Own A Piece Of The Luxurious Paris Ritz

Ritz Paris.png

The façade of the Ritz hotel in Paris. Image: Vincent Leroux.

When it comes to Europe’s grand-dame hotels, none are quite as iconic as the Ritz Paris. The Ritz Paris has been synonymous with refined luxury and timeless glamour for over 100 years. Opened in 1898 by Swiss entrepreneur Cesar Ritz the Ritz has served as the backdrop to several key moments in French history. The Nazis requisitioned it during World War II but had cleared out by the time Ernest Hemingway burst in with a group of Resistance fighters on August 25, 1944, gun in hand, to ‘personally liberate’ it. Realising he was too late Hemingway took to the bar where he is said to have run up a tab for 51 dry Martinis. In 1997, tragedy befell the hotel when Britain’s Princess Diana, who had been staying there, was killed in a car accident in a Paris tunnel while being pursued by paparazzi. The hotel made global headlines again in January, when robbers armed with guns and hatchets ransacked jewellery shops on the ground floor, making off with over four million euros ($4.9 million) in gems and watches.

The Ritz decided to sell the pieces when it reopened in June 2016 after four years of a fittingly glamorous top-to-bottom renovation. After being closed for over 4 years, the Ritz has long been a favorite of visitors to the City of Light, hosting everyone from Begum Om Habibeh Aga Khan and Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor in its opulent rooms and suites.


Now, the hotel’s fans have a chance to own a piece of Ritz history – 3,500 lots consisting of 10,000 pieces of furniture and decorative objects from the property will be up for auction on the Champs Élysées this April. Organized by Artcurial – the firm that was also behind the sales of historic pieces from pre-renovation Hôtel de Crillon and the Plaza Athénée – the Ritz Paris auction will be held from April 17 through 21.

Price estimates run from 100 euros for a pair of tablecloths to 10,000 euros for a pair of nymph sculptures carrying bronze candelabras that used to decorate the lobby. Each lot in the auction’s extensive catalogue has been meticulously restored, inventoried, and catalogued by a team of 15 experts from Artcurial, who went to great lengths to ensure that every piece bearing the Ritz Paris insignia was returned to its former glory before heading to the auction block.


A cross section of the Ritz Paris’ illustrious history, the auction includes pieces from the property’s 120 years as a hotel. When it was opened by Swiss hotelier César Ritz in 1989, the original décor was meant to entice well-heeled Americans visiting the city, combining elegant art with antiques and replicas of everything from Louis XIV– to Empire-style furniture to create a unique sense of traditional French elegance. The style of 15 Place Vendôme quickly became iconic, and hallmarks like the hotel’s plush red-velvet barstools, salon sofas from French writer Marcel Proust’s retreats at the hotel, the gilt-framed bed that starred alongside Audrey Hepburn and Gary Cooper in their 1957 film ‘Love In The Afternoon’, the first en-suite bathtub ever installed at the property (or in any hotel, for that matter), and ornate marble side tables are all up for loyalists to bid on.

In addition to hallmarks of the Ritz’s style, pieces from suites that some of property’s most famous inhabitants called home will be up for sale. Sure to spark bidding wars are pieces such as a pair of plush floral chesterfield armchairs, a gilded headboard, and sleek lacquered bedside tables from the Coco Chanel Suite. The legendary fashion designer called the hotel her home for more than 30 years – giving testament to both the hotel’s enduring stylishness and its famous homelike feel . . . if home is a Versailles-inspired mansion, of course.

A bedboard and lacquered bedside tables from the Coco Chanel Suite

A bedboard and lacquered bedside tables from the Coco Chanel Suite.

Believe it or not, many of the lots aren’t outrageous, either. Bids open at €150 for a pair of gilded lanterns, and €300 for a set of Louis XVI-style banquette. If the over-the-top opulence fits with your own personal aesthetic, then what better way to hold on to a piece of history? One thing’s for sure: there’ll never be another hotel quite like it.

Come into the world of the Ritz Paris.





Memo, Paris

Memo, Paris

Memo Paris is an independent luxury goods company specialising in fragrances, leather-goods, jewellery and creative projects.

The voyage is the destination.

At 24 , rue Cambon in the city’s first arrondissement, Memo Paris has found a haven of marble, embossed leather and perforated brass.

Memo, Paris inside1

In collaboration with India Mahdavi, the travel theme is played out in a truly Parisian location. Travel trunks sport white, abstract flowers, while the wall motifs and resin finishes echo the rich, graphic designs of the fragrances.

Like an Orient Express train gone astray in the French capital, the window display is an invitation to a moment suspended in time, happily lost in a profusion of materials and utter refinement.

Memo, Paris inside

Architect and designer India Mahdavi is like her style: polyglot and polychrome. In strong resonance with the poetic world of Clara and the journeys of Memo, together they imagined a luxurious haven somewhere between a train state-room and a stopover, where one pauses for a moment to muse over the next olfactory destination: Siwa, Granada, St-Moritz? The possibilities are endless.

