Marriage contract signed by France’s Napoleon and Josephine up for sale


A marriage contract that the Emperor Napoleon and his wife Josephine signed as witnesses goes on sale next month for €21,000. The document records the marriage of General August Hulin and Marie Jeanne-Louise Tiersonnier, and was one of the first signed by Napoleon after being proclaimed emperor of France in 1804.

I am thrilled to share the evocative nature of this historical document on Valentine’s Day. It is assuredly the finest marriage contract signed by Emperor Napoleon and his Empress Josephine available in the world. Napoleon and Josephin’s own marriage contract is preserved in National Archives of France.

David Lowenherz, founder & owner of Lion Heart Autographs in New York

New York based Lion Heart Autographs has announced an extraordinary opportunity to acquire the finest marriage document ever. This rare Valentine’s Day opportunity celebrates history’s most romantic and often controversial couple – Napoleon & Josephine. The evocative marriage contract is not only signed by the historic couple, but by other French notables, including six of Napoleon’s original eighteen marshals (the highest military rank during the Empire). The Valentine’s Day presentation of such a unique, historical document marks the first time Lion Heart Autographs has offered it for sale; it is one of only a handful known to exist in private hands.



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Lion Heart Autographs will display the document at The Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show at the Palm Beach County Convention Center from February 10-16, 2016. Come into the beautiful world of Lion Heart Autographs.