Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass 2016


Whenever Urban Decay releases a palette, it’s somehow always better than the next. Each Naked sells out instantly upon arrival. And the Vice palettes!? There’s nothing more electric and exciting for beauty junkies. The results are even more rad when the brand teams up with epic movies. Now, Urban Decay and its founder, Wende Zomnir, have revealed that their next partnership is here, and it’s major.



Urban Decay and Wende both took to Instagram to show off their brand-new collab with the Alice Through the Looking Glass film. Another Disney-themed product launch? It couldn’t be more perfect. And this isn’t the first time that the brand has linked up with Alice. Back in 2010, they released a gorgeous Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows stocked with all the dreamy colors you could imagine coinciding with the film’s launch.


Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass presented a collection that is eyeshadow palette consists of limited-edition which looks like it will quickly run out at launch. In order to welcome the launching of the sequel to Alice in Wonderland, ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’, Disney granted Alice fans dreams come true by making collaboration Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass.


The palette will feature a rainbow of 20 different fantastic shades, with whimsical names inspired by the names of the characters of the film. Not only that, Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass also provides five options of gorgeous lipsticks to match with color palette eyeshadow.


More info at Urban Decay

YSL Exclusive Couture Palette Clash & White



A powerful black electrifies a virginal white for a bold graphic finish Couture Palette Clash & White.

A new season a new YLS limited edition 2016 couture summer palette! This time YSL comes up with this zebra inspired packaging Exclusive Couture Palette Clash & White, a new couture 5 eyeshadow palette.

The ‘Clash and White’ edition is decorated with animalistic zebra print and a new harmony of shades. The palette includes an intensifying base shade, a highlighter to illuminate the eye’s inner corner and the curve below the eyebrow, finish your look with three eyelid shades for contrast. Color glides on smoothly, evenly and blends effortlessly. Dare to intensify your couture look with the new Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils.



It’s a beauty. So elegant and chic. To be honest, I don’t even like animalistic prints, but this is so well done. Superb. This is great. White tigery. And this white is not just white, it’s a pearly white. Nice.

Opening this purse beauty, you will see five shades in the usual YSL lay out, four eye shadow colours on the sides and one eye liner shade in the middle. The question becomes: where is the white part of the clash? It’s not present in the palette. In general, the shades are not what I expected on hearing the name ‘Clash and White’.


YSL-Exclusive-Couture-Palette-Clash-White-2016 a


The eye shadow is soft, not too soft though, it’s good and solid YSL quality. Well, instead of white here we have this sparkling light yellow, it’s very textured by the look of it, it consists of myriads of tiny little yellow sparks. This shade is a little too light to be a very becoming eyeshadow colour.

More of a highlighting under the brow shade. Matt grey eyeshadow. Looks kind of grege in the palette, but comes off medium grey when swatched. Somehow the beige part disappears altogether.

Shiny warm golden brown, that is, it’s a warm brown shade with a bunch of golden sparkle. Very lush. Just like the grey, it looks kind of darker grege in the palette, but goes the other way – not into grey, it goes all the way into warmer brown. Unexpected.

Pearly and shiny golden khaki. Looks lighter than it swatches. Pair it up with golden brown and you’ll get artsy and super hot smoky eye shades. Red carpet level look.

Then there’s a matt black eye liner in the middle. It’s not a dark black shade. Some people would call it borderline grey. Charcoal grey.

As always, the palette comes with two aplicators: One has an eye shadow sponge on one side and a pointed eye shadow sponge on the other side. The other one is a pointed eye liner brush

I kind of like the whole golden side. What’s the connection to Clash & White though? I don’t get it. Gorgeous design. And randomness almost of shades. I guess, the conclusion is, if you want these golden shades, you can go for this palette. If you don’t – it’s not like they are unique, you might have them already in one form or another – then why do you need it? Well, unless you can’t resist the design. I can certainly understand if you can’t!