Guerlain Les Délices de Bain Collection


French Maison Guerlain’s new collection celebrates the art of living and enjoying fragrances. Even though Les Délices de Bain does not offer Eau de Parfum’s or Eau de Toilette’s, but was created as a fragrant ritual for men and women. For that, the Les Délices de Bain collection is placed at the perfume department of the Guerlain website.

This exclusive collection for bathing and body care was envisaged to provide neutral notes that will elevate the joy of bathing to a higher level. The harmonious and very pleasant composition reflects the feeling of relaxation and moments of joy, combining the sparkling notes of bergamot and orange blossom, the gourmand shades of almonds, the velvety aromas of white musk, and the warmth of vanilla and precious wood. The collection incorporates a perfumed body milk, a perfumed shower gel and a perfumed deodorant.

Guerlain Les Delices de Bain Shower Gel


Guerlain Les Délices de Bain Shower Gel, with its delicious musky citrus scent, transforms into luscious foam on contact with water. The shower gel tones the skin and leaves it soft and delicately scented. (Vèry) suitable for sensitive skin.

Guerlain Les Délices de Bain Shower Gel comes in a 200ml flacon


Guerlain Les Delices de Bain Bodylotion


Guerlain Les Délices de Bain Body Lotion, with its delicious musky citrus scent, reveals a fluid, velvety texture that infuses the epidermis with the necessary comforting hydration.

Guerlain Les Délices de Bain Body Lotion comes in a 200ml flacon.


Guerlain Les Delices de Bain Deodorant




Guerlain Les Délices de Bain Deodorant, with its delicious musky citrus scent, offers an instant sense of well-being. The perfumed deodorant ensures a feeling of comfort during the day by surrounding us with a fragrant veil of fresh and delicate gourmand flavors. Perfect also as an all-over body-spray.

Guerlain Les Délices de Bain Deodorant comes in a 100ml flacon.

After using the products of the Les Delices de Bain collection by Guerlain you are advised to spray your favorite Guerlain perfume. The scent will be enhanced and the effect excellent! The Les Délices de Bain line celebrates the art of a complete fragrance experience. Guerlain has created a body ritual for men and women alike.


Especially for this line of products, a flacon with clear, sophisticated modern lines was created, which celebrates the beauty of the famous abeilles flacon (bee flacon) by Guerlain. The flacons are crowned with a transparent cap in the shape of a ball and their elegant design will be a decoration to any bathroom.

The Guerlain Les Delices de Bain Collection is available at Guerlain boutiques, on the official Guerlain website, and selected stores world wide. Come into the beautiful and wonderful world of Maison Guerlain.