewe have officially harnessed their knowledge of high craftsmanship, leathers and must-have accessories into two new fragrances, simultaneously adding to their growing and (highly covented) collections. The LVMH-owned fashion house introduced Loewe 001 Woman and Loewe 001 Man this season in a celebration of new beginnings.




Loewe’s home nose Emilio Valeros, has also created his own story, which occurs when the 001 Woman and 001 Man fragrances are combined to create a third olfactory note, infused with common top notes white musk, bergamot and sandalwood. Also, expect the female fragrance to have a hint of vanilla, jasmine and amber, while the men’s masculine notes are created by an undertone of cardamom, vetiver, carrot seeds, musk, patchouli, cedar and bergamot. 


Loewe 001 Woman and Loewe 001 Man are now available on and at Loewe’s official retailers across the world. Shop the collection, then read Loewe’s self-titled book to discover more about the brand’s 170-year amazing history.

Come into the world of


Loewe Agua de Loewe Mediterraneo

Loewe Agua de Loewe Mediterraneo visual2.jpg

For the upcoming hot summer days, Loewe launches a new fragrance called Agua de Loewe Mediterraneo. A new limited edition unisex perfume. Agua de Loewe Mediterraneo is the new flanker to 2000’s Agua de Loewe. This fresh and pure as breeze perfume is inspired by the Mediterranean Sea – an inspiration that calms and relaxes a wearer. The flavor of the Mediterranean, the breath of fresh invigorating air, the joy of spring by the sea, and a pleasant mix of herbal and marine scents.

Before the most recent edition, Loewe launched a number of Agua (waters) to complete the perfume collection. First among them is the unisex scent Agua de Loewe, presented in 2000, and followed by Aguazul de Loewe, from 2008. The collection also includes a fragrant aqua-duo – Agua de Loewe El and Agua di Loewe Ella, from 2009.

Loewe Agua de Loewe Mediterraneo

The most recent, Loewe Agua de Loewe Mediterraneo is announced as the new version of the original Aqua de Loewe from 2000. The Mediterranean is the key inspiration for this fragrance, which accentuates the scent of the sea. Agua de Loewe Mediterraneo is the first in a series of fragrances that will be presented and inspired by the seas – Colección Tesoros del Mar.

Created by Emilio Valeros, Loewe Agua de Loewe Mediterraneo is a pure indulgence fragrance. Top notes of the composition will refresh us with flowers of neroli, juices of orange and aromatic nuances of tarragon. The heart contains floral nuances of jasmine and lily of the valley, refined by notes of juniper berries. The base is made of cedar, vanilla and musk. Even though it is designed to seduce both sexes, I consider that this nice perfume better suits and characterizes men.


Loewe Agua de Loewe Mediterraneo Flacon Box


Loewe Agua de Loewe Mediterráneo has a light turquoise color and is sealed in an elegant glass bottle. it’s available in 50, 100 and 150 ml Eau de Toilette.