Go Wild Over This Lust-Worthy Eyeshadow Palette


Remember the Moondust eyeshadows which quickly had makeup gurus going crazy over its micro-fine sparkle?

Understanding that the need for glitter is becoming quite the essential, and that a single Moondust shade isn’t quite enough, Urban Decay will soon unveil its very first Moondust Eyeshadow Palette in eight glorious new shades that bear the same intensity as the original Moondust.


The packaging is absolutely mesmerizing.


There is a nice mirror on the inside of the lid

The eight shades in the palette are all brand new:

  • Specter – soft pink with tonal sparkle
  • Element – peach with pink shift and sparkle
  • Magnetic – purple with blue sparkle
  • Lightyear – vibrant green with tonal sparkle
  • Granite – gunmetal with multicoloured sparkle
  • Lithium – brown with iridescent 3-D sparkle
  • Vega – bright blue with tonal sparkle
  • Galaxy – smoky blue-tray with iridescent 3-D sparkle

This is obviously not a full eye look in a palette kind of eyeshadow palette. What it is is a secret weapon palette that you can pull out to add some dazzling sparkle to any eye look. They will produce some fallout on application so ensure you tap off the excess from your brush before applying, or do your eye makeup before your complexion.

While a lot of sparkle can be quite dramatic, these shades, which will be available from September, will offer a refined, sophisticated finish.