Rie van de Rest, Miss Holland 1930

In 1930, the election of Miss Holland had a messy gradient. Initially, Emmy Kuster from the Hague was elected, but a day later turns out she ‘accidentally’ has a wrong age specified. She is too old for participation. It also appears she was married. The initial winner of the Miss Holland 1930 title was disqualified. After her disqualification, the number 2, Rie of the Rest from Breda designated as the new Miss Holland.

miss Holland gediskwalficeerd

De gediskwalificeerde Miss Holland, Emmy Kuster, wordt bij het verlaten van de tram geholpen door een trambestuurder (Spaarnestad Photo) (Click photo to enlarge).

Polygoon Hollands News, 1930

In the video we see the participants and their family and jurors at the Hotel Américain in Amsterdam, where the election was held.

The departure of Rie of Rest, Miss Holland 1930, starting from Rotterdam Airport Waalhaven. Shots of Rie of Rest in conversation, various images of Rie van de Rest around and in a plane.Miss Holland 1930, leaving for Paris, where she will compete for the title of Miss Europe. (no sound).

Miss Hollande, Rie Van der Rest -

Miss Hollande, Rie Van der Rest

Miss Hollande, Rie Van der Rest (Click photo’s to enlarge).


Miss Russia, Irina Wentzel, Miss Austria, Ingeborg von Grinberger and Miss Holland, Rie Van der Rest, in the Streets of Paris (Click photo to enlarge).


Miss Holland 1930, Rie van de Rest after her victory wanted a film career. She made, for that time, a very spicy photo shoot. With her film career is never what become ….

On March 13, 2015 appeard the book ‘De mooiste van het land – opkomst en ondergang van Miss Holland 1929-1937’ by Mark Traa, by Athenaeum-Polak & Van Gennep and nicely written book with lots of cute ‘vintage’ background, and the ladies from that time, we get them know well. Fun moments, but also the less fun: As the story of the Amsterdam student Mary van Lelyveld (18) who became Miss Holland 1931, but with her husband and son she would be gassed in Sobibor in the war …

by Jean Amr

De Mooiste van het Land