Freds love is joyful, free, spontaneous and universal

Fred’s Pretty Woman collection celebrates every aspect of love. Joyful, free, spontaneous, universal… Love has a timeless appeal and can take any shape. Its most distinctive mark and the symbol of the Pretty Woman collection, the heart, finds expression in 6 striking, versatile and reversible new necklaces made with onyx, mother of pearl, malachite or carnelian..
This new heart is reversible, consisting of two contrasting sides, one white and the other black or green, a reminder that, as often in love, opposites attract and combine to perfection. A precious, playful yin and yang, fizzing with energy and contemporary appeal that celebrates the Pretty Woman collection’s first birthday. 

Fred jewelry and watches are available at Fred Boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful and timeless world of Fred.

At Maison Fred, summer is never over!

The French Riviera held a special place in Fred Samuel’s heart, reminding him of his sunny childhood in Argentina. This constant quest for sunlight shaped his work, becoming his muse and allowing him to create truly unique and solar pieces. Infused with an immutable sense of ‘joie de vivre’ and a creative daring that challenged traditional codes, his jewelry became the marker of unprecedented informal glamour and sparkling relaxed elegance.

A Fred jewel is a wink of happiness which illuminates the small and big moments of life.

Fred Samuel

Its founder’s philosophy is still at the beating heart of Maison Fred. It animates each of its collections that can be discovered in all Fred boutiques, warm and welcoming havens that perfectly echo the Maison’s Riviera spirit.

Fred’s teams look forward to welcoming you with all the warmth and joy that immediately transport you to a sunny destination all year long!

Come into the beautiful and timeless world of Fred