The choice of neutral tones provides the ideal backdrop for the materials, textures and motifs to bring the scented tales to life. Cuirs Nomades and other delectable fragrances chart the course of an elegant globetrotter who has found the perfect place to hang her hat on Rue Cambon.



Each Memo fragrance is an invitation to a treasure hunt, taking your senses along scented tracks that lead to creative and modern perfumery, using the rarest essences.
Created in Paris, Memo fragrances invite you on a spiritual, intimate and intriguing journey. They share three values: an instinct for celebration, which gives them spontaneous cheerfulness, a pronounced love of travel to exotic and strange lands, like a gateway to inner adventures, and an inclination for dreams.


Discover their beautiful fragrances in their boutique: 24 rue Cambon, 75001 Paris, France

Memo, Paris is also distributed in the world’s finest department stores and passionate independent retailers.







From Paris with Love: Boucheron

Boucheron, the famous French jeweler, creator of the most precious jewels, the fantastic watches and the most delicous fragrances…. Boucheron, a magic name.

Shown here an Art Deco masterpiece: Boucheron Pearl Neckace with Rose-Cut Diamonds and Carved Emeralds

1408661894_90_1_6246__1_of_5__hires BoucheronMade by the fabulous Parisian jeweler of 26 Place Vendôme,  circa 1920s, a splendid and sparkling bouquet glistening with three large rose-cut diamond flowers and crystalline carved green emerald leaves sprouting from a rose-cut centered platinum and diamond vase.  The three rose-cuts approximate weigh 2.50 carats (Click photo to enlarge).

1408661894_90_1_6246__2_of_5__hiresThe colorful 1 and 5/8 inch centerpiece, which does double duty as the clasp, curves ever so slightly along with the triple strand of lustrous cultured pearls, ranging in size from 4.5 to 8.5 millimeters (Click photo to enlarge).

1408661894_90_1_6246__3_of_5__hiresBoucheron Pearl Neckace with Rose-Cut Diamonds and Carved Emeralds (Click photo to enlarge).

1408661895_90_1_6246__4_of_5__hiresBoucheron Pearl Neckace with Rose-Cut Diamonds and Carved Emeralds (Click photo to enlarge).

1408661895_90_1_6246__5_of_5__hiresBoucheron Pearl Neckace with Rose-Cut Diamonds and Carved Emeralds  Plainly signed with the magic name ‘Boucheron’ on the reverse (Click photo to enlarge).

1408690432_90_1_6246__1_of_1__hiresTimeless elegance: Boucheron Pearl Neckace with Rose-Cut Diamonds and Carved Emeralds  Strand lengths gradate from 17 to 20 inches (Click photo to enlarge).

Product Details:

  • Materials: platinum
  • Height: 1 5/8 inch clasp
  • Lenght: 17″ to 20″

Center Diamond Details:

  • Carat weight: 2.50 cts
  • Quantity: 3
  • Measurements: 7.08 – 5.8 mm
  • Cut/Shape: Rose Cut
  • Clarity: VS2-SI2
  • Color: I-J

Additional Gemstone Details:

  • Diamonds: 26 Single Cut Diamonds
    – Diamond Total Carat Weight: 0.50 carats
    – Diamond Clarity: VS
    – Diamond Color: G-I
  • Emeralds: 6 Carved Cut Emeralds
    – Emerald Total Carat Weight: 5.00 carats
  • Pearls: 237 Slightly out of round Pearls
  • Total Diamond Carat Weight: 3.00 cttw

A real, allmost 100 years old, timeless Boucheron Art Deco masterpiese, made for a woman with timeless elegance and style.

Wondering who is wearing it this holidays…

by Jean Amr


Boucheron and Goyard celebrate Place Vendôme


Boucheron and Goyard celebrate Place Vendôme

Boucheron and Goyard were founding members of a committee (later renamed Comité Vendôme) whose mission was to unite neighborhood Maisons, as well as to preserve and promote the reputation of the fashionable Parisian square. The committee aims to promote the influence of the area in France and worldwide.

Boucheron and Goyard, members of Comité Vendôme, have joined forces to create a beautiful case and watch set, combining the brands’ heritage and expertise while celebrating Place Vendôme of Paris.

The two famed French design houses have collaborated on the ultimate gift this holiday season. Boucheron and renowned travel goods-maker Goyard are enticing style connoisseurs with 80 glittering, limited-edition timepiece sets.

Boucheron and Goyard celebrating Place Vendôme of Paris

 The golden Goyard Goyardine case which contains Boucheron’s iconic Reflet watch in yellow gold, wich comes with three interchangeable straps. Icons of their respective brands, the Goyardine was created in 1892, while the Reflet debuted in 1947.

Each set is comprised of a chevron-patterned canvas Goyardine case containing a yellow gold Reflet watch with three interchangeable straps in gold, white, and black. On the back of the watch casing, an engraving celebrates the Place Vendôme – the inspiration for the first coming together of the luxury labels back in 1936.

Only 80 pieces of the limited-edition engraved watch and case sets are exclusively available at the Boucheron Boutique at 26 Place Vendôme at 14.500 euro per set.