Manly Hermès Equipage Géranium

Handsome Hairy Bear

As part of the Collection Les Classiques, Hermès has launched a new interpretation of their classic masculine fragrance Equipage, that was created by Guy Robert way back in 1970. Modern day perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena has now created this new perfume Equipage Geranium.

Hermes Equipage Géranium Eau de Toilette

Hermès Equipage Géranium (Click photo to enlarge).

This manly and aromatic fragrance contains spicy accords and geranium, a hint of rose and mint to soften it just a bit and a dash of sandalwood that adds an elegant and sensual side to the composition. With the classic aroma of Guy Robert and a twist added to it by their new perfumer, Hermès hopes to have these bottles of Equipage flying off the shelves.

Hermès Equipage Geranium, is available from fall 2015, and is available as 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

by Jean Amr