Gant by Gant

Gant by Gant Visual.jpg

Swedish fashion house Gant launches a new masculine fragrance with a pleasant freshness and a lovely aroma, Gant. Gant by Gant is meant to convey the fresh and airy sense of the ocean, melded with the dark woods and tar smells of nineteenth century clipper ships.

Gant by Gant was created by famous perfumers Pierre Wulff and Jerome Epinette. It blends coriander, cinnamon, lemon, lavender, Virginian cedar, marine accord, suede, sandalwood, cypress and amber. Perfumer Pierre Wulf assured that Gant by Gant would have a unique staying power, saying “If you wear this fragrance, no one will mistake it for something else. People will ask what it is”.


Gant by Gant fragrance comes in a dark-blue color bottle with a shape reminding of ‘wicker baskets that cargo ships in the old days used to transport fragile good’.

Gant by Gant will be available on the markets in 50 amd 100 ml Eau de Toilette from October 2011.