Foreo unveils a new type of power mask with the Ufo 2


Swedish skintech brand Foreo has developed an upgraded model of its UFO facial mask priming device incorporate full spectrum led-light and faster thermo-therapy for a highly customisable routine.

We’ve seen the future of beauty evolve so much over the years, with more consumers than ever looking for a personalised skin care routine. A bespoke beauty regime is the ultimate way for consumers to achieve peak skin confidence, which is something we take seriously at Foreo.

Powerful, personalized and truly luxurious, the UFO 2 has arrived, making the future of power beauty a reality. This revolutionary innovation from the Swedish skin technology company Forea will ensure that smart masks will benefit from a major improvement in 2020 with the most powerful, personalized and rapid ‘Power Mask’ treatment in the world.


With more colors than a rainbow, the UFO 2 is a greatly improved version of the award-winning UFO which appeared in the world in 2018. The latest generation of UFO exclusively offers light Full spectrum LEDs, customizable intra-app skin care routines and advanced thermotherapy that provides heat to the skin 5 times faster than the first generation.

UFO 2 couples exclusively with Power Masks activated by UFO, forming a union of avant-garde technology and releasing natural ingredients for a supreme experience of beauty salon at home.

Foreo recently released the Farm to Face masks, made from the best ingredients from around the world, including the hydrating Bulgarian Rose, purifying Green Tea and soothing Acai Berry. And for those who think they have seen it all, the Swedish brand takes luxury home a step further with the launch of the Intensive Caviar Fusion mask which transforms caviar and 24-carat gold into a jubilant anti-aging skin care product.

Come into the beautiful world of Foreo.





Ultimate Winter Glow with the new Foreo Luna Mini 3

01_FOREO_Lead Image.jpg

With the global launch of the Luna Mini 3 last summer, the Swedish skintech brand Foreo has once again demonstrated that it continues to push the boundaries of innovation to bring pioneering products to the market. The app-activated, trackable Luna mini 3 with exclusive ‘Glow Boost’ mode is the biggest innovation of the successful brand so far. This smart device has everything you need to improve your skin care routine and help you achieve the ultimate winter glow.

Great skin is full in trend and there’s nothing like a radiant complexion to boost your confidence, but when the colder months begin, the weather changes and this can have devastating effects on the complexion. The Luna mini 3 helps people achieve a long-lasting glow over the winter and beyond.

Dalia Fernandez, Foreo Product Development Manager

Skin is a creature of habit, skin likes texture, and so sudden changes in temperature and humidity are not particularly beneficial to skin. Breakouts are also due to behavioral changes, as routines and internal environmental factors first have to adapt to the colder weather.

02_FOREO_LUNA mini 3_In Use.jpg

03_FOREO_LUNA mini 3_In Use.jpg

She identifies hot showers and central heating as two of the worst culprits. Although you can hardly imagine a long, cold winter without any of the above, there are still some ways to achieve a consistent routine and to minimize any interference while the skin adapts to the changing weather.

04_FOREO_LUNA mini 3_Waterproof

For woman and men, the Foreo Luna Mini 3 is available in 5 colors.

For the ultimate winter glow, you can buy the Luna Mini 3 at their website, and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Foreo.





Great gadget: the Foreo Bear and the Foreo Bear Mini


Forea is a Swedish multi-national beauty brand established and headquartered Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 2013, the company produces facial cleansing brushes, sonic electric toothbrushes, cleansers, and eye massagers.

Known for its smart cleansing devices, now Forea introduces two innovations – the Bear and the Bear Mini. The Foreo Bear is the major beauty innovation for the beauty technology brand. It is the company’s first foray into the microcurrent facial toning device category. The Bear and Bear mini utilize both microcurrents and t-sonic pulsations to re-contour and firm the skin, creating a youthful, sculpted effect.


The gentle microcurrents are completely harmless, they stimulate the skin to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The good old t-sonic pulsations relax facial muscles and smooth the surface of the skin. The Bear provides an efficient treatment for early signs of aging including lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin, and loss of firmness. It provides tightening action for facial muscles for a slender, v-shaped face.

Feels like a facial, tones like a workout

With a punch line ‘Feels like a facial, tones like a workout’, the Bear offers stronger microcurrent intensities for overall face sculpting purposes, while the Bear Mini offers more area-specific toning for sensitive areas around the eyes, eyebrows, and mouth.


The new Foreo gadgets will be launched in a travel retail first, in China and Korea, ahead of a global domestic market launch in early 2020. The prices are yet to be announced. Wondering if it will come in a black edition as wel….  In the mean time, Foreo offers free shippin on its recent Luna 3 device. Come into the beautiful world of Foreo.