Forget Me Not Guerlain Ne m’Oubliez Pas

Guerlain Ne m’Oubliez Pas.png

Since making its debut in push-up tubes 100 years ago, lipstick has been helping women pull themselves together, providing them with a stamp of self-approval that says: I know who I am, and I’m not afraid to flaunt it.

A fragrance inspired by the first wax lipstick can only be the making of Maison Guerlain. The fragrance in the limelight is a new ‘Ne m’Oubliez Pas’, a woody, spicy, oriental bouquet, named after the oldest perfume houses’ first modern-day wax-based lipstick with a refillable container and ‘push-up’ mechanism. The same named lipstick that came out was a revolutionary product at that time and since then, has been reintroduced in their modern Rouge Automatique line of maquillage. In the 1920s, Jacques Guerlain had also released a perfume with the same name; but whether this and the 21st century version share a history or notes, we will never know!

Guerlain Ne m’Oubliez Pas2.png

The current ‘Forget Me Not’, which is the literal translation of the name, was developed by expert nose Thierry Wasser. The air of the fragrance has flowery notes with invigorating scents of spices. Cumin and cardamom along with plum make up the top notes, while the base has hints of patchouli, amber, moss and vanilla. The heart of it has sweet smelling immortelles, carnations, roses and cinnamon.

Top: plum, cumin, cardamom
Heart: rose, immortelle, carnation, cinnamon
Base: amber, patchouli, moss, vanilla

To go along with the historic name, the bottle too evokes a sense of historic French decadence, with its crystal-like bottle cover, the tasseled collar and plum colored liquid. A beautiful fragrance for those who know who they are, and are not afraid to flaunt it.


The ‘Ne m’Oubliez Pas’ is a limited edition fragrance that is exclusively available only at the flagship store at Champs-Elysees, Paris; and retails at extravagance of € 500 for a 125ml extract.