Escada Especially Escada Delicate Notes

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Escada’s Especially Escada gets a fresher and lighter form with delicate notes and a sweet pale design. Escada Especially Escada Delicate Notes is the new perfume for women presented by the fashion label Escada as a sweet indulgence and a must-have accessory for women this summer.

Created by Jean Michel Duriez, Especially Escada Delicate Notes will simply be irresistible, truly feminine, airy and delicate. Playing around rosy notes accentuating an elegant and feminine aroma. Especially Escada Delicate Notes also blends pear, ylang ylang, ambrette seeds, musk and wood – refined notes to make a woman sparkle and look grandiose.

Escada Especially Escada Delicate Notes is available as 30, 50 and 75 ml Eau de Toilette.

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Escada Especially Escada

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Especially Escada creates spontaneous luxury moments and is ‘designed for playful, spontaneous and glamorous women of today’. A luxurious and feminine scent, Especially Escada carries a joyful, spontaneous and glamorous spirit. Aromas of Floral, Soft Rosy Floral. It is a fresh and lovely perfume with an irresistible charm that never stops to impress others around. Especially Escada perfume is ideal for everyday wear, as well as occasional.

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With Especially Escada perfume you create your own world of happiness and isolation. Watch below the amazing commercial perfume video of Especially Escada Perfume: