Force 10 Winch

For its 55th anniversary, French Maison Fred’s Force 10 bracelet draws on its creative energy to infuse Force 10 Winch, a jewelry line for men inspired by the iconic cable, showing a new interpretation of the original two-tone signature of steel and gold.

Marked by the creative audacity that distinguishes the Fred style, Force 10 Winch is inspired by its older sibling’s characteristics, in a line of 18 pieces that are imbued with all of Force 10’s versatility. The Force 10 Winch line blends the sporting values and powerful personality of Force 10 with confident, contemporary, masculine cues.

Fred jewelry and watches are available at Fred Boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful and timeless world of Fred.

Joie de vivre with Fred

French maison Fred celebrates joy, life, love, friendship and all the moments that bring happiness and sun to our lives! This summer, follow them and embark on an adventure with a group of Freddies that celebrate freedom, passion and living every moment at its fullest.

Glowing with the kind of ‘joie de vivre’ and positivity that Fred Samuel loved, they echo the Maison’s philosophy of seeing each jewelry piece as a joyful celebration to light up life’s significant moments, both great and small.

Fred jewelry is available at Fred Boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful and timeless world of Fred

Let’s go beyond with Force 10!

Created in 1966 by Fred Samuel’s older son Henri, the Force 10 bracelet stood out as the first jewellery piece to embody the unifying values of sport and challenging oneself, always going beyond.

Versatile and customizable, the iconic Force 10 expresses a mindset, a temperament, a strength of character that makes one forever look further ahead. Its story, closely linked to the sea, and name, evoking the scale for measuring wind strength, synonymous with power and resilience, have made this jewellery piece a potent symbol.

Fred jewelry is available at Fred Boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful and timeless world of Fred.

Let’s go in Riviera, with Fred


Rainbow brights are here to stay, hot weather or not. Not only is it trending something fierce in the beauty realm, it would seem the neon hues have spread their cheer over to the luxe end of things, if Fred’s new summer collection of its signature Force 10 bracelet is anything to go by.

Can’t get enough of Fred’s Force 10 bracelet? There’s now more to love with with the new Summer Pop editions.

Named Summer Pop – surely because these eye-catching colours call to mind a mouthwatering popsicle – each vibrant band switches up the Fred aesthetic with an extra element of fun and creativity. And if a piece of jewellery could talk, this version of the Force 10 would be saying ‘beach, please!’ on repeat, so strong are it holiday feels.


Fred Force !0 Bracelets

Available in five sunny and bold colours such as lemon yellow, grass green, turquoise blue, fuchsia pink and bright orange, the bracelet’s iconic Fred buckle even comes in a similar shade to complement its woven band, gleaming in a lacquered finish to add some glam and gloss. Layer it with your staple black Force 10 or with your very own customised piece but however you style it, just don’t leave your summer chalet without it.






The new Fred Force 10 bracelet collection


The idea is simple enough, but when it’s executed so well it certainly deserves a second look. What am I talking about? Well, have a look at Fred’s iconic Force 10 bracelet collection which was first designed in 1966 by the son of the founder, Henri Samuel, for his wife. The founder? Fred Samuel, the son of an Argentinian jeweller who sent him to France and who then established Fred Joaillier in 1936 in Paris, which is where the story of the storied jewellery house began.

Fred is a prestigious, creative jewelry brand and a symbol of magical luxury, liberated from tedious traditions and featuring unmistakably French flair. Just like its creator, Fred Samuel, a passionate man of exceptional encounters.

Growing up in South America, Fred Samuel had a great love of the sea, which you could say inspired his son to create the Force 10 bracelets. He braided marine cables together, secured both ends to a buckle that’s also nautical-inspired and as they say, the rest is history.



Still manually produced today, the LVMH-owned jeweller’s bracelets are woven with up to 1500 threads in steel or gold, which pretty much means they are virtually indestructible. They also come in huge variety of colours (and by huge, I mean immense) that both girls and guys will find irresistible, from pastel hues to bold manly colours both sexes will appreciate.

After the bracelet comes the buckle, which comes only in precious metals. Yes, precious metals, no silver shit, not weird alloys, just pure gold that you can pick from in Yellow, White and even Rose golds. And if that’s not enough for you, you can also pick from the ‘exotics’: from buckles in pavé diamonds to buckles in ceramic, the choices are truly endless.


How much do they cost, you ask? The bracelets start from around €250, and the buckles, from €1695. Put them together and a basic ‘entry-level’ set will set you back by almost €1950, which really isn’t a lot when you consider the bracelet that won’t break or fade, and the buckles that are quite literally worth their weight in gold.

Come into the world of Fred





Fred Joaillier Pretty in Pink

‘Force 10’, ‘Pain de Sucre’, ‘Baie des Anges’… famous jeweller Fred’s most emblematic collections are on show in the new Saint-Tropez store. The timeless, ever-contemporary ‘Force 10’, created in 1966, speaks to us loudly of sailing through its teaming of a cable crafted in the very tradition of 17th-century rope rigging with a buckle in white, yellow or pink gold. The cable itself comes in white, black and a whole array of bright colours including neon yellow.

The latest new addition to the collection is the stunning ‘Force 10’ watch in steel. If you’re into stones you won’t be able to resist the ‘Pain de Sucre’ collection with its sensual lines and electric energy, not to mention the clip system that allows you to switch between topaz, amethyst, pink quartz or diamonds to match your mood and/or outfit most glamorously.

Come into the beautiful and timeless world of Fred.