Fragonard Flower of the Year Lavande


Lavender The Blue Sun of the Provence

French Maison Fragonard has chosen Lavender, the symbol of the Provence, as its 2019 olfactory signature.

Lavender growing became more widespread in Grasse in the 19th century thanks to the development of the perfumery industry. Grasse’s perfumers were major consumers of this raw material, appreciated for its many olfactory facets ranging from freshness to earthy and woody notes. Its essential oil was used in numerous creations and its geographical proximity facilitated its sale and distribution. Grasse redesigned the Provence’s landscape, painting it with sweeping stripes of purple-blue. In the 20th century, mechanization improved productivity and the lavender growing area expanded accordingly. In the Provence, entire families dedicated themselves to growing it and it became their main – and sometimes only – source of revenue. It was the Blue Gold of the Provence!


We begin the new year with the Fragonard Flower of the Year, a lovely collection created by the French perfume house Fragonard. The aime is to celebrate specific flowers each year by launching a limited edition of beautiful design and featuring the colors and smells of the fragrant fields in the south of France around Grasse.

French Maison Fragonard was founded in 1928 by Eugene Fuchs in Grasse, in the southe of France. He named the perfume house in honor of French painter Jean Honore Fragonard. Fragronard makes their products in their own factory, which is one of the most interesting sights in the city of Grasse.

Following the wonderful collections of Mimosa, Jasmine, Violette, Iris, Muguet, Pivoine, Pois de Senteur, and last year’s Verviene, Fragonard chose the calming and harmonious benefits of Lavender to create a new lovely limited edition for this year.


The generous scent of lavender has been transformed into a limited edition line of perfumes. Fragonard has envisioned a Lavende for Spring of scintilating harmonies, woven with blue-toned ribbons of azure, indigo and purple. These are the nuances of color that we can find in French lavender fields at the various hours of a summer day. You will find its delicate scent accross the entire line.

Fragonard has imagined a Lavender 2019 bursting with dazzling harmonies, woven with azure-blue, indigo and purple ribbons… the beautiful shades of blue found at different times of the day in the Provence’s stunning summer lavender fields.

Created by Celine Ellena, Lavende opens with a floral bouquet of myrtle and clover, revealing its gentle feminineand fresh aromas and accentuated with absinthe (a wormwood accord). An intense note of lavender in the heart is surrounded by jasmine and gentiane flowers, warm rosewood, sensual musk, and a sophisticated powdery touch of precious iris.


The Fragonard ‘The Flower of the Year Collection’ Lavende includes a 50ml Eau de Toilette, which is decorated with a vivid illustration of lavender flowers on the glass bottle and the outer carton; a set that includes a purse, a 7,5ml Eau de Toilette spray, a 30ml Shower Gel, a 30gr Soap bar and a towel; a set of four soap bars 4 x 50gr; a soap bar of 140gr; a glass soap plate and a home fragrance of 200ml with a diffuser.

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