Hanami, Fendi Fan di Fendi Blossom

Fendi Fan di Fendi Blossom 2

Sadly I have never been to Japan, not for work or privatly. What I would like to experiance once is spring time in Japan. The land of the rising sun, transformed into a proud masterpiece of nature. Fresh green grass heralded the spring and soon these brilliant green grew and carpeted the earth. Warmed by sunlight, many beautiful flowers started to bloom and splashed the world with their vibrant colors. During this season, many people all over the world flock to Japan not only to eat the famous Japanese ramen, but also to enjoy viewing the blooming of the cherry blossom trees.

Cherry blossoms are known to be those little delicate and beautiful flowers which bloom and fall a little over a week. In Japan, the blooming of cherry blossoms is a symbol of ephemeral beauty of life – a fleeting course of nature which only lasts shortly yet exhibits magnificence like no other. That is why every year, hanami or ‘cherry blossoms viewing’ is being held in several parts of Japan to marvel at the beauty of these precious flowers. Celebrations including fireworks display and picnics under the trees are quite common.

Bloom Sakura Cherry Blossom Gif.

Known being the perfect accessory for any Fendi woman, Fan di Fendi recently welcomed another fragrance into its collection. The Italian fashion house Fendi presents Fan di Fendi Blossom as a new part of their famous Fan di Fendi Collection and will show up early this year in a very sublime, fresh and alluring form. Fan di Fendi Blossom, has a new delicate and floral perfume with a light fragrance with a fresh bouquet of flowers in morning dew, reminiscent of a beautiful spring day.

Fan di Fendi Blossom was created by François Demachy, Artistic Director for olfactory development at LVMH, in collaboration with perfumers Delphine Lebeau and Benoît Lapouza. It is a luminous floral fragrance based on delicate Sakura Cherry Blossom. Japanese pear and raspberry made up the beginning of the composition with the scent of cherry blossom at the heart. Egyptian jasmine and Chinese magnolia wrap the scent with a powdery base that calms with white musk and vanilla notes. Overall, this extremely floral perfume radiates freshness like the blooming petals in spring and celebrates joyfulness of femininity.


This fresh, delicate, and young woman who has a romantic smile exudes gentleness and femininity. However, she wears black tights and stands on a fur cube which also symbolizes her sophistication, sensuality and desire to be seductive. Basically, a Fendi woman who wears pink does so with conviction and style

Fendi Fan di Fendi Blossom will awake deep sensual feelings of freshness and fresh air as it will appear early spring with the first blooming trees. It is always pleasant to pass to a new amazing and fresh scent when it comes to the spring season. Fan di Fendi Blossom will be a worth accessory for women adoring to smell fresh, modern and lively.Fendi Fan di Fendi Blossom Flacon

The iconic Fan di Fendi bottle, featuring the Fendi FF logo, has been beautifully re-invented in a fresh yet delicate pink, inspiring the flourishing season and feelings.

Following the footsteps of popular Fendi bags, Fan di Fendi Blossom comes in a subtle dual color – a unique chromatic contrast of powder pink and tangy pink, a tribute to the colors of cherry blossom. The silver edging underlines Fendi’s emblematic double F. The glass is transparent which reveals the light pink fragrance, covered by a translucent cap on top.

Fendi Fan di Fendi Blossom will be available as 50ml Eau de Toilette.