Fresh again


The Swedish fashion brand Filippa K launches a Clothing Mist together with Swedish Pure Effect, as a part of the new Filippa K Care collection. The aim is to treat our garments well, mist them to reduce unnecessary washing and in the end keep each garment, uniquely designed to keep timeless style, in its pristine condition. This aligns with a more environmentally conscious way of thinking and caring for fashion.

The Clothing Mist formula is based on biotechnology, using a unique active bacterial culture that breaks down odor molecules and organic material in your clothes without the mechanics of a washing machine. Just hang your garment, spray it, and let it dry. This extends the time between washing, freshens up clothing while traveling and gives difficult-to-wash fabrics like cashmere, wool, etc. a longer life.

The Filippa K Clothing Mist is available at Filippa K and selected stores worldwide Come into the beautiful world of Filippa K.