Filorga’s latest innovation, the Time-Zero serum

Filorga Time-Zero Serum new

For over 35 years, Filorga’s high performance medical solutions have been providing specialised solutions to combat skin ageing. Today, Filorga has become a leading provider of anti-ageing solutions for both the medical profession and general consumers.

Leading French beauty brand Filorga never ceases to innovate in order to answer those concerns with its cosmetics offering, inspired by its esthetic medicine solutions (Filorga is the main esthetic medicine brand in France, providing doctors with everything from peelings to hyaluronic acid)

The latest innovation from Filorga Laboratories is their Time-Zero Serum; a four in one serum that brings together al the assets used in aesthetic medicine for advanced results, without yet resorting to actual injections. Inspired by the latest Filorga innovations, this serum combines two formulas (zero wrinkles concentrate + intense lifting gel) to visibly reduce all types of wrinkles. Swirl technology brings together two formulas, which were impossible to combine until now, in one maximum performance bottle.


Acts in two stages- The firming gel gives the skin an instant lifted appearance. In-depth correction to all types of wrinkles. Day after day, there is a multi-correcting action on all types of wrinkles, leaving the face looking rejuvenated.

Filorga Time-Zero Serum targets four types of wrinkels, with a specific treatment for each:

  • Surface wrinkels, by resurfacing the skin with vèry gentle peeling-like active ingredients, to stimulate new cell grow.
  • Deep wrinkels, with a combination of three different forms of hyaluronic acid for a filler like correction.
  • Contraction wrinkels, or the so called expression lines. To fight them, Filorga Time-Zero Serum combines a tripeptide-hexapeptide duo that modulatus neurotransmission to relax the skin. Just like botox, but without the frozen expression.
  • Fatigue wrinkels, with a duo matrikines combined with Filorga’s exclusive NCTF Formula, identical to the one injected in mesotherapy.

But, there is actually a fifth type. Wrinkles because of dryness, dehydration. It moisters in the deepers layers of the skin. It’s suitable for all skin types, men and women.

Filorga Time-Zero SerumHow to use:.

  • Apply a few drops daily, in the morning and/or at night, before your daily/night cream.

Filorga’s Time-Zero Serum, 30ml,  is the latest addition to the Filorga Time-Filler range, joining Time-Filler, Time-Filler Mat and Time-Filler Eyes.

An absolute must have French beauty range!


Beauty must-have: Skin-Absolute by Filorga

Filorga Skin-AbsoluteFilorga Skin-Absolute Night

I’m an avid fan of Filorga since 1997 I believe, when I discovered for the first time.
Filorga has the most amazing Mesotherapy Treatments which are now only offered by Medical Aesthetic Centres and the results truly speak for themselves.

The Filorga retail range has been just as impressive over the years, never disappointing and always making use of the cutting edge trends and technolgy. Based on an impressive history such as this, it is not surprising that they have just launched a product which is … well a first, as far as I know, in the world of cosmetics.

Once again, French beauty specialist Filorga has surprised me with their newly launched Skin-Absolute Night cream, an anti-ageing night cream. But not your average night cream, as it contains… Meteorite extracts!  And in this instance it is a black cream …yes, you heard me correctly it is black! This product is truly out of this world!


Giving it a black lacquered texture, which disappears like magic when the cream is applied, this ground breaking black galenic increases detoxification and restoration of the skin during sleep, yielding a morning appearance that is transformed, more rested, plumper and more luminous.

With Skin-Absolute Night, Filorga wanted to make a reference to night and darkness, essential to our bodies and faces: it is indeed at night that young skin makes use of darkness by activating its ‘internal clock’ genes to repair and regenerate. These genes are activated less easily as we age, and are unable to distinguish day from night, or carry out their restorative functions, this is when creams like Skin-Absolute Night become essential!

Why meteorites? Meteorites are essentially composed of silicon. Silicon reserves within the body begin to deplete with age, particularly in certain tissues such as the skin, arteries and cartilage. The silicon contained within the meteorite extract in Skin-Absolute Night is vital for the synthesis of collage, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which lends the skin its soft and elastic texture. The meteorite extract is also what gives the product it’s black lacquered textures which disappears upon application.


Filorga Skin-Absolute_POT

Filorga Skin-Absolute Night

Because the skin’s capacity to absorb greatly increases during the night, Skin-aBSolute® comprises an array of scientifically proven active ingredients to target the 4 most common ageing concerns: wrinkles, firmness, spots and radiance.

It’s texture:

This is a gel cream texture and although the product appears to be a rather ‘dense black’ in the jar , it is in actual fact a transparent, grainy and greyish black colour. It spreads over the skin easily, and a little goes a long way … no your skin does not go black, in fact it disappears into the skin without a trace. Ladies, you have hide your jar! Because of its wonderful texture its perfect for men and women!

It’s fragrance:

Due to the actives in Filorga which are common across the brand, many of the products have the fabulous soft fresh/lemony type smell which is divine. Skin Absolu Night shares this, but has the slightest mineral smell to it which I assume can only be attributed to the meteorite extract.

The  package:

Filorga’s packaging is always exceptional , high end and super luxe. This time the jar is a transparent square shaped jar showing the black cream contained within
The packaging is beautiful , elegant and sophisticated however not the most practical for travel in both weight and size.

It’s efficacy:

I have been using this product for nearing on  weeks now and my skin is loving it . I can see the benefits – especially in this season, coming with its share of bad skin effects. I am sure if we were genetically matched to a skin care brand mine would be Filorga. The Skin Absolu Night has helped to plump up lines and wrinkles and tightened the skin …  Meanwhile it’s soo busy lately, I am exhausted, and can’t wait for this year to come to an end. Tired on the inside, But hè…. you can’t see it on the outside.So I’m glad to have this Holy Grail.


Filorga’s Skin-Absolute Night should be applied at night, not to close around the eyes, after cleansing and the application of your Filorga serum,  a this layer.