Social Media Powerhouse And Femme-Fueled Local Entrepreneur Launches New Beauty Makeup Line

Forever Valentine Beauty Brow Makeup

Kelly Haney is a successful beauty expert with a cult-like following and an ever-growing business. Founded in 2016, Forever Valentine Beauty has swept the greater Philadelphia region and beyond with their incredible micro-blading and makeup tattooing abilities. Founded in 2016, with herself as the sole employee, she now has a six-person all female staff and has expanded her space in the historic Bok Building to accommodate the growing demand for her services. Haney has clients regularly fly in from all over the country and will wait up to six months for an appointment with her or a member of her team. But, that just wasn’t enough- she wanted to cater to everyone, not just those with the resources to come see her in person.

According to Kelly, her newest venture, Forever Valentine Beauty Makeup, is “3 parts witchcraft, 2 parts bad betty female entrepreneurial power, 1 part big dream, a small pinch of frustration in searching for #browgoals, and a sprinkle of best ingredients on earth all mixed in”.

She launched the line in the marketplace in late 2018 out of a discovered need for amazing excellent makeup to achieve brow excellence. After she created her first business based on her uber successful microblading clientele, (which became so big that she created a school for which to teach others her techniques), she realized that there was something else missing. Something really important, and that was the perfect brow enhancing makeup line; hence the birth of this passion project.

After tirelessly researching the needs of her clients, she worked hand in hand with the best producers of makeup across the globe to create epic formulations with a broad spectrum of product and color options. All aspects of her expertise went into creating a line that can achieve any brow needs, and with all this hard work, finally landed with the portfolio of products available on her official website, and they are available right now!

Made entirely in North America and boasting 15 different colors, this diverse and all-encompassing brow makeup line has everything you need to achieve the brows of your dreams. Come into the world of Forever Valentine Beauty.