Prominent Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. John Anastasatos, Now Providing Facelifts Under Local Anesthesia for Patients

Over the past 21 years, Dr. Anastasatos has earned global recognition for his beautiful surgical results and he treats patients from all over the world. He is one of the few plastic surgeons that possess both the skill and technique to perform facelift and necklift procedures with local anesthesia, avoiding the many downsides of using traditional general anesthesia or IV sedation.

Many patients considering facelifts or necklifts fear the use of general anesthesia or IV sedation which is a major deterrent to getting procedures done. Performing a facelift under local anesthesia is a much safer option for the patient, and when completed by a renowned expert, such as Dr. John Anastasatos, does not compromise the result. Dr. Anastasatos had the privilege of receiving advanced training in facelift and necklift surgery using local anesthesia under Dr. Luis Vasconez, a pioneer in this procedure. Not all plastic surgeons are capable or comfortable with doing facelifts or necklifts under local anesthesia like Dr. Anastasatos. It requires extra skill, extra training, and the extra patience that he possesses.

Performing lifts of the face and neck area with local anesthesia expands the spectrum of patients who can get these procedures done, and overall, it is much safer for them. My patients have been thrilled with the exceptional results that I have been able to achieve.

Dr. John Anastasatos.

Utilizing cutting-edge techniques and injection methods during the surgery, Dr. Anastasatos’ patients only feel an initial “mosquito bite” with limited or no pain for the remaining injections. The blood pressure and the heart rate of patients remain stable throughout the whole operation. From a surgical standpoint, the risk of a post-operative hematoma and blood clots significantly diminishes when performing facelift and necklift procedures under local anesthesia. The recovery process begins immediately, and tiredness associated with general anesthesia is also avoided. The cost of performing a facelift and/or necklift under local anesthesia is comparable to one done with general anesthesia or IV sedation, however, it does require additional time in the operating room.

More about Dr. John Anastasatos:

At Los Angeles Plastic Surgery, Dr. John Anastasatos is highly regarded for his skill in cosmetic, reconstructive, and revision procedures, including gold-standard facelifts, breast augmentations, body lift procedures, liposuction, and non-surgical treatments.

I understand that the consideration of a plastic surgery procedure can be a fearful thought. It is hard to trust someone with your body, appearance, image, likeness, and vision of yourself. Therefore, I shall be patient with you until you feel comfortable to proceed, and I will make the process hassle-free.

Dr. John Anastasatos

Raised in the United States but with family roots in Athens, Greece, Dr. Anastasatos attended Brown University and was accepted to their medical school. He then completed general surgical training at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital, an affiliate of Columbia University. After finishing his cosmetic and reconstructive residency at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, he completed a fellowship in hand surgery, upper extremity, and microsurgery.

During this time, Dr. Anastasatos served as an attending surgeon at UAB Hospital, The Children’s Hospital, and VA Hospital. He established his own practice in Southern California in 2007 and opened a second location in Athens, Greece. Dr. John Anastasatos has earned the recognition of Castle Connolly Top Doctor and America’s Most Honored Doctors – Top 5% 2022. To schedule a consultation with Dr. John Anastasatos or for more information on his practice locations in Beverly Hills, CA, or Athens, Greece, please call (310) 888-4048, or visit his website Los Angeles Plastic Surgery.