Giorgio Armani My Way Nacre

Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani presents a shimmering new interpretation of his My Way fragrance for women, with My Way Nacre. In a sparkling, pearlescent juice, this limited edition turns the iconic and vibrant olfactory bouquet of the original My Way fragrance into a luminous, pearly cloud.

My Way Nacre Eau De Parfum is an elegant, floral scent for women now in a sparkling pearly (nacre) shimmer. This limited-edition scent turns the original My Way fragrance’s iconic and vibrant olfactory bouquet into a luminous, pearlescent cloud.

Created by Carlos Benaïm – who also composed the original My Way fragrance – My Way Nacre Eau de Parfum Spray is a sparkling floral perfume that blends a flowery bouquet of luminous orange blossom, fragrant tuberose, and soft jasmine with cedarwood, vanilla, and bergamot scents. This enchanting women’s perfume is made for those who are curious and authentic.

Top: orange blossom, bergamot
Heart: tuberose, jasmine
Base: cedar, vanilla, white musk

The fashion designers new creation promises the intensity of white florals, symbolizing the meeting of raw materials harvested from all over the world. The opening notes reveal the scent of Egyptian orange blossom infused with bergamot from Calabria, which fuses in the heart with the rich white blossoms of tuberose and jasmine. In the base notes, the elegance of cedarwood from Virginia meets vanilla from Madagascar and white musk, leaving a comfortable, creamy trail.

The My Way women’s perfume, presented in 2020, expresses a new vision of femininity. Deep and free-spirited, this vision is inspired by how rich experiences and encounters shape a unique self. My Way reflects how life’s journeys, whether geographical or emotional, forge a life story forever shaped by the people and moments along the way. And actress Adria Arjona perfectly embodies My Way fragrances, with her free-spirited and open personality, shaped by embracing new experiences and learning from encounters with people from all over the world.

An elegant and timeless flacon that encapsulates the world. As a powerful talisman, this blue stone is a metaphor for the planet. The luxurious golden ring engraved with the Giorgio Armani logo symbolizes the unique trail. The blue ribbon pays homage to the couture universe dear to Monsieur Armani. For this limited edition, the iconic flacon holds a pearly and iridescent pink juice whose pearly essence sparkles on the transparent glass.

Giorgio Armani My Way Nacre is available as a limited edition in the size of 50ml Eau de Parfum at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Giorgio Armani.

Adria Arjona poses for Giorgio Armani ‘My Way’ Fragrance Campaign

Giorgio Armani’s latest campaign is a trip around the world. Photographed by Hunter & Gatti, the Giorgio Armani ‘My Way’ fragrance campaign stars American actress and model Adria Arjona, of Guatemalan and Puerto Rican heritagemodel who heads to Tokyo, Sevilla, Thailand and India for the shoot.

Adria Arjona is a traveler, a young woman of today; intelligent, curious, free of prejudice, independent, and capable of treasuring every life experience. She is a citizen of the world.

Giorgio Armani

A natural beauty and a true charmer, Adria is all smiles and gorgeous as she poses for the print advertisements along with a short video commercial. The video advert has Adria trotting around the globe, with a background music of ‘Find Me’ by Sigma. Next, Adria Arjona will star in Morbius, the much-anticipated Marvel film set for release in 2021.

The new Giorgio Armani fragrance My Way is described as a bright floral scent with notes of jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose and warm vanilla.

Gome into the beautiful world of Giorgio Armani.

Giorgio Armani My Way encapsulates the brand’s eco-conception efforts.


Italian fashion house Giorgio Armani has just announced the introduction of My Way, a bright white flowers fragrance that aims to portray a certain femininity, and was designed with a commitment to sustainability.

My Way is a strong and singular statement, communicating a resolve to follow one’s own path. More than a name, My Way reflects how life’s journeys, whether they are geographical or emotional, create one’s character, shaped by the people and moments encountered along the way. Capturing a spirit of curiosity and connection, it translates in its ethos ‘I am what I live’.

Giorgio Armani

Perfume flacons are known for being more luxurious and decorative than they are practical and sustainable but this is quickly changing thanks to brands that are committed to creating refillable packaging solutions – as seen with the newly released Giorgio Armani My Way fragrance.


The fragrance itself, created by perfumers Carlos Benaim and Bruno Jovanovic, is said to be made with sustainably sourced ingredients and it is packaged in a component that’s recyclable, refillable and made from recycled materials.

Thanks to the combination of those efforts and the preservation of 650 hectares of Malagasy rainforest, My Way achieves carbon neutrality. As a result of a new, 5-year action plan, Armani beauty also commits to further reducing its carbon footprint by an additional 25% and to achieve carbon neutrality for all its products by 2025.


Giorgio Armani My Way is a great floral fragrance with a unique naturalness, very much in step with today’s mindset. A new huge and gorgeous floral bouquet. Carlos Benaim and Bruno Jovanovic are trying to revisit florals in an Armani fashion way. Strong, bold, and elegant. The fragrance is built around three pillars: Italian freshness, bright floralcy, and modern woodiness. All the ingredients reflect the Armani spirit, in their high quality, refinement, and modernity.

This floral fragrance for her is an encounter of consciously sourced ingredients. Bergamot meets orange blossom from Egypt in a luminous, sparkling start. An amplified bright floral bouquet of tuberose and jasmine from India is the beating heart of this fascinating scent. Finally, a vibrant cedarwood from Virginia meets a sensual vanilla from Madagascar and comforting white musks to sign the composition.


The shape of the flacon and the stopper, which resembles the ‘uniform’ of the Armani Prive collection, hints that My Way represents a kind of link from the luxury collection, indicating something more unusual and specialized. Which seems to be true. The flacon of My Way is a talisman that encapsulates all the encounters that matter.

The blue and gold cap is a metaphor of the world. The blue stone has the color of the Earth, a universal color that unites all of us and connects us to each other and to our planet, englobed by a golden ring, a symbol of a unique path that is illuminated by every encounter along the way. A golden ring stamped with the Giorgio Armani signature. The luxurious blue fabric is an ode to the iconic Armani world of couture. Each format of My Way is designed to be unscrewed and refilled at home with the same refill flacon. The My Way refill is a 150 ml flacon sold in a (cellophane-free!) box.


The face of My Way is the American actress Adria Arjona, of Guatemalan and Puerto Rican heritage, who shares a unique affinity with its philosophy, with her personality and life story characterized by an openness to new experiences and connections with others. Beyond her role for My Way, she is also joining the brand as their face for the make-up line.

Next, Adria Arjona will star in Morbius, the much-anticipated Marvel film set for release in 2021. The Italian fashion house describes Adria Arjona as ‘a traveler, a young woman of today; intelligent, curious, free of prejudice, independent, and capable of treasuring every life experience. She is a citizen of the world’.


Giorgio Armani My Way is available in 30, 50, 90 and 150ml (Refill) Eau de Parfum at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful Giorgio Armani.