Maison Guerlain’s upcoming fragrance honors cherry blossom season

Guerlain‘s new Cherry Blossom Exceptional Piece is a tribute to the fragrance created in 1999 by Jean-Paul Guerlain. Encapsulated in cherry blossom motifs, the iconic Bee flacon has become a symbol of an annual age-old tradition, in which the Japanese gather to admire cherry blossoms every spring.

French Maison Guerlain presents the annual limited edition of their Cherry Blossom perfume that celebrates springtime in Japan. Cherry Blossom 2022 Millésome is available from the start of February 2022 in a special limited edition flacon design, this time decorated with the help of French-based Japanese fine embroidery artist Kyoko Sugiura, who is no stranger to the know-hows of both her country and France.

The artist decorated the iconic ‘Bee’ flacon by hand with silver and black flowers that feature black beads. Leather petals in shades of gold, black and white adorn the flacon. Elsewhere, five-needle sewn petals are found on the flacon, a number that represents the flower.

Black pearls are subsequently embroidered with a needle to create the stamens, which are embellished with golden pearls. A ribbon rounds off the piece, which is sewn on tulle with a crocheted black thread. The black ribbon around the neck and a black label symbolize cherry blossoms that bloom at night.

The original Cherry Blossom perfume was first launched in 1999. Its composition is based on the essence of cherry blossoms with notes of green tea and almonds. It was made by Guerlain’s 4th generation perfumer Jean-Paul Guerlain, inspired by the ‘hanami’ Japanese custom of celebrating spring.

Top notes: bergamot, green tea note
Heart: cherry blossom, jasmine, lilac
Base: white musk

This years edition has remained unchanged: it is still an incredibly delicate soliflore, a child of the ’90s, which combines the sea freshness of calone, and draws the contours of a tart, bitter citrus-tea chord and the tenderness of a floral-fruity chord with sour lychee and a drop of indole. It’s as if in the distance there are mock orange blossoms. In the base, you can feel a slight powderiness of musks and almonds, which does not overshadow the fresh, transparent mood of the fragrance for a second.

Guerlain Cherry Blossom 2022 Millésime is limited to just 2,605 pieces, and it retails for €600. It will be available a 125 ml Eau de Toilette flacon at Guerlain Boutiques and selected stores worldwide, and comes with a funnel and 20ml purse spray in a white leather case. Come into the beautiful world of Guerlain.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Flora Cherrysia and Cherry Blossom Limited Edition Collection


Celebrating spring and the romantic cherry blossom blooming, French Maison Guerlain presents a special Guerlain Sakura (Cherry Blossom) collection, which includes a makeup collection and a limited edition Aqua Allegoria Flora Cherrysia fragrance, originally introduced last year.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Flora Cherrysia

Guerlain-Aqua-Allegoria-Flora-CherrysiaAqua Allegoria Flora Cherrysia is decorated with cherry blossoms and offers the same composition as last year’s edition. In the opening are bergamot and watermelon; the heart is dominated by cherry blossoms combined with pear and rose, while the base is composed of musk, violet, and woody notes. The Flora Cherrysia fragrance ‘evokes an escape along the Sakura river shaded by blossoming cherry trees. A nap on the banks of a stream strewn with pink petals. Flora Cherrysia, the spirit of cherry blossom sprinkled with water’.


Guerlain Météorites Happy Glow Limited Edition


The Météorites powder reinvents its sumptuous case in pastel pink. Météorites Happy Glow delicately corrects and illuminates the complexion in a new limited-edition harmony, with matte and shimmery pearls.

Thanks to the Stardust technology, a diamond powder encapsulated in microspheres, light is reflected to create a radiant blurring halo on skin.

With its unique ethereal texture and inimitable violet fragrance, Météorites transforms loose powder into a constellation of multicoloured pearls that reveal the secret of absolute radiance for every complexion. The pearls with correcting and illuminating colours – pink for a refreshed complexion, light pink with multicoloured flecks to deliver the ultimate glow, champagne to counteract dullness and mauve to catch the light – even out the complexion. Even-toned with a natural finish, the complexion is beaming.

Guerlain-Meteorites-Happy-Glow-Limited-Edition-Poeder-OpenThanks to the Stardust technology, a diamond powder encapsulated in microspheres, light is infinitely reflected to create a soft-focus perfecting halo on the skin. A cult product since 1987, Météorites illuminates women’s beauty.

How to use: Use the Météorites Brush to evenly apply to the entire face. For heightened radiance, highlight the cheekbones and other prominent parts of the face: trace a G from the centre of the forehead towards the top of the cheekbone, then from the bridge of the nose towards the chin.


Guerlain Rouge G Cherry Blossom

Guerlain Rouge G Cherry Blossom

The collection also includes two Rouge G de Guerlain roses inspired by the Japanese Yoshino cherry (No. 61 and No. 62), two types of Rouge G de Guerlain refills. Infused with a beautifully soft and serene spirit, Cherry Blossom Collection celebrates the joy that is sparked by the famous pale pink clouds of cherry blossoms that herald the arrival of spring.

Guerlain Rouge G Limited Edition Cherry Blossom case is decorated with sakura on a peaceful white background.


Guerlain Abeille Royale Cherry Blossom Youth Watery Oil



To celebrate spring Youth Watery Oil is draped in a limited edition with blooming cherry blossom flowers. The limited edition Cherry Blossom 2020 of Abeille Royale Youth Watery Oil offers the skin all the power of Guerlain-exclusive ingredients: Ouessant Black Bee Honey and exclusive Royal Jelly – combined with several varieties of honey.

Royal Jelly is the most precious substance to be produced by bees. Guerlain developed its own Exclusive Royal Jelly in order to guarantee its quality and purity.

This revolutionary formula combines the power of a serum, the richness of an oil and the freshness of water. The skin appears instantly smoother, plumper and revitalized. Replenishing micro-drops of oil are released at the very last minute, leaving the complexion looking radiant. The skin feels incredibly silky and baby-soft to the touch.

How to use: Shake the bottle. Take 2-3 drops of the oil. Apply morning and night to the face and neck before the cream, in place of or before the serum.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Flora Cherrysia and Cherry Blossom Limited Edition Collection is available now at Guerlain Boutiques and selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Guerlain.