Experimental Perfume Club Opens First Flagship in London

Let me start by saying I don’t see my job as work.

Emmanuelle Moeglin, perfumer & founder EPC

Rather, Emmanuelle Moeglin define it as her passion and my life. She has worked her entire career in perfumery. Her fascination for fragrances started at a very young age when she was collecting everything perfume. As a kid, she was fascinated by this poetic world. Her love for ingredients came later when she studied perfumery and spent time understanding the intricacy of creation.

Emmanuelle Moeglin started her journey at the perfumer’s school ISIPCA in France, where she learnt the science and secrets of fragrance creation. She then went onto travelling the world, collaborating with some of the most esteemed perfumers, working as a Fragrance Design Manager for brands such as L’Oreal and Puig in Paris, Barcelona and New York.

Since that time, Emmanuelle Moeglin had been thinking about bringing education and the art of perfumery to the general public. She was meeting so many people who loved and wore fragrances but knew very little about it. So EPC, a DIY-focused fragrance brand, was born, providing perfume lovers with relevant education and support to allow them to create their very own fragrance, all while learning what it takes to create a perfume.

Founded in 2016, since its inception, the Experimental Perfume Club has hosted visitors at its working lab space in East London, and has also established a brand presence in both Selfridges and Harvey Nichols department stores. the DIY-focused fragrance brand began with blending workshops before expanding into ready-made blendable scents and bespoke perfumery, has launched its first flagship location on 53 Monmouth Street within Seven Dials, London.

Providing a permanent space to produce classes and work in the lab, this seminal step for Experimental Perfume Club represents how much the industry has changed over the last decade, with burgeoning consumer interest in the behind-the-scenes of perfumery, appetite for hands-on experiences, wider acceptance of self-taught perfumers, and proliferated access to perfumery education. 

The store will also house the brand’s signature scent collection, created in-house by Moeglin. It’s described as ‘unique and minimalist’ Eau de Parfums that can be worn alone or used as building blocks to blend together for a personalised result.

Emmanuelle Moeglin, founder and perfumer at Experimental Perfume Club, commented: “Our ethos at EPC is to bring the art of perfumery to the general public, so having an inviting physical environment in a central part of London is crucial. Our new home and flagship in Seven Dials will allow us to grow and expand our educational and experience-led operations, amongst a like-minded and tight-knit brand community. We are thrilled to have the exposure to new audiences from this Monmouth Street location and are very excited to connect with more perfume lovers in this space”.

The lab-boutique will also stage both informative workshops and one-to-one appointments, as well as private groups and corporate events, as and when Covid restrictions allow, the company said.

Experimental Perfume Club
53 Monmouth Street, London WC2H 9DG

For more information, or to purchase Experimental Perfume Club products online, including their lab packs and at-home Perfumer’s Atelier, please come into the beautiful world of the Experimental Perfume Club.

